Joe Vs Carole Quotes That Sum Up How Audiences Felt About Tiger King

tiger king was a cultural hit as its release took place at the very start of the pandemic. The show captured and shook audiences around the world, leaving viewers stunned and with mixed reactions to what they witnessed.

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Almost two years after the release of tiger king on Netflix, Peacock released Joe versus Carola dramatized series starring Kate McKinnon and John Cameron Mitchell. Joe versus Carol highlights the feud between the cat lovers and what led to Joe’s arrest.

Carole introduces herself to the tour group

“Who the hell is this crazy cat lady?” »

Kate McKinnon as Carole Baskin in Joe vs. Carole

In episode 4 of Joe versus CarolCarole, embodied for a long time SNL Cast member Kate McKinnon talks to a group of teenagers she’s about to visit at her feline sanctuary. She tries to connect with the children by discussing her past and expressing an understanding of how they may see her on first impression.


When introducing the main topics of tiger king, observers without prior knowledge of the story were left with several questions about the people involved. In her introduction and in progress, Carole is seen as a peculiar cat lady with dark secrets. Regardless of the truth and her background, there’s no doubt that Carole comes off as weird and many viewers wondered who she was.

Howard worries about his wife’s safety

“I don’t understand. I’m sorry, I don’t understand.

Howard talks to Carole in Joe Vs Carole

The very first scene of Joe versus Carol sees Carole and her husband learn of the murder-for-hire plot against them. Two agents warn them that Carole’s life is in danger and that the hitman is still at large. Howard expresses his confusion and anger towards the officers as they offer no other response or protection.

Although generic, this quote may have literally been the exact words that came out of viewers’ mouths as they watched tiger king. The show covers several interesting characters and conflicts, so it can be hard to keep track of everything. There were also several situations where the audience could understand what was going on, but they couldn’t understand how it was all getting so out of control.

Joe talks to John Finlay about their relationship

“I feel like I’m in Godd*n college!”

John Finlay and Joe Exotic in Joe vs. Carole

Episode 2 sees Joe and his then-boyfriend in a hostel hot tub. They discuss their feelings for each other, but John Finlay is reluctant to confirm his love for Joe. In response, Joe is frustrated and utters this line.

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A lot of people dislike college — the unnecessary drama, the awkward phases, and more. In tiger king, all of the main suitors seem unabashedly mean-spirited and their behavior towards each other and animals was obnoxious. While the college didn’t include big cats and murder-for-hire conspiracies, the documentary and the people it covered were equally absurd.

Travis responds to Joe’s marriage proposal

“Is it even legal for three people to get married?”

Travis shoots a gun in Joe Vs Carole

In episode 5 of Joe versus Carol, Joe proposes both John and Travis. John’s reaction is omitted from the show, but Travis responds enthusiastically. He stops, however, to question John’s feelings about marriage and asks if it’s even legal for three people to get married.

viewers of tiger king may have asked the same question, because polygamous marriage is not something you hear about every day. In fact, much of what is said and done in tiger king raises the question of legality. “Is it even legal?” Viewers have probably asked this question every five minutes, because the mayhem never stops.

Anne McQueen takes on Carole Baskin

“None of this looks good.”

Image of Joe vs. Carole

In episode 3, Carole struggles with the consequences of Don’s disappearance. She breaks into his office, prompting the cops and Don’s assistant, Anne McQueen, to show up. Anne is suspicious of Carole and warns her that not everything she does looks right.

Most viewers would agree with Anne’s observation. The incriminating behavior exhibited by Carole in tiger king doesn’t look good. Whether she did or not, it’s undeniable that Carole’s audience saw in tiger king seemed capable of hurting her ex-husband. Joe versus Carol takes a different route for the character, offering a more likable personality.

Joe breaks down after Saff’s accident

“I’m not well… I don’t want to talk now!” »

John Cameron Mitchell in Joe.  Vs. Carole

In episode 4, Saff loses his arm after a tiger attacks him. Joe and the GW zoo workers accompany Saff to the hospital. After an already rough day, Joe attempts to grab a snack from a vending machine and breaks down when the machine doesn’t take his dollar bill.

Several of the conflicts mentioned in tiger king seem ridiculous to viewers. Often, audiences couldn’t stop talking about the madness they watched unfold. There are, however, a few subplots that are hard to talk about. Notably, is the segment on Travis Maldonado and his tragic passing. For audiences, this may have been the show’s most real and heartbreaking story.

Agents Thomas and Nishida meet with Jeff Lowe

“I don’t know what this guy is guilty of, but he’s definitely guilty of something.”

Brian Van Holt in Joe vs. Carole

In the eighth episode of Joe versus Carol, Agent Nishida and Agent Thomas visit the GW Zoo to confront Joe. Instead, they meet Jeff Lowe. As Lowe leaves, Agent Thomas voices his suspicions about the man.

Joe and Carole’s rivalry is iconic, something for the history books. Some viewers of tiger king side with Joe, while other side with Carole. Anyway, almost any audience can agree that Jeff Lowe should not be trusted and that he is hiding something. tiger king briefly touches on his past illegal activities, but viewers wonder how far his criminal past goes.

Joe scolds his employees after being released

“F*** you for caring about yourselves. You should think about those poor tigers.

John Cameron as Joe Exotic in Joe Vs Carole

In episode 7, Jeff asks Joe to leave his zoo after learning of the fraud Joe has committed with the zoo’s money. Joe gathers his workers and informs them of the changes. Saff and Erik Cowie express concern for their jobs and Joe berates them for not thinking of the tigers first.

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One of the most common public criticisms of tiger king is its lack of focus on the big cat problem in the country. Instead, the show is believed to glorify the captivity of cats and those who breed and use them for profit. Carole Baskin herself spoke out against tiger kingsharing that she was told it would focus on the big cat issue.

John Finlay reacts when Joe enters a cage with a tiger

“What the F***!”

John Finlay looks thoughtful in Joe vs. Carole

In Episode 1, John Finlay has just started his job at GW Zoo and he caught Joe’s attention. Joe shows him around and tells John about himself. He walks into a tiger’s cage without hesitation and John mutters “What the f***” under his breath because he can’t believe what he’s seeing.

Audiences all over the world surely said these words while watching tiger king in 2020. How could they not? Everything about the show and the people in it deserves a double take. From Saff’s accident to Joe’s political effort to James Garreton’s jet ski photo shoot, tiger king certainly didn’t miss the mark when it came to WTF moments and Season 2 of tiger king is just as wild.

Rick Kirkham talks about his time on Inside Edition

“Hell of a Show!”

Rick talks to Joe in Joe vs. Carole

In Episode 4, Rick Kirkham speaks these words as he clarifies his expertise and takes Joe back on the phone. He exclaims that Interior Edition was a “hell of a show”, noting that he has fond memories of his time there.

Kirkham is a producer Joe hired to help JoeExoticTV. He put Joe’s show on the map and he helped produce Tiger king. 202o’s docuseries was a whirlwind of mayhem, conspiracy, and madness. Many people liked tiger king, others questioned the transparency of the show, but few would deny that the show was entertaining. Without a doubt, it was a “hell of a show”.

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