Inspirational Notes Left on Northeast Ohio Bridges to Prevent Suicide



CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – A local woman who displays suicide prevention signs along bridges in northeast Ohio is making a difference.

His messages save lives.

“What I do is I created a bunch of signs with motivational quotes and also a crisis number, a suicide prevention number,” said Jen Stross, the woman who hangs up the signs. suicide prevention on bridges in northeast Ohio.

A photographer from 19 News stumbled upon Stross the other day and it left a lasting impression. She posted her thoughtful motivational notes on bridges in northeast Ohio, hoping to keep suicidal people from jumping to their deaths.

And his grades are working.

A man explains why a single note changed his mind as he leapt to his death.

Joe is one of the people his grades have helped. His last name will not be revealed for reasons of confidentiality. He’s living proof that Stross’ messages save lives.

“I started to cry, but eventually decided not to jump. I was coming home from work one night and found myself on the Hilliard Bridge and thinking about ending things. Depression is something I struggle with every day. But I got on the bridge and saw signs trying to deter suicide and there were flowers and a candle and it made me stop and think, ”Joe said.

Joe’s story is what makes Stross display these signs on decks.

“That way they know someone cares. Someone is over there thinking of them, they have the resource to call in case they want to talk. And get help. The number of suicides on the Lorain Road Bridge has already been reduced, so hopefully Brookpark will follow and Hilliard will follow with the fence as well, ”Stross said.

Stross has been posting signs on these bridges for three years. She says she won’t stop until each of these bridges has a fence.

“Just keep doing it. You have a goal, you count,” Stross said.

The number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 800-273-8255. It is available 24 hours a day.

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