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Harry has always been a victim of circumstances. After the death of his parents, he feels alone in the world. He doesn’t have a real family that wants the best for him. He has a family found with the Weasleys but always feels like he’s missing something. Remus Lupine makes Harry’s life a little easier when they meet. Lupine not only knew Harry’s parents, but he’s a sweet and kind person. He really wants the best for Harry.

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He’s also the most rational person in Harry’s life. Sirius looks too much like Harry, always acting before he thinks. But Lupine is the father figure Harry needs in his life. Lupine is wise, courageous and always knows what is best. On most adults Harry potter, Lupine has the best wisdom to share.

When he has wise words for Harry

“You are not weak, Harry. Dementors affect you the most because you have real horrors in your past. You have nothing to be ashamed of. “

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As one of Harry’s favorite Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers, Lupine has a lot of wisdom to impart to him. After being attacked by Dementors on the Hogwarts train, Lupine sees how hard Harry struggles with his past. The Dementors affect him more than anyone. Lupine knows well enough that it is Harry’s trauma that draws the Dementors to him.

Harry felt ostracized by the other students. While there are some unpopular opinions about Hermione, there’s no doubt that she’s smart. Yet even she can’t understand what Harry is going through. Lupine can comfort Harry as he has also faced deep trauma and understands that Harry is not weak. It is the opposite.

When he explains the dementors

“The dementors force us to live our worst memories. Our pain becomes their power. ”

A stranger to magic in many ways, Harry did not understand the nature of the Dementors, who were horrible creatures invented by JK Rowling for the Harry potter universe. As Ron’s family shelter and care for him, there are times when Harry needs a role model who understands him better. Lupine gently instructs him, explaining the true nature of the Dementors.

At the time, Lupine was one of Harry’s closest people to his family. Lupine knew Harry’s parents personally and also shares the pain of their loss. Thanks to Harry’s relationship with Lupine, he can better understand his family, as well as the Dementors themselves.

When he talks about fear

“I am very impressed. It suggests that what you fear most is fear itself. It is very wise.”

Harry must have grown up very quickly after his parents died. He was immediately sent to a resentful family and was never able to have a childhood. As unfortunate as it was, it still made Harry wise for his age. When Harry is supposed to face the Bogart in class, Lupine automatically assumes that he will transform into Voldemort.

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Harry fears Voldemort, but what worries him the most are the Dementors. Lupine admits that Harry thinks more deeply than his classmates. To have the virtue of being Harry Potter, he must consider how he deals with his fear. Lupine sees that Harry is old for his age and could one day be the chosen one.

When he chastises Harry

“Gambling their sacrifice by wandering around the castle unprotected with a killer on the loose seems like a pretty bad way to pay them back.”

As smart as Harry is, his Gryffindor nature will get in the way from time to time as well. Harry jumps head first without thinking, a virtue he shares with his father. Lupine grabs Harry with the Marauder’s Map and points out how reckless it was. He had been a rider with his life since the school was closed in sight of Sirius Black.

Lupine had to teach Harry the error of his ways. Harry’s parents died protecting him and Lupine didn’t want Harry to waste his life. He cares about Harry like a parent does.

When he talks about the value of human life

“It made all the difference in the world. You saved an innocent man from a terrible fate. It made a big difference. ”

After Peter Pettigrew walks away, Harry becomes frustrated. It was his dream to live with a family that loved him. If Sirius had been cleared, he would have gone to live with his godfather. Pettigrew was their only proof that Sirius was innocent. The only way to save Sirius was to time travel and make sure he had the means to escape.

Harry still feels the pain of not having a happy ending. But Lupine does not let the small victory diminish. While Harry may have to live with the Dursleys a little longer, Sirius is free. He didn’t endure the Dementor’s Kiss and could still be a positive force in Harry’s life.

When he talks about being a werewolf

“People love me … well, let’s say I’m used to it now.”

After the events of Prisoner of azkaban, Snape couldn’t stand Lupine getting away with beating him. So he let everyone at school know that Lupine was a werewolf, even though he was a Harry potter twist that everyone saw coming. There is a stigma attached to being a werewolf, and some in the wizarding world consider it a disease. Lupine therefore always had to keep the secret for fear of prejudice.

Now he understands that no one will want him to teach at Hogwarts. He resigns preventively to avoid the fight. Sadly, this is something Lupine has to deal with every day. Even though his werewolf can’t be helped, he still has to endure what people think of him. It is devastating that Lupine cannot lead a normal life and is constantly judged by everyone around him.

When he defended Snape

“People are disappearing every day. If we start to fight among ourselves, we are doomed. “

There is no love lost between Lupine and Snape. On more than one occasion, Snape went out of his way to make Lupin’s life more difficult. But Lupine is one of the strongest members of the Order of the Phoenix and takes war seriously. Harry is sure that Snape is helping Malfoy in his attempt to become a Death Eater. Lupine refuses to acknowledge this possibility because Dumbledore trusts Snape.

Although Harry is ultimately correct that Malfoy has become a Death Eater, Lupin’s advice is sound. They cannot turn on each other in times of crisis. Snape was on Dumbledore’s side and was part of the reason Voldemort was ultimately defeated.

When he offers a moment of humor

“Just remember Fleur, Bill’s having his steaks on the raw side now.”

Lupine rarely gets any light-hearted moments in the series. He is the voice of reason and gives wise advice. But after Bill gets attacked by Fenrir Greyback, Lupine can sympathize with him. Lupine was the only one who was a werewolf until Bill. For once, Lupine looks at who he is with humor.

He laughs at him and Bill for their condition. It’s just a line but gives Lupine a moment of peace outside of their dire situation of trying to save Harry.

When he quotes himself

“It is the quality of one’s beliefs that determines success, not the number of followers.”

Hogwarts is attacked several times and Lupine is always there to defend it. When put on task, Lupine does the right thing. He has strong convictions which it is important to adhere to. In this particular case, Lupine and Kingsley Shacklebot are together as the Death Eaters attack. To make him and Shacklebot feel better, Lupine recites what sounds like a quote.

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When Shacklebot asks him who said it, Lupine replies “me”. Although it is a brief moment of humor, Lupine believes in what he says. They are overwhelmed by the numbers, but Lupine is convinced that they are on the safe side. And they must stand up for what is right.

When he dies

“Others will tell him why his mother and father died. One day he will understand. ”

Two of the most tragic deaths in The Deathly Hallows are the deaths of Lupine and Tonks. It was only recently that they had found each other during the darkest times. They were even able to start a family before Voldemort came to power. This is what makes their death insane. Harry is heartbroken that his mentor has passed away.

Lupine looks at things in a different way. He knows he’s dead for the right reasons. Even though Teddy is motherless and fatherless, their sacrifices helped Harry defeat Voldemort. And for Lupine, it was worth it.

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