Harold Jonas Scofield publishes two spiritual and inspiring books: the first devoted to the power of God in the face of adversity, the second a tribute to the inspiring life of Tupac Shakur

“Troubled But Determined God Is Not Happily Ending” and Harold Jonas Scofield’s “Paradise Accomplished Consciously Creatively” have been released worldwide. Both books are collections of quotes, acronyms and life advice that transcend cultural boundaries and convey a message of hope, equality and growth.

Emphasizing faith and healing through uplifting and memorable language, Scofield shares personal quotes, excerpts and sayings, as well as helpful explanations and interpretations so readers can make the most of each book. This unique approach to self-help and spiritual guidance shows the universality of these teachings, spanning sources from the Bible to the timeless writings of Tupac.

Troubled but determined God didn’t end happily (ISBN: 9781304315809) and Consciously Creatively Accomplished Paradise can be purchased from retailers around the world, including Lulu, Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Paperbacks sell for $17.20 and Consciously Accomplished Paradise ebook is available from Lulu for $16.

About the books:

Troubled but determined God didn’t end happily

Harold Jonas Scofield returns with his unexpected latest book with heartfelt captivating content expressed as quotes dedicated to his grandmother. The quotes relate to the spirituality of the religion of life which concretely define the cultures of this world. The main purpose of the book is to examine religious spirituality for the ability of your life adequately. Overall, this book may overlap or correlate with the categories of religious spirituality and self-improvement. The route of this book is to establish or pursue a deeper living space or place of religion or spirituality among races of cultures manifestly through the content. The written literature remains culturally relatable and introspective like the other books and the title appeals to the cultures of the races that prioritize God in the world.

Consciously Creatively Accomplished Paradise

This book is dedicated to Tupac but created for anyone variously in the year 2019 to purchase for reading. The MATW statement is referenced or linked to one of his most important albums in the world he created. The quotes are associated with Tupac’s gift and adversity in his life. There are also other quotes that relate to life and business. The beginning of the book features acronyms in the format of his first name and the last three letters of his last name associated with his interviews of acting musical life and adversity. The other acronyms in the format of the last three letters of his first name are associated with world law life prison children academics business and religion spirituality in life between anyone in the format of the last three letters in his name precisely specifically. The acronyms that conclude the book are in the format of one of the music labels he was on and his surname precisely specifically associated with the awareness of the variously relatable life culture.

About the Author:

Harold Jonas Scofield is a black author from Indianapolis, Indiana. who attended Ivy Tech and Iupui who has currently written 3 books. The books listed are Troubled But Determined God Isn’t Finished Happily, Troubled But Determined An Untold Story, and Paradise Accomplished Consciously. Additionally, the books are written in the form of quotes which have a poetic undertone and could be considered culturally relatable and introspective under the category of self-help. Finally, the ultimate mission of his books is to cultivate the elevation and impact of cultures generationally through the literature created.

Author contact details:

E-mail: [email protected]

Author’s presentation: https://www.lulu.com/spotlight/harold30

Instagram: @troubledbutdetermined

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/troubledbut.determined/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3dUwH0XnNg & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOg18Qxfa0

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