Happy Behdienkhlam 2022: Best SMS, WhatsApp Messages, Quotes, Wishes, FB Status

Celebrated for three days every year, Behdienkhlam literally translates to ‘pushing away the evil spirit’ and this Hindu festival is marked by the Pnar people, followers of the Niamtre tradition or natives of Jowai, a small scenic plateau surrounded by hills from Jaintia. . The Behdienkhlam festival is about the spirit of Meghalaya and is based on the belief that outbreaks of health are an effect of evil forces, although it is also known as the harvest festival of Meghalaya as it is meant to seek a good harvest after the sowing season.

According to a mythical prophecy, Jowai was to be struck by a fierce plague, but fear among the natives drove them to their revered deities – U Mukhai, Mulong, Mooralong and Musniang who advised the natives to worship divine elements and fight natural disasters. The Behdienkhlam festival is marked to celebrate the answer to these prayers where the eldest deity, U Mokhai, is said to have rejoiced with dance and song as the lonely forest of Jowai transformed into a flourishing human habitation.

This year, the festival will fall on July 14, Thursday, after three days of celebrations from July 11 to 13, 2022. Check out this collection of festive wishes to greet your family, friends and loved ones during the Behdienkhlam festival:

1. Together let us offer prayers to the Almighty and perform rituals from our homes to ward off the evil that has beleaguered the world. May this holiday bring health and abundance to the citizens of our state and country. I wish everyone a happy Behdienkhlam.

2. Behdienkhlam festival symbolizes the battle between good and evil, celebrated to make evil disappear. Wishing you a disease-free, happy, and safe life from the coronavirus pandemic.

3. Warm greetings on the occasion of Behdienkhlam. We hope today will be filled with dancing and laughter.

4. Best wishes for the harvest festivities of Behdienkhlam. I wish you good health and happiness.

5. May the Behdienkhlam Festival of Seinraij Jowai serve as a symbol of deterrence against various social evils and plagues. Wishing joy and success on this auspicious occasion of Behdienkhlam.

6. May the message and spirit of Behdienkhlam remain with you and your families. I wish everyone a happy Behdienkhlam 2022!

7. This Behdienkhlam, wishing you a harvest of good health. Let us offer our prayers to the Almighty for prosperity and an abundant harvest. As the festival means driving out the plague, we hope it wards off evil and helps us overcome this pandemic.

8. Warm greetings on the auspicious occasion Behdienkhlam. May this festival bring good health, prosperity and an abundant harvest for all.

9. May the Almighty bless us all with good health and prosperity this Behdienkhlam and may this ritual feast of “chasing away the plague” usher in new hope for each of us.

10. As we celebrate Behdienkhlam, a beautiful festival of Meghalaya, we pray for good health, prosperity and protection from the ongoing pandemic.

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