Guga Navami 2022: Meaning, Messages, Quotes and More for the Holy Festival

Guga Navami 2022: Guga Navami or Goga Navami is an auspicious event for devotees. This sacred festival is widely observed in northern India. As part of this auspicious event, people worship Lord Guga, also known as the Serpent God.

The Hindu festival of Guga Navami is observed on the ninth day of Krishna Paksha, which falls in the month of Bhadrapad. The dark lunar fortnight known as Krishna Paksha usually occurs in August or September.

Today, August 20, is Guga Navami 2022, which is observed one day after Janmashtami by Hindus who worship Lord Krishna. On this occasion, share blessing messages and quotes with your family and friends and feel closer to Lord Guga.

Here are some messages and quotes that you can share with your friends and family:

1. Our blue horse rider, God Goga Ji, is all-knowing and all-seeing! Pray to Him and see your wishes come true. Happy Goga Navami!

2. Whenever I enter my lord Goga Ji’s court, I come back shining, no matter how many pieces I was scattered in before. He is magical. Happy Goga Navami!

3. This Goga Navami, take the name Goga Ji in the morning and watch your unfulfilled wishes come true!

4. May Goga Ji bring light into your life, may he make your life beautiful, destroy the darkness of ignorance and bring the light of knowledge into your life.

5. Wishing you a prosperous Goga Navami, may Goga Ji bless you and your family.

6. My Lord has given me everything I could have asked for and I hope He will do the same for you. Greetings on Goga Navami to you and your family!

7. Hey lord, may you keep everyone happy and prosperous. May you keep everyone away from grief and pain. Happy Goga Navami everyone.

8. The color of truth will always prevail, like the blue color of Goga Ji’s horse. I wish you a blessed and peaceful Goga Navami.

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