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The wizarding world has given birth to many dangerous magical individuals, but undoubtedly one of the most menacing is Gellert Grindelwald. First seen in the Harry potter series, the dark wizard has mainly appeared in the Fantastic beasts franchise. Over the course of the spin-off’s first two films, he proves to be a tough opponent for Newt Scamander and his allies, really pushing them to their limits.

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Possessing terrifying magical skills, Dumbledore’s former lover is easily one of the most feared beings in this universe. Grindelwald holds a powerful hold over much of wizards, with his deviously evil quotes managing to turn a number of witches and wizards to his side.



“Your anger, your desire for revenge, is natural.”

Goldsteins Queenie joins Grindelwald

Revenge is a common theme throughout all fantasy stories, with characters losing loved ones to evil forces. The crimes of Grindelwald demonstrates Grindelwald’s ability to use this understandable human reaction to his own benefit. The wizard’s comments arrive as he sees a nervous young witch among the Aurors who have destroyed her rally.

Grindelwald notices that this woman is clearly in distress, and he takes the opportunity to recruit her to his side. He chooses his words carefully, to fuel this witch’s anger towards her fellow Aurors and use her as a weapon. It’s a particularly devious quote from one of the franchise’s most evil wizards.

Mourning for Dumbledore

“Mr. Scamander! Do you think Dumbledore will cry for you? “

Grindelwald and Dumbledore have a strong personal bond, having previously been romantic partners. Sadly, Gellert’s extreme views on wizarding supremacy saw the couple go their separate ways, with Albus strongly opposing his partner’s ideas. The crimes of Grindelwald reveals a bitter attitude displayed by the wizard towards his former lover, as he goads Newt on his friendship with Dumbledore.

Grindelwald’s harsh words are designed to drive a wedge between Newt – who shares many of the same traits with Harry Potter – and Albus, making the magizoologist believe his former teacher cares little for his well-being. He draws on the knowledge of his ex-boyfriend’s tendency to use people to sow doubt in Newt’s mind, playing with Scamander’s emotions in a particularly cruel way.


“Their arrogance is the key to our victory! “

Grindelwald presents his plans for wizarding supremacy to his audience at the Paris rally.

An arrogant attitude is common with many villains, and Grindelwald demonstrates this unwanted personality trait throughout the film. Fantastic beasts franchise. The crimes of Grindelwald presents one of his most brazen scenes to date, with the magical individual attempting to rally the wizarding population against the No-Majs.

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This quote perfectly reflects Grindelwald’s point of view on non-magical people. He considers No-Majs inferior due to their lack of spellcasting ability, and thinks their “victory” will be easy. Grindelwald thinks very little of these people, as he ironically dismisses them as “arrogant” in a line that is wickedly contemptuous.

Work with me

“I would like you to work with me now. Towards a world where we sorcerers are free to live openly and to love freely. “

Grindelwald poses in front of a very dark blue background as Queenie holds up her wand.

Grindelwald is easily one of that of harry potter most overpowered characters, and one of the key factors behind her extreme power levels is her sense of words. The crimes of Grindelwald shows Grindelwald’s manipulative methods during the rally footage in Paris, which sees the wizarding dictator successfully luring Queenie to his side.

Grindelwald’s words demonstrate how easily he is able to get into someone’s mind. The Dark Wizard plays on Queenie’s love for Jacob, to convince her that her tyrannical goals will make it easier for her to romance Baker No-Maj. He uses his strong feelings for Jacob as a way to manipulate her against Newt, in a quote that reflects his scheming ways.

Us or them?

“A law that orders those under its rule to curl up lest we risk being discovered!” I ask you, Madam President, I ask you all … Who does this law protect? We ? Or them?

The Grindelwald disguise proved particularly effective during the events of Fantastic beasts and where to find them, which leads him to impersonate Percival Graves. In the film’s final scene, Grindelwald criticizes Madame Picquery for her decision to have Credence killed.

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Grindelwald uses Credence’s apparent death as a way to influence the Magical People against No-Majs, portraying them as a tragic figure in light of the community’s strict laws against Muggle interference. Grindelwald’s goal here is to spark a revolution against non-magical individuals, in the hope that it ends with wizards in power, which makes for a particularly evil quote.

Swear allegiance or die

“Aurors, join me in this circle, pledge your eternal allegiance to me, or die. Only here will you know freedom, only here will you know yourself,”

Every evil wizard needs a team of devotees, and Grindelwald is no different. In The Crimes of Grindelwald, the sorcerer dictator launches a rally in Paris to recruit new magicians to his cause. Upon discovering that the Aurors have arrived at his event, he invites them to join him in his fight to establish a new world order.

This hard line shows how far Grindelwald is willing to go to achieve his primary goal. It’s callous dialogue that represents the wizard’s deranged state of mind, as his obsession with ruling over No-Majs leads to his deadly threats. Grindelwald demands loyalty to his cause and expresses his intention to kill those who stand in his way, resulting in one of his nastiest quotes to date.

Leta Lestrange despised

“Leta Lestrange. Entirely despised among wizards, unloved, mistreated, but courageous. So brave. “

Grindelwald reaches out to Leta Lestrange.

Leta Lestrange is a key character throughout The Crimes of Grindelwald, with many fans believing Newt should have ended up with her instead of Tina. Newt’s old-school crush had a tough upbringing, which Grindelwald exploits during his Paris rally to encourage him to join his movement.

Grindelwald’s cruel words reflect his indifferent nature. The wizarding dictator delivers a cutting reference to Leta’s past, as he tries to make the witch believe that she has no friends. Grindelwald emotionally abuses poor Leta Lestrange in what turns out to be one of his most evil remarks to date.


“The disapproval of cowards is praise of the brave. Your name will be written in glory when wizards rule the world. “

Grindelwald stares straight ahead next to bounty hunter Grimmson.

Throughout the first two Fantastic beasts films, Grindelwald has demonstrated his commitment to his cause. The crimes of Grindelwald acts as the perfect example of the wizard’s determination, with his plans starting to form. During a first attempt to capture Credence, Grindelwald shows his appreciation for the bounty hunter Grimmson’s allegiance to his cause.

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Grindelwald believes in establishing a hierarchy where magical people rule over the Muggle population of the world and labels those who oppose these mistaken ideals as “cowards.” The element that makes this quote truly malicious, however, is his glorification of world domination, as it states how Grimmon’s devotion to such a vile purpose will see his name “written in glory.”

Credence’s reward

“You can’t teach, Credence. Your mother is dead, it’s your reward. I am done with you. “

Colin Farrell as Percival Graves and Ezra Miller as Credence Barebone in Fantastic Beasts

Grindelwald’s obsession with Credence is a major narrative focus throughout Fantastic beasts, with the second film revealing that Credence is linked to Dumbledore (although many fans believe that may not be true). The first film sees Grindelwald act as a mentor to the struggling young man, while posing as Percival Graves, before he cruelly turns on him for his alleged lack of magical ability.

Grindelwald seems somewhat unfriendly towards Credence. Not only does he call the struggling young adult “impossible to teach”, but he also calls his mother’s death a “reward”. This piece of dialogue introduces audiences to Grindelwald’s lack of empathy for those he sees as unnecessary, making it one of his most despicable lines.

The enemy

“This is what we are fighting! It is the enemy: their arrogance, their thirst for power, their barbarism. How long will it be before they turn their guns on us?

Grindelwald’s powers know no bounds, with the wizard being able to harness all manner of magical abilities. One of his most impressive skills can be seen in The Crimes of Grindelwald, when he uses his hookah skull to project a vision of the future. This scene occurs during the Paris gathering of Grindelwald, as it evokes images from WWII.

Grindelwald’s words that accompany this vision deliver a negative slant towards No-Majs. The wizard uses the gruesome images of the coming conflict to manipulate the wizarding community against them, portraying Muggles as a threat to their society, in a quote motivated by evil intent.

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