Far-right group must understand that a Briton does not exist



SHONA Craven’s shrewd reminder of what the Patriotic Alternative (PA) group is – among other nationalist goals being, as she quotes, “the demographic decline of native Britons in the UK” – makes me wonder on such a statement and whether PA really understands it.

What is a ‘native Briton’ and how would you recognize one if you knew the answer?

Then there is the question of where to go after a pub session with your ethnic gang of Brits. Granted, local Indian and Chinese restaurants would not be available. God help us if we cannot buy a fish supper without being served by a family of Middle Eastern descent.

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Maybe we could try some tea and cakes at Granny Green’s take-out coffee, I guess, but I doubt she’ll last hours so late as to serve the local Brits on their post-pub getaways.

No, it would be “very difficult” to survive in a truly native British native land. After all, we might be questioning our own ancestry. Which, along with the Normans, Danes, Anglo-Saxons, Scots, Welsh, Irish and more, all invading or migrating from non-British countries over the centuries, hardly gives the crowd much of the Palestinian Authority to cry out for.

How do you recognize let alone define a native Brit? Bowler hat, stripes and brolly were a misconception. Today? I’ve no idea.

Alan magnus bennett

IAIN Forde’s letter (August 6) is absolutely correct. Power must be harnessed. We need a written constitution to present to the electorate as indyref2.

This is necessary to ensure that our government never finds itself in a situation where power is corrupted. Get all the essentials agreed before indyref and this can be added when the first government of our independent Scotland takes office.

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From the start of the campaign, we must be able to reassure people that our government will not be able to ignore the law of the land, whatever the power. That as a country we will not tolerate discrimination such as the shameful treatment of Humza Yousaf and his family. That all minorities be treated as equal citizens. That we will respect the environment and consider it part of our stewardship of planet Earth. Surely it is obvious?

And please, although this is a separate topic, will anyone please point out to the senior heid yins of the SNP that without our own currency we will never be independent.

Catriona grigg

JOANNA Cherry asks a loaded question of “how can we avoid a hard border?” but all his testimonies and the importance you place on him are completely undermined in a half sentence: “… when Scotland joins the EU.” ”

It is a presumption. When Scotland becomes independent, it will not be a member of the EU. It will always be a member of the Common Travel Zone, an internationally agreed treaty prior to the creation of the EU. People and goods can be transferred across borders for the benefit of all parties.

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There is always the possibility that a party like the UK will give up on this deal, but why would they shoot themselves in the foot, and especially their exporters, creating trade barriers not only with Scotland but with the Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man?

For my part, I would now like to join the EU. But it is not a given. The conditions for becoming a full or associate member of the EU, ETA, EFTA or the Schengen Agreement will have to be negotiated and submitted to the Scottish people. Part of this ruling will have an effect on the border with England, and I hope it will be made public with much more honesty than Brexit. The important thing is that we are then free to decide what is best for the people of Scotland.

Ian richmond

I READ with interest your article on plastic in bird nests. This threat has been known since the early 2000s.

Rebecca Hosking, a documentary filmmaker, has made a film about damage to marine life, including birds. It was broadcast on television and published in Reader’s Digest.

Hosking described how she landed on an island in the Pacific and couldn’t understand what the awful smell was.

She realized it was rotten flesh – parent birds would bring plastic waste to feed their young, thinking it was jellyfish. The babies were dying and when the body decomposed, the plastic was released into the environment to do the same with another chick.

Hosking showed his film to traders in his hometown in Devon, and they all said they would never give away plastic bags again. Balloons do exactly the same damage.

To give the impression that this is a new threat is nonsense. I think it’s time for reports and words to stop and the action to begin – ban all plastic bags, wrappers and ropes!

Marguerite Forbes

I’m not a user of any form of social media so I have to thank The National for Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp’s abridged post (Letters, August 4) in which I agree with all of his views.

May I also belatedly praise his article of July 22 (The dismantling of decentralization will be a drop that will overflow the camel’s back to Union). I learned from it and it was excellent.

Gordon makes a very essential point in his article. We need at least one pro-Yes daily and one Sunday newspaper. Without them our movement would be considerably weaker. This fact should be widely understood and appreciated within our movement.

Bobby brennan


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