Fake Donald Trump Quote Fools America’s Brightest Republicans

Excerpt from Donald Trump’s attempt to film video after the January 6 uprising against the US government, obtained by the Crime Commission.
GIF: Youtube

Did you see this statement from former President Donald Trump go viral on Thursday about President Joe Biden’s covid-19 diagnosis? It included racist phrases like “the Chinese virus”, multiple references to Hercules, and was shared by countless Republican opinion leaders – the best and brightest MAGA minds on the internet. But that’s completely wrong, something that should have been obvious given the vocabulary.

“Donald Trump’s statement on Joe Biden testing positive for covid is a work of art,” tweeted Clay Travisfar-right sports journalist and follower of MAGA.

“That last line!” Mollie HemingwayFederalist editor and top Trump apologist, excitedly tweeted a new statement from the neo-fascist.

The last line of the misrepresentation refers to the possibility of Vice President Kamala Harris becoming president if Biden kicks the bucket. But see if you can spot a reason why this statement is clearly false.

From Twitter:

Joe Biden, who many have said is our worst president, has contracted a case of the Chinese virus, despite being vaccinated. I hope Sleepy Joe can bounce back quickly, just like me. The doctors described my fight against the Chinese virus as Heculean, and not meaning the awakened Disney Hercules but rather that of Kevin Sorbo. That of Lou Ferrigno too.

Joe, I wish you a speedy recovery, even if you lead America in the wrong direction. Nobody wants Kamala!

As the reporters respectfully noted, the statement was bullshit. But have you caught the revelations? While Trump has often said “Chinese virus” to refer to covid-19, there are plenty of red flags in the statement that should alert readers that this is not from the real Trump.

For one thing, Trump never uttered the phrase “as much as I was.” It’s just anti-Trumpian. He would be much more likely to say “like I did” or something more direct. “As much as I was”, is a huge red flag. And then there is the term “Herculean”. Again, Trump wouldn’t refer to Hercules like that. He said “like Hercules”.

It is unknown who created this particular misrepresentation, although it could be any number of internet pranksters. But obviously, you shouldn’t take everything you see on social media at face value, especially if your source is a MAGA influencer who thinks Trump did nothing wrong on January 6, 2021. Like anyone with two brain cells and a pulse can see it, Trump should to be permanently in prison and it is a complete failure of the American system that he is not in prison yet.

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