Edmonton Oilers explode visiting Arizona Coyotes 6-1

Great response from the Oilers tonight. Final balance sheet: 6-1.

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Ryan McLeod

On the game: “I felt good. I think as a group we were pretty motivated after the last game. We wanted to come out strong from the start and we came out with a bang.

What quality comes to mind when he thinks about the Oilers bedroom after tonight’s game: “Just resilient. Everyone was pretty frustrated and everyone came out pretty motivated. It was good to see a response and it’s a good test for us.

If the Gordie Howe hat-trick had crossed his mind: “(laughs) no, not tonight.”

On coming close to a real hat-trick: “I think we were just trying to get into some good habits at the end of the game. It was a good test for us until 5-1 to stick with it. I had a few chances, but I wasn’t going too far to try and get one.

On whether the Oilers will joke with Evander Kane, who took four penalties in four shifts tonight: “I think so (laughs). I think it will.”

Mikko Koskinen

On the Oilers’ response after Saturday: “It was really important that we learned from the last game. We really wanted to bounce back. It was an embarrassing game on Saturday and I think we got exactly the result we needed (tonight). Not just the result, but the way we played. We didn’t give up odd rushes and we played well. I think that’s the most important thing with the colon.

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Not facing many high-risk chances, if he felt the team wanted to tighten up defensively: “Yeah, I think that’s the obvious reaction when you allow nine goals. You need to tighten up a bit and we reacted very well and played a tight game as you said. They only had a few good chances in the game. It’s a good thing that we have to keep in mind and in our mindset for the future.

On what he felt, he bounced back: “Yeah, sure. Whenever you face something like this, you want to leave as soon as possible and wash your face after this kind of loss. It’s a good rebound for the whole team, not just me.

What quality comes to mind when he thinks about the Oilers bedroom after tonight’s game: “Just resilient. Everyone was pretty frustrated and everyone came out pretty motivated. It was good to see a response and it’s a good test for us.

On McLeod’s game: “He brings a lot to the table. He can play in any situation. PK, PP and his skating ability are pretty amazing at this age. He flies there. Also a very good locker room player.

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Jay Woodcroft

On the game: “I thought it was a good effort from our team. It was a pretty professional mood going into the game and we did what we had to do to come away with two points. It’s a great victory for our team. »

On McLeod: “I’ve had a front row seat to Ryan’s development for the last three and a half years or so. I’ve seen him score a lot of goals in that time and we tasked him today with running his own line, running his own line, and he’s done a hell of a job on that line with Foegele and Ryan. I think they gave us good minutes not only 5×5 but also on the power play for Ryan (McLeod) and shorthanded for McLeod and Derek Ryan.

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On whether McLeod is a utility knife with a wing or center game: “Yeah, and I think for a young player at his position in the league, he determines what his abilities are and what he needs to work on. I think it’s a compliment when some of our best players want to play with him. Like I said, today he drove his own line and they were a good line for us tonight.

On McLeod’s speed and his long-term place: “I think when he carries the puck through the neutral zone, you can do it as a winger as well. Like I said, I think when you get good players together, they find a way to get the job done. When he’s in the middle, I think he seems to touch the puck a little more. I think he’s someone who has some juice when he carries the puck in the neutral zone and tonight he did it 5×5, also on the power play. Good game from Ryan.

On Puljujarvi’s game: “Yeah, I liked the chemistry of that line tonight. I think he did a really good job – I told him on the bench – of working in a high support position in the offensive zone. He managed a few assists, including that first goal. It happened a few other times during the game. I thought he was physically involved, he played on the straights, he got to the net, he played a bit on the power play, he had a few chances there. He was a good player for us tonight.

On what quality comes to mind when accessing the response from the Oilers: “I mean, nobody was happy with the result the other night. We had the day off to think about it, to simmer, and this morning we had tough meetings – the players were challenged and they responded. It’s a credit to the players in this locker room for honestly looking at their own personal games, their team play and trying to find a recipe that will serve us well here. It’s not about the coaching staff, it’s the players in the dressing room who have found a way to do it. Now we are looking for a measure of consistency over time.

On Koskinen: “I thought Mikko was excellent tonight. I don’t think the score is accurate of the game he played in terms of the quality of some of the chances he made saves on. That one in the second period was a five-barrel save and he should feel really good in his personal game tonight as well as our team game tonight.

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On how he felt the reaction of the players after watching the Calgary game: “Sometimes you might not see it, but behind closed doors there are sometimes pointed meetings either with individuals or with the team in general. I think the attitude or the mindset that we adopted after that Calgary game was to use it as an opportunity for growth that presented itself. We took it upon ourselves to see things clearly, not sweep anything under the rug, be direct with what we wanted to see, and at the end of the day, our players responded. They are the ones who should feel good about themselves with what they threw away tonight.

On McLeod, centering his own line as an opportunity for him to take: “Yeah, I think what we said to our players ‘no matter where you are in the lineup, there’s room for contribution and room for the greatness of Everyone.’. Some people we asked to do a little more, others we asked to do a little less but better. At the end of the day, all of our team members are important and their contribution is important to the cause. They are well aware of this and it is something that we wanted to establish here: that everyone is valued and that everyone has a place in our team.

On those games, how they were received and if it was a precursor to tonight: “Well, I think our players want to win. I think they want to continue to establish an identity that will allow a team to find ways to win when it counts. I think our players are motivated by that. Were we disappointed with the way this game ended on Saturday night? Yeah, everyone was. For a man, we all felt we could be better. But at the end of the day, this game was worth two points. Likewise, today’s game is worth two points. The mindset that we tried to instill in this group from the start when Dave Manson and I arrived from Bakersfield was that we were going to take care of the business of the day. Are you going to have a good day? You are going to have a good day. Are you going to have difficult days? Yeah, you’re gonna have a tough day. But I think if you have that mindset that you did what needs to be done that day, sometimes the results take care of themselves. Then we went to Calgary, what was needed was some of these tough meetings. And as I said, our players reacted. All credit goes to our players.

On Kane’s penalties: “The penalties have been called. I’m not going to stand up here and challenge the penalties that have been called. Obviously Evander Kane is an important player for us. We want him as much as possible on the ice. »

On Todd Mclellan coaching his 1000th game tonight, seeing him in 1001 in a race for second place in the Pacific: “Todd is someone who has had a profound impact on me not just as a young coach but as a young. I used the term that he taught me many things by the simple eloquence of his example. He has a big family and seeing them celebrate this together, 1000 games, what an achievement. I think I read today that only 31 coaches have ever done this. He’s someone who is at the top of his game and there’s a reason he’s coached so many games.

On whether Ryan McLeod’s speed catches people off guard: “Yeah, it’s dynamic. It’s not Connor’s level of speed, but it’s very high level speed. The other thing is what has grown with him over the last two years is his confidence in the puck when he’s at top speed. It doesn’t necessarily need to slow down to make its way through the neutral zone or its way through the controls. He has elite speed and when he uses it, it puts teams in trouble.

On McLeod’s second goal: “I’ve seen that Ryan McLeod goal a few times in the American Hockey League. »

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