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Dune (2021) is an epic hero’s journey that focuses on the story of Paul Atreides. He is a powerful young man born in a great destiny that he does not understand or that he does not want to accomplish. However, he must accept his fate to ensure the future of his family and his people.

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As the protagonist of the film, Paul has a wide range of things to say. From wondering if he’s not the future of House Atreides to his road to the wilderness, Paul has a number of memorable quotes throughout the film that advance the tale or reveal key aspects of his personality. complex.


“What if I’m not, dad? The future of House Atreides.”

Split image of Paul and Leto talking to each other outside in Dune.

Paul asks this after Duke Leto tells him about the political danger they will face on Arrakis. His father wants him to sit on the board alongside him. But Paul sees his father’s struggles and difficulties and doesn’t want to be the future duke.

In one of the best quotes from Dune, Leto claims the role will call Paul. In a heartwarming moment, Leto reassures Paul by saying that even if he doesn’t take the title, Paul will still be the one thing Leto needs him to be: “His son”. Then he foreshadows Paul’s future by saying that maybe Paul will find his own path to the role, which he ultimately does on Arrakis.

“They see what they have been told to see.”

Dune Lady Jessica Women Zimmer

Upon arrival in Arrakis, the Atreids hear chants of “Lisan al-Gaib!” (Voice of the outside world). Jessica explains to Paul that this is the name Fremen of the messiah and that it means that the Bene Gesserit went to Arrakis, clearing the way for him. In one of Lady Jesica’s best quotes in Dune, she says people see it, and they see the signs.

Paul disagrees with this quote. He doesn’t think he’s Lisan al-Gaib. He feels like part of the Bene Gesserit’s plan to spawn a spirit to lead them to a better future that has been predetermined for him without his knowledge or consent. It’s another fate he’s inherited, and at this point in the movie, he doesn’t want it.

“You admire them.”

Paul talks to Duncan in a hangar in Dune.

Upon returning from his time among the Fremen, Duncan enthusiastically gives Paul a Fremen-made paracompass. He tells her about their ingenuity with objects, such as suits and sand compactors. Duncan says he admires their adaptability to the desert.

Paul seems intrigued by Duncan’s feelings for the Fremen. Having dreamed of them and taking the time to learn about them, Paul is arguably envious of Duncan’s experience with the Fremen. He searches for the answers to his dreams and to the girl he continues to see in them.

“It’s confusing. I thought I saw my death, but I didn’t.”

Paul Atréides (Timothee Chalamet) hides from the hunter-researcher in Dune (2021)

After the incident with the sandcrawler, Paul confides in his mother that he saw a vision with his eyes wide open. He explains that some things are indirect, like the knife, while others are crystal clear, like his mother’s pregnancy.

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Paul’s power comes to fruition when he sets foot on the desert sands and inhales the spice. He becomes what the Bene Gesserit sought to create. However, Paul does not know what this means. And that’s what scares him the most. It’s almost as if something foreign is waking up in his mind and taking control of him.

“I see holy war spreading across the universe like unquenchable fire.”

dune trailer breakdown paul atreides gold armor

After Paul and his mother intuit the death of Duke Leto, Paul inhales spices that have seeped into the tent where he and Jessica are hiding. He has a vision for the future, most of which contains this war.

Vision is almost like an out-of-body experience. Paul sees a vision again with his eyes wide open. It’s especially terrifying because the war is being fought on his behalf and because he seems lost in sight until his outburst at Jessica. He feels that a bloody conflict is coming soon and he knows he will play a part in it.

“You did this to me. Your Bene Gesserit made me a monster!”


Place exclaims this to Jessica after seeing a powerful vision for the battle to come. The Vision is a terrifying sequence of images that bring out the power in him, leading him to use The Voice on his mother after seeing her.

With probably the best relationship in Dune, Paul and Jessica don’t have a typical mother-son relationship. They share an intense bond through their power and they would risk their lives for each other. It’s rare to see Paul act like an average teenager, blaming his mother for who he is (although, technically, it’s his fault). But his grief and fear builds up to the point where she is the only one around which he can release him.

“And yet you are risking your life to help us.”

Leit touches Paul as he looks towards Dune.

After finding Paul and Jessica in the wilderness, Duncan recounts what Harkonnen did and lets it be known which side the Emperor is on. Liet, as judge of change, is a supposedly neutral party. When Jessica asks about her acquaintances, Liet replies that she is forbidden to say anything.

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Paul is quick with this comeback. He begins to take control of his destiny at this point. With his father gone and his power coming to life, Paul begins to see things in a new light. He sees that there is more than meets the eye with Liet. She’s not as neutral as she claims she is, and he calls out to her.

“Only together can they have a chance against the Imperium.”

After finally realizing the role he needs to play, Paul thinks he can accomplish what his father couldn’t. But he needs Liet’s help. He thinks she can help his ally with the Fremen.

When Paul says their only chance for success is to work together, the circle comes full circle with what Duke Leto told him at the start of the film. They can only conquer the Emperor through alliances. Air power, sea power and desert power combined will overwhelm and defeat the Emperor and bring peace to the world.

“My road leads to the desert.”

Zendaya Timothee Chalamet Chani Paul Atreides Dunes Trailer Breakdown

One of the most powerful quotes from Dune is also one of the last verses spoken. Paul tells his mother, Stilgar, and the rest of the Fremen where his future lies. As Jessica presses to get him out of Arrakis, Paul refuses with this as part of his retaliation.

Paul knows, from this part of the film, that he has to stay on Arrakis. It is his destiny to rule the desert planet. He sees it in his visions and hears it through the whispers of the Bene Gesserit ancestors in his head. In this case, Paul accepts his fate and leans on it.

“My father came, not for spices, not for riches, but for the strength of your people.”

Timotheé Chalamet as Paul in Dune

Paul says this to the Fremen as part of why he wants to stay on Arrakis. He puts it there when his mother tries to get him off the planet. Paul announces it with force and integrity as his father would.

The quote is hard to dispute, as seen when Jessica says nothing in response. She knows it’s true, and she won’t stop it. Paul wishes to finish what his father started. He wants to gain the confidence and strength of the Fremen. And he wants the name of the Atreides to last, to honor his father.

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