Dorm Decor Based On Your Zodiac Sign | Architectural Summary

With the start of the school year back to school, it’s finally time to head back to your on-campus dorm. While living with others can often be the ultimate test, the start of a new semester marks an opportune time to experiment with your personal decorating style. If you’re having trouble connecting with an aesthetic, why not check out your board to see what really lines up? The fall semester always begins when the sun is in Virgo – so this is the ultimate time to make some terse decorating decisions that speak to the soul.

Astrology is a tool that can help you find the right mood for you. Let the stars guide you in figuring out how to improve your dorm decor this semester. Since most college students don’t have the budget to hire their own interior designer (in case anyone forgot, student loans are still a thing), we’ve stepped in to provide some suggestions on the best dorm room decorating ideas based on each zodiac sign. . From TikTok’s whimsical trend to plush Y2K floor pillows to bouncy couches, the cosmos will help channel the good energy to make the semester fun and relaxing. Think of it as a heavenly vibe check for your dorm room.


Since Aries has a taste for life, they will opt for bright primary colors for bedding to represent their assertive, bold, courageous, and optimistic nature. Expect to see mementos of their former glories in the form of awards and photos of their BFFs hung on the walls to indicate their fabulousness and social status within their peer group. As long as there’s a mini-fridge stocked with canned soft drinks next to the bean bag chairs, the Aries will find solace and comfort in their dorm room.

Half Moon Stacked Block Quilt

Big Joe Milano Red Smartmax

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Antarctic Star Mini Fridge Compact Refrigerator


As long as there’s something fragrant in the room, this earth sign will always be able to breathe a sigh of relief. (Unfortunately for them, burning candles and incense is generally against campus residence policies.) The general vibe is to pamper yourself but make it luxurious and sustainable. The Taurus will choose to decorate his room with moody earth tones, textured rugs, and a counter for gourmet snacks to embrace his innate hedonistic nature. (If they’re feeling spicy, you might notice a hint of cow print somewhere in the mix.) They’re probably the only zodiac sign you can count on to have a tea or coffee station in your house. their dorm with all the premium fixings.

Amber Lewis Nut Bowl for Anthropologie

Small off-white Dune rug Mush Studios

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If a pixie and a philosopher came together, it would represent the decoration style of this twin star. White string lights will wrap around their bunk bed (which is especially useful for studying and resting late at night) which has silky soft bedding in silver tones for sweet dreams so they can stay focused on their homework. Shelves with everything from fashion magazines to Foucault to paint-by-numbers will take up their bedroom space as this zodiac sign revels in their airy intellect which contains and consumes various information.

Blissy Dream Mulberry Silk 4 Piece Set

Twinkle Star 200 Copper LED String Lights


Cancers like to create a safety nest for themselves as a form of emotional protection, which means they’ll have a bunch of soft pillows and weighted blankets in different fabrics to protect their tough exterior. (When you suddenly run out of tissues, you know which door to knock on.) These sensitive souls will opt for sentimental items that remind them of home, proudly displaying photos of their family as well as personal keepsakes carefully placed on their desks. so he’s always within sight when they’re homesick. As long as a television screen is near its bed, the crab will be able to decompress easily between classes.

Dusen Dusen Everybody Tissue Box

Urban Renewal Recycled Denim Plaid Throw Pillow


The lion will opt for bold prints when it comes to matching bedding and accessories. A plaid dress and Dusen Dusen slippers will hang next to a quirky mirror in the center of the room that lets them see their favorite person: themselves. A smart light bulb will help them embrace their passionate feelings, especially when set to red, yellow or orange, plus a desk full of colored pencils and drawing paper to help them bend over. on their creativity.

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Gustaf Westman Objects Micro Blue Curved Mirror


Organization is key to success for Virgos, so they always have a place for everything. They will even use the storage space under their bed. Expect their closets to have a home for each item and be clutter-free. Virgos tend to prefer minimalist decor, so they’ll keep it simple when it comes to bedding. This earth sign loves a vase full of freshly picked flowers, coordinating desk accessories, and healing crystals in their workspace to ensure the mercurial energy around them is positive.

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Rexite Multiplor Rotating Desk Organizer


The downside of dorm life for Libras is the lack of storage space allocated to this Venusian sign. Expect their clothes to spill onto a rack placed between their desk and bed. Lush fabrics in a range of complementary vibrant colors will serve as pillows, while their cover is made of rich chenille or velvet. Around their bed will be framed posters and prints of their favorite artists, gallery exhibits and a few muses to ensure it’s the first and last thing they see every day.

Haus and Hues Matisse Poster Set

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Whimsical decor with jewel-toned linens, celestial patterns, dried flowers hanging over the door, and tinsel curtains is the look that best matches Scorpio’s brooding intensity. (Think practical magic meets Tim Burton and Stevie Nicks to capture the ultimate dorm room vibe they’re looking for.) The witchy fairy tale aesthetic is perfect for the whimsical and mystical Scorpio, as they’ll have fringed lamps, tarot decks and astrology books scattered among Virginia Woolf’s literature, calculus binders, and apothecary jars filled with toiletries or essential oils.

Floor Lamp with 59.75″ Raspberry Fringe Shade

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Mini arrangement of dried and preserved flowers


As the most playful zodiac sign, Sagittarius is the life of the party. Therefore, they will need an entire section of their dorm dedicated to fun games such as Twister and Jenga. A bright blue inflatable sofa with LED neon signage on the walls is perfect for the exuberant fire sign. Their adventurous, globe-trotting nature will inspire them to have a cork memo board filled with photos from their travels, as well as vision boards to inspire greatness for their future.

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transparent inflatable sofa chair

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SVENSÅS memo board with thumbtacks


Entrepreneurial and innovative sign Capricorn will likely have a neutral palette for their bedding because the patterns are too distracting, framed posters on the walls of their favorite concerts, a stack of self-help books with tips on how to get ahead in Life on the Floor, and three smart devices they switch between. Naturally, their desk is the centerpiece of the room, so it’s accessorized with all the latest gadgets – they’re super punctual, so the timer stays on for all occasions. As long as there are blackout blinds to deflect the glare of the computer screen from their eyes, this goat will be primed for success.

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Dusen Dusen Everyone Timer

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Abstract bedding with unique shapes and funky colors paired with modern wall tapestries is the mood Aquarians gravitate towards. The water carrier, who often rides his soapbox to preach his point, will have several signs with inspirational quotes and posters of iconic historical figures pasted on his walls to remind him to achieve greatness at all times. . A record player, huge houseplants, and fluffy pillows can be tucked into the corner under their Y2K-themed candy-colored floor cushions.

Live Immediately Art Print

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Jiu Jie Green Baby Neon Crush Cushion

Dusen Dusen Penrose Green and White Double/Queen Bedding Set


Due to their absorbing nature, Pisces need to live in a tranquil environment where they can relax from the stresses of the outside world. And, since these Pisces are water signs, they will find comfort in colors that remind them of the deep blue sea where their thoughts can flow freely in the dark abyss. But it’s also important for Pisces to stay organized, so don’t be surprised to see color-coded filing cabinets so their work doesn’t get lost with their imaginative minds in the clouds. Hydration is another key for this sign, so they’ll have a collection of Nalgene bottles on hand.

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Air Organic Cotton Sham Set

TPS black 2-drawer filing cabinet

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F. Miller Green Nalgene Bottle, 32 oz

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