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Dear Annie: I was in an abusive relationship for over seven years, still legally married but separated by a four-year restraining order. I have been with my current boyfriend for over three years. The first two years we lived together, then COVID-19 hit, and we’ve been living apart for over a year.

My problem is that her father, sister and brother are so against our relationship that we have to hide it.

I have never shown any type of disrespect or done anything that I am aware of that caused their hatred towards me. When I visited his father’s residence, I was told that if I ever walked on his property again, he would call the police and have me evicted.

Her sister lives next door; it’s a duplex, and she called their dad to say I was there. When we visited his mother, his brother said that if I continued to be brought there he would have his name removed from the lease and move out. I get on well with her mother and I don’t want to put her to the test any more.

I love my boyfriend, but it’s getting ridiculous that we have to sneak out. I’m 49 and he’s 38. The only explanation I’ve had is that I make them nervous. I never tried to piss them off, but I also heard their negative opinions about me and saw how they treat my boyfriend.

Help — we don’t know what to do anymore. – Not accepted by his family

Dear Unaccepted: If your boyfriend isn’t standing up for you with his parents, then this may not be the right relationship for you. He is 38 years old. I don’t really know why he needs his family’s approval, but it looks like he does and they don’t approve of him. So either he fixes it or you find a new boyfriend.

Dear Readers: Below are some of my favorite motivational quotes to start each day or boost your mood whenever you need a little energy. They emphasize the importance of gratitude, kindness, exercise, being in nature, and being in tune with your heart.

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