Dean Winchester’s 10 Best Quotes, According to Ranker

Fans are fascinated to see how much Dean Winchester will play in The Winchesters and if he will be lucky enough to have any standout moments or quotes, of which he has so much through Supernatural. Over the course of fifteen seasons, Dean has some hilarious, heartbreaking, and generally iconic quotes, the best of which were ranked by private soldier users.

While many quotes are great, Ranker’s list contains some surprising exclusions and inclusions, which speaks to the number of memorable quotes Dean has throughout his career. Supernatural.

All he needs

“I have no idea. But what I have is a GED and a Give-‘Em-Hell attitude, and I’m going to figure it out.”

Dean speaks with Bobby in the hospital in Supernatural

The odds are always stacked against the Winchesters, and most of the time the boys vow to swing if they should fall, as this quote from Dean defying angels and demons shows.


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After being questioned by Bobby about how he plans to fight angels, demons and the devil, Dean retorts with this funny and understated inspirational quote. Dean may not have all the answers and all the tools to defy an apocalypse, but he and Team Free Will have had enough.

Turns out he was kinda right

“I’ve moved past savings. I know how my story ends. It’s at the end of a blade or the barrel of a gun.”

Dean talks with Cole in Supernatural

Nobody hates Dean Winchester like Dean Winchester does, and it’s been a heartbreaking part of his character throughout. Supernatural. Despite Dean’s big arc in the first five seasons indicating that he wanted a family life, he gave up on this post-Lisa and Ben.

This line is spoken to Cole when he hunts Dean – who he still believes to be a demon – and is heartbreaking. After living and losing his apple pie life, Dean took over his destiny and found himself hunting dead. He is made even sadder by the fact that it has finally come true.

One and the same

“There is no me if there is no you.”

Dean tries to convince Sam to reject death in Supernatural

One of the worst things Dean does to Sam, in the eyes of many, is not letting him go when Sam felt ready, tricking him into accepting angel possession – which backfired. In his attempts to convince Sam to keep fighting, however, Dean hits him with this excellent line.

This quote doesn’t just indicate how much Dean leans on Sam – and vice versa even though Sam wouldn’t admit it right now – who, while toxic, is immensely sad and a good representation of so many things . Supernatural is about.

A standard invitation to Cas

“Now I’m laying down to sleep, I beg Castiel to bring his feathery ass here.” »

Dean jokingly prays to Castiel in Supernatural

Castiel not only has one of the best general character introductions in Supernatural but also several great entries when requested by Dean. This is one of the best examples of that.

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Sam is part of that perhaps funniest moment, saying, “He’s right behind me, isn’t he?” after insulting Cas, who ignored his prayers. It’s a great scene overall, and Dean’s half-mocking prayer is one of the two most notable parts of it, as well as one of the funniest prayers in the series.

You could say carry on

“Keep grinding. No matter how much it hurts. No matter how hard it gets. You have to keep grinding.”

Dean tells Sam they have to keep grinding in Supernatural

One of the many talents of Dean Winchester – and Jensen Ackles in the role – is giving inspirational speeches about not giving up, not stopping the fight, including that of “Beyond The Mat”.

After admitting to Sam that he’s not well, Dean vows to save Cas, kill the devil, kill the darkness, and win. Both Sam and Dean have inspirational speeches and lines that, while surrounded by sad circumstances, have fans kicking ass, and Ranker considers this to be one of the best examples.

An iconic pilot line

“The driver chooses the music, the shotgun closes his cake.”

Sam mocks Dean for his tape collection and Dean says Driver Picks the musical shotgun closes his cakehole in Supernatural

Missing from Ranker’s list are many of the show’s/Dean’s best and most iconic quotes, such as “Saving people, hunting things, the family business.” But, this line from the pilot is thankfully in Dean’s top five.

the supernatural pilot is a fantastic introduction to the world and characters of Sam and Dean, and there are few scenes better than this where Sam insults Dean’s classic musical taste. Even nearly twenty years later, this line is still quoted by fans and brings smiles upon hearing it.

A classic Dean Monster Mash-Up

“Vampire pirates, that’s what you are…vampires.”

Supernatural has many great jokes, from Dean’s love of pie to “Bitch” and “Jerk” to Dean creating mashups of monsters such as “Octovamp”, “Manicorns”, “Jefferson Starships” and, in this case, ‘Vampirates .’

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The term was coined when Dean and Benny went looking for Benny’s old nest, who were basically pirates, and the expression of pride on Dean’s face when he found the name didn’t of price. Dean may be a badass, but he’s a total nerd at times like this.

enjoy the work

“Killing things that need to be killed is kind of our job. Last I checked, enjoying it isn’t a crime.”

Dean kills a vampire in Supernatural

Moral dilemmas regarding monsters are constantly explored in Supernatural, Dean having to learn that shooting first and asking questions later isn’t always the best course of action. To cope, however, Dean sometimes liked to shoot too much.

That’s what he explains in this quote, as Sam points out that Dean is having too much fun killing. While it’s their job, and Dean has every right to be as happy or upset as he wants, it says a lot about his psyche and what he’s going through that he’s all too happy when he pirates and eliminates often senseless violence. .

Dean and veganism don’t mix

“I always knew I would find the source of all evil in a vegan bakery.”

One of Dean’s most beloved episodes of Supernatural, as well as one of the most watchable episodes of the series, is “Dog Dean Afternoon,” which has a silly concept executed beautifully, thanks in part to Jensen Ackles, who delivers lines like these perfectly.

Dean is known to have a pretty terrible diet and never take care of himself like Sam. Constantly devouring red meat and beer, while Sam seems to be more of a vegetarian, it’s no surprise to see Dean being so disgusted with the concept of veganism and vegan bakeries. Even vegetarians and vegans can find this quote hilarious, and clearly, Ranker users too.

What’s really complicated?

“Game Of Thrones is complicated. Shower sex is complicated. Hell isn’t complicated. Hell isn’t your problem, it’s you.”

One of the best relationships Supernatural is it between Dean and Crowley, and one of its best elements is how Dean calls Crowley, like here in “Do You Believe In Miracles?” when Crowley notes the complexities of Hell.

The line is both hilarious and, apparently, extremely accurate based on Dean’s experiences. game of thrones is complicated, and it seems obvious that Dean has attempted complex sex in the shower before, and by the time of Season 9 he knows Crowley well enough to know he’s close enough to his worst enemy – in the same way that Dean is often for himself. However, as great as this line is, it’s surprising that Ranker considered it Dean’s best considering some of his exclusions.

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