Citations on NIU’s 2022 NCAA/MOAA Diversity and Inclusion Award

Quotes on NIU’s Selection as the 2022 Recipient of the NCAA/MOAA Diversity and Inclusion Award

Dr. Lisa C. Freeman, President of the NIU

“We are extremely proud to be the first two-time recipient of the NCAA/MOAA Diversity and Inclusion Award. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are part of our DNA at NIU, and no unit on the campus exemplifies our commitment to creating an inclusive university live more than Huskie Athletics Congratulations Sean [Frazier], [Senior Associate Athletic Director] Courtney [Vinson], our head coaches and all staff for being recognized as a national leader in this effort. “

Sean T. Frazier, NIU Vice President, Director of Sports and Recreation

“At Northern Illinois University, we live the values ​​of diversity, equity, and inclusion every day. Becoming the first institution to win the NCAA/MOAA Diversity and Inclusion Award for the second time is a validation of what we have accomplished so far, as well as recognition of our continued commitment to this critical area.

“This award represents the hard work done throughout Huskie Athletics by coaches, staff, student-athletes and teams to create an inclusive and accepting environment. We could not have made the progress we have made. – and will continue to do – in this region without the collaboration of our academic and community partners, and the leadership of President Freeman and the Board of Trustees.

“Advancing the causes of diversity, equity, and inclusion in intercollegiate athletics has been a passion of mine throughout my career, and I am extremely proud that NIU continues to carry the torch.”

Courtney Vinson, NIU Senior Associate Athletic Director, Sports Administration

“The beauty of winning this award is that it highlights the importance of having a clear vision of diversity, equity and inclusion as a university and athletics department.

“NIU student-athletes have left an indelible mark through their passion for social justice by coming forward, learning, listening, and speaking truth to power. By empowering them to lead from their seats, administrators have had the privilege of seeing them find their voice.

“It also demonstrates the power that college campuses hold when athletics works together with the campus community to create, foster, and sustain an environment that embraces people’s humanity. I want to thank our campus partners, coaches, and our staff for their daily contributions to diversity, equity and inclusion in our athletic department.

Vernese Edghill-Walden, NIU Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

“This award means a lot to NIU and reflects HUSKIES’ longstanding commitment to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion. Under Sean Frazier’s leadership, diversity, equity and inclusive excellence remain a major priority in the NIU Athletics Department.As Director of Diversity, I am grateful for the continued partnership between Athletics and the Office of Academic Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ADEI) to ensure that we give our students, faculty and staff the tools and resources to succeed in and out of the classroom to build an inclusive community, advance equity and champion social justice, awareness and action. We’ve accomplished a lot, but let’s recognize how much more we have to accomplish together! Congratulations and Go Huskies!”

Edward Scott, 2021-22 Chairman, Minority Opportunities Athletic Association / Director of Athletics, Morgan State University

“MOAA is pleased to recognize Northern Illinois University as this year’s recipient of the NCAA/MOAA Diversity and Inclusion Award. Through its ongoing education, assessment, and evaluation efforts, as well as collaboration across campuses, Northern Illinois University has established an organizational culture that is committed to the values ​​of diversity and inclusion.”

Connie Teaberry, Director of Athletics/Cross Country
“Diversity and Inclusion is a movement that everyone at NIU has a role to play in improving. It’s a combination of different voices and ideas. Winning this award for the second time in my tenure at NIU shows that we are moving in the right direction and not settling, but continually working to raise the bar. We continue to strive to be and do better. This award compels us to work harder to implement the values ​​this award represents. I am honored to be a part of this journey, to serve on DIG and to watch our campus/community. I know there are many more awards like this to come, as the Huskies are relentless when it comes to making sure things are done right! Congratulations Huskies!”

Paulina Castro, NIU Women’s Basketball Student-Athlete
“I had the honor and privilege of being part of NIU’s Diversity Integration Group and the Student-Athlete Diversity and Inclusion Committee. As a member of these groups, I gained great perspective on NIU’s goals.What’s most encouraging about all of the diversity and inclusion efforts are the actions behind the initiatives.Both groups consist of constant discussions and work team to make NIU a better place to live.

“The administration, support staff and coaches give us student-athletes the tools and platforms we need to grow in these areas. They encourage us to use our voices, to get involved in the community, to educate and challenge each other.

“NIU receiving this award speaks volumes about the dedication that has been poured into the entire athletic department. NIU Athletics has created a space for intentional practices that invite and include everyone to have a voice. I am grateful to be surrounded by administration and coaches who strive for it every day.

“I’m so happy to have the athletic department at NIU recognized in such a prestigious way. I’m excited to be part of the growth that will continue!”

Molly B. Holmes, Director, NIU Gender and Sexuality Resource Center
“I continue to be encouraged by the commitment to inclusion and diversity education cultivated by Huskie student-athletes, coaches, staff and administrators. NIU Huskie Athletics promises to stay current, to center student-athlete development and deepen knowledge in the as topics continue to evolve. My department is a committed partner of NIU Huskie Athletics, and I am excited to know where the momentum of these efforts of diversity, equity and inclusion will take us into the future.

Ray Gooden, Women’s Volleyball Head Coach
As a member of the athletics department for 20 years, I continue to see growth and development through representation and opportunity. When everyone feels included, that’s when we’re at our best.

Monique Bernoudy, Vice President for Academic Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
“It is humbling and exhilarating for the NCAA and MOAA to recognize NIU for our work in diversity, equity and inclusion a second time. We are constantly working to raise the bar and this diversity and inclusion confirms that we continue to move in the right direction.Key to our success is maintaining committed and lasting partnerships within and beyond our campus.NIU is fortunate to have an athletic department that has a great leadership and work collaboratively to create a community where all are heard, recognized, engaged and feel they belong.”

Miles Baggett, graduate assistant in athletics marketing and former football student-athlete
“Coming to NIU and being part of the athletics department not only as a student-athlete but now as a graduate assistant has been a great experience for me. There are many insights and athletics departments across the country that talk about being diverse and inclusive but are still learning how to do it. Here at NIU, it’s something we practice every day. When I transferred here, it was the first time i saw a real mix of people from different socio-economic, ethnic and gender backgrounds within the athletic department it extends beyond the athletes it makes me proud to be a Huskie and to carry on to raise the level of DEI in sport.

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