Chris Redfield’s 10 Best Quotes About The Franchise

the resident Evil The series is unique because it features a variety of protagonists who are unconnected to each other in their fight against zombies. The main characters are usually considered to be Chris Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield, and Jill Valentine, but Chris may just be the show’s main protagonist.

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Chris’ longtime presence through the games and in some movies has seen his personality and beliefs change, which is best conveyed by certain quotes. He’s not the most expressive person, but he has something worth saying every time he shares his point of view. It is interesting to deepen the hero through his words.


His reaction to the Baker family (Resident Evil 7: Biohazard)

“It’s different. Like I haven’t been there since we got here.”

Chris Redfield in disbelief in Resident Evil VII.

The Baker family is considered one of the scariest resident Evil the villains as a whole, with seasoned veteran Chris also unsettled by them. He expressed concern about encountering a different virus strain after more than two decades of encountering such cases around the world.

This quote shows that Chris was not completely seasoned and emotionless and was still unsettled by the horrors that happened. There would have been a disconnect with the fans had he been nonchalant about it, so hearing him remark on something the average person would say made it relatable, to some extent.

His reason for not trusting Jessica (Resident Evil: Revelations)

“Trust is built by action, not by words.”

Chris and Jessiva look suspicious in Resident Evil

Jessica would be considered the worst sidekick of resident Evil if she hadn’t been a villain all along. Turns out she was a mole who teamed up with Chris to get a virus sample, though he never had time to trust her because of the mantra he carried with him. .

When Jessica asked why he didn’t trust easily, Chris replied that he needed to witness actions worthy of earning her trust. It turns out he was right, as Jessica ended up betraying the good guys, and Chris’s decision not to trust people who made empty promises was the right thing to do.

His opinion of himself (Resident Evil 5)

“I’m not a superhero.”

Chris Redfield in Resident Evil 5

Chris has built a solid reputation over the years for surviving so many deadly situations. He became a legendary hero in resident evil 5where Sheva joked that he had a superhero persona, which Chris was quick to shut down in favor of teamwork.

He claimed that he was by no means a superhero and that they had to work together if they wanted to stop Albert Wesker. Chris understood that his heroism was only possible because he had the support of worthy partners like Sheva and Jill Valentine, and he knew what his limits were.

His decision to turn things around (Resident Evil 6)

“I have to face the truth – accept responsibility. It’s the only way to get my life back.”

Chris Redfield stands alone in Resident Evil 6

Chris spent almost all of Resident Evil 6 in depression following the loss of his team. He channeled him very dangerously into seeking retaliation, which gave him a death wish and led to violent decisions that almost brought him into conflict with the good guys.

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It was after his experiences that he had a renewed outlook on life, as Chris decided it was time to move on. He admitted that he chose such a difficult way of life to help people and that he had to accept the resulting tragedies if he wanted to be at peace.

His reconciliation with Leon (Resident Evil: Vendetta)

“I never plan that far in advance.”

Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield smile next to each other in Resident Evil Vendetta

Chris’ friendship with Leon stretches long before they’re seen onscreen together, which is something mostly pure and hard. resident Evil fans are aware. During the events of the Vendetta film, their relationship turned frosty due to Leon’s depression and Chris’s inability to realize it.

They ended up reconciling when they succeeded in their mission, which is when Leon asked Chris how long they would continue to live such a life. Chris responded with that quote in a light-hearted way to remind Leon that zombie viruses can’t be predicted exactly, as the pair shared a laugh.

Her Vow to Honor Ethan (Resident Evil Village)

“He’s gone. I couldn’t save him. But I can save Rose.”

Resident Evil VillageChris Redfield

Chris may not be a superhero, but he has the spirit, as he seeks to save everyone he can. In the final of Resident Evil Village, he was heartbroken when Ethan Winters perished, despite his best efforts. He then swore to protect Ethan’s daughter to honor her.

Chris’ brand of commitment extends beyond this quote, as a time jump to over a decade and a half in the future showed that he and Rose were still close. He made sure to keep his promise to Ethan by keeping his daughter safe, continuing to do so well into his 60s.

His ideals (Resident Evil 5)

“There are opportunities out there, but at what cost? You win, someone else loses.”

Chris Redfield looks angry in Resident Evil 5

Chris is a socialist at heart and does not approve of the effects of capitalism, deeming it harmful whenever someone benefits from it at the expense of another. He claimed he was tough enough to accept that this was how the majority of the world worked, but he also understood the impact of it.

He wanted everyone to benefit rather than a system designed to give an advantage to the wealthy. He’s not made for the political environment or leaving people in less than favorable conditions, which is why Chris prefers to be active in how he helps others because he can’t sit and to look at.

His Endless Will to Succeed (Resident Evil Village)

“Failure is not an option.”

Resident Evil Village Chris Redfield looks at Ethan's corpse

Chris is a perfectionist when it comes to fieldwork, which is the right attitude to have when the job is to save people from zombies. There was room to fail during Town, however, as the backdrop included extremely powerful monsters that were difficult to kill.

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Chris always expected his team to succeed as it was all about saving Ethan and his family. He was aware of the lengths Ethan had gone through the first time to save his wife and he sympathized with Ethan for his struggles since he hadn’t chosen to face zombies, like Chris had.

His overall mentality (Resident Evil 5)

“I won’t stop until I’m dead.”

Chris Redfield is hiding in Resident Evil5

This is one of the quotes that sums up Chris’ personality in resident Evil, as it depicts his endless will to fight. After it became clear that Alber Wesker had developed superpowers from the viral strain, Chris decided to put Wesker down once and for all, saying this quote.

He already had personal issues with Wesker due to the latter’s initial betrayal, but things went to a whole new level when the fate of the world was at stake. At that point, Chris knew this was a death situation and he chose to fight, even if it meant his death was imminent.

His reason for living (Resident Evil 5)

“I wonder if it’s worth fighting for… Yeah, it’s worth it.”

Chris Redfield smiles in Resident Evil 5

Chris’ arc in game five centered around him struggling with the idea that everything he did was worth it since things went south every time. He saw the world go downhill so many times that he had doubts if the contributions he made ever made a difference or if he was in a loop.

It was after defeating Wesker for good and saving Jill from her mind control that Chris made a final resolve. He was happy to save whatever lives he could, bringing her a sense of closure with the idea that any contribution he made was worth it in the end.

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