Bryan Harsin turns the page on Mississippi State



AUBURN, Alabama – Bryan Harsin’s biggest task this week will be finding a way to reverse his offense after a horrendous performance at Texas A&M.

The Tigers scored just 3 points at College Station and have now played their last six quarters without touching down before a showdown with a delicate Mississippi State team this Saturday at 11 a.m. inside Jordan Stadium- Hare (11 a.m. CST, ESPN).

Harsin met with reporters at his weekly press conference at 1:30 p.m. CST to turn the page on the loss of Texas A&M and turn to the team’s penultimate home game of the season. In case you missed our live updates, here’s a quick rundown.

• Harsin on Texas A&M: “Not much to say except the defense which played very well. The special teams had “some of their best performances.”

• On offense, Auburn was “just poor” against the Aggies.

• Harsin notes that Miss State QB Will Rogers completes 75% of her passes: “It’s great.

• The SEC’s fourth-ranked Mississippi state defense will give Auburn a lot of “different looks” with his roster up front, Harsin said.

• Harsin said he knows Mississippi State will be motivated for the Auburn game because it is their last road game of the season.

• “Six quarters without a touchdown is pretty telling,” Harsin said of the offense.

• Harsin: “We need to have better games and better playing choices” on offense.

• “If we are to win these remaining games, we have to score touchdowns,” Harsin said. He notes that there are “specific things” in practice that Auburn will be working on this week that he “doesn’t want to go into” in a public setting.

• More compliments from Harsin on Will Rogers: “That’s exactly what they do (throw the ball). …. “

• Harsin said that despite the Miss State airstrike, the Bulldogs have controlled the ball and the clock at times this season.

• “Consistency” is always what Bo Nix needs to understand, Harsin said. “We’ve seen him do it before.”

• Harsin on Texas A&M defense talent: “I don’t want to take anything away from these guys (in defense). They play fast. But we can play fast too.”

• Harsin notes that Auburn “didn’t take advantage” of a good position on the pitch in the first half. “That had to change.… This is football 101.”

• Harsin said there were plenty of opportunities for Auburn to take blitzes and give Nix more time, but players missed assignments.

• Second-year defensive back Ladarius Tennison is praised for doing “really good things” in place of an injured Zion Puckett.

• Harsin on Jimbo Fisher’s claim that Auburn’s defensive linemen were illegally faking Texas A&M snapshots: “If our guys talk to each other, they talk to each other. Harsin said he has only seen this happen once or twice in his entire career.

• Harsin said the newness of the coaching staff has faded: “Everyone in this program knows what we’re trying to accomplish.


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