Blake Shelton says family is his #1 priority now

A year after marrying Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton is making it clear she’s #1. The “No Body” singer says music and TV work aren’t pressing priorities like they used to be.

The result could be new, slower-paced music from Shelton, who spoke to entertainment tonight about all this.

“I have fun releasing songs whenever I feel like it, and luckily the record company lets me do that,” he says.

“No Body” is Shelton’s first new single released in 2022, after averaging two a year for five years and up to four in 2014-16. Body language is his latest album, released in May 2021. It was his first album of all-new material since 2017. Prior to that, he averaged one album a year for six years. two seasons of The voice each year has definitely slowed him down, but now he is focusing on his home.

“Listen, I love music and I love The voice“, says the 46-year-old man HEY. “I love all the cool things I can do with my job, but those things all take a back seat now for Gwen and the kids, and it’s just a new phase in my life.”

Although Shelton had no children of his own, he played an active role in the lives of Stefani’s three boys (Kingston, Apollo and Zuma). They spend a lot of time on his ranch in Oklahoma and seem to thrive in the rural environment having been raised primarily in Los Angeles before.

Next month, Shelton will be able to combine all his priorities. He and Stefani are set to serve as coaches in the 22nd season of The voice, starting September 19 on NBC. The country singer is the only coach to have been on the panel every season, starting in 2011.

Thus, Shelton slows down the release of new music, but does not turn off the beak.

“I want to keep my musical side of what I do alive until they [the fans] fire me,” he said.

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