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After more than a year of postponement, Black Widow has finally arrived and it marks another success for the MCU. He has been praised for the characters, drama, and comedic elements, among others. These three main aspects come out clearly when looking at the best quotes from the long-awaited movie.

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These lines do a great job of shedding more light on the characters introduced in this movie, further fleshing out Natasha Romanoff, being filled with emotion, or even just making audiences laugh. Regardless of who delivered the quote, fans will likely be talking about it for years to come.

ten “I could have been more famous than Captain America”

David Harbor as Red Guardian in Black Widow

While there are plenty of comedic MCU brand pieces throughout Black Widow, one could argue that Alexei Shostakov (David Harbor) is the funniest part. A super soldier known as the Red Guardian, he spends his time yearning for the glory days he thinks he deserves.

After his daughters get him out of prison, he explains to them his feelings about his life. He calls their family time together in tedious Ohio and drops that line about comparing himself to Captain America. It shows how much he thinks to himself and how disappointing he finds his entire existence.

9 “I doubt the space god should take ibuprofen after a fight”

Black Widow Yelena Natasha Drinks

The highlight of the film according to most critics is Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh). One of the reasons is that she gets some of the most hilarious lines, especially when she calls Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) for various things. This is especially true when they are at the store after escaping the Taskmaster.

While discussing the Red Room, Yelena notes that they are secret because they avoid the Avengers. Killing Natasha would lead one of the “greats” to avenge her. When her sister wonders who the “big guys” were, Yelena responds with this line, referring to how someone like Thor has an advantage over a human like Natasha.

8 “My daughters are the toughest girls in the world”

Scarlett Johansson David Harbor Florence Pugh Black Widow

The opening scene in Ohio sees the film’s main family barely come out of the country. Melina Vostokoff (Rachel Weisz) takes them to Cuba but is injured on landing. While Alexei speaks with the superiors, young Natasha prevents Yelena from being taken to the Red Room.

Alexei takes the gun from her and tries to put her down, explaining that they’ll be okay because he thinks they’re the toughest girls. While letting them go to the Red Room was a terrible decision, there is some seriousness here and you can see how Alexei feels about his daughters.

7 “You can make your own choices now”

Red Black Widow Room

The final clash between Natasha Romanoff and General Dreykov (Ray Winstone) is filled with beautiful lines delivered by the former. She calls him pathetic, says he’s nothing and tells him that he will never hurt another girl because she was going to kill him. However, the real climax comes right after he apparently escapes.

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The Black Widows attack Natasha and have her beaten until they are healed of their mind control. The poor girls turn to Natasha for what to do now that they’re free. She advises them to get as far away as possible and lets them know that they can make their own decisions for the first time.

6 ” I knew it ! I knew it, it’s so cool, isn’t it? “

Black Widow Scarlett Johansson FLorence Pugh

The bond between Natasha and Yelena is the driving force behind the film. They almost immediately start bickering like siblings and this continues throughout the story. Their first real moment of friendly joke comes after they agree to destroy the Red Room together.

In the car, Yelena talks about her waistcoat, which is the first item of clothing she bought. She loves the number of pockets he has and Natasha despises her for it. However, Natasha eventually admits that she likes the vest, eliciting this response from Yelena. Pugh’s excited delivery is what makes this so great.

5 “That would be a cool way to die”

Yelena with a helmet flying a helicopter

Sometimes the best quotes are the ones that are referenced again later in the movie. This happened with a seemingly disposable line from Yelena as she flies the helicopter as they get Alexei out of jail. She accidentally causes an avalanche and gazes in awe at what is heading their way.

Yelena says dying in an avalanche would be pretty cool and it’s another look at how she sees the world now that she’s free. He is recalled when she is later held captive on a table as she says, “It’s a much less cool way to die.”

4 “I’m not the killer little girls call their hero”

Scarlett Johansson as Nat in Black Widow

Again, this is another quote from Yelena. At the store with Natasha, the two discuss the differences between their lives, with Yelena showing some anger towards Natasha considering the Avengers to be her real family and Natasha suggesting that she was trying to be more than a trained slayer.

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Yelena responds by saying that they are both trained killers and that her heroic efforts did not make up for the pain and suffering caused everywhere. She ends the conversation with that scathing line, saying that while Natasha is considered a heroine, it’s much darker than it looks on the surface.

3 “It was disgusting”

Black Widow Yelena copies Natasha's position

A popular running gag from the film begins when Yelena asks Natasha why she’s doing her signature pose and hairstyle during fights. She calls her sister a poser and does it again during the break as Natasha does the superhero landing.

The loop is exceptionally closed during the culminating battle. Yelena comes out of a duct and falls to the ground with the characteristic pose of her sister. She holds it for a second before shaking it and calling it disgusting, showing that this is definitely not her style.

2 “The best part of my life was wrong and none of you told me that”

Her jokes are certainly funny, but Yelena also gets some of the movie’s most soulful lines. During the scene where the family are together at the table again, Natasha remarks that they had only been together for three years and it wasn’t real, which breaks Yelena’s heart.

She enters a monologue where she says family was real to her and Melina was as close to a real mother as she was. The real kicker comes when she says the line above because not only is it sad, but Yelena stops to take a deep breath before the second half because of the pain. His whole life was tragic and the only good part apparently meant nothing to those around him.

1 “It was real to me too”

Florence Pugh as Yelena and Scarlett Johansson as Natasha in Black Widow

During this moving speech from Yelena at dinner, she said, “It was real to me,” regarding the family shared by the four main characters. At that point, neither of them seemed to agree with her, including Natasha. However, Natasha was candid at the end of the film.

After saving Yelena’s life with a parachute, the two spoke to the ground. Natasha apologized for leaving her all those years ago and said the line above, confirming that the family was real to her, too. This led to an embrace between sisters, solidifying their bond.

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