Black Clover: Top 10 Yami Quotes

Consistently listed as one of popular anime’s most beloved characters black clover, Yami Sukehiro is the hilariously irascible but loving leader of the Black Bull magicians in the Clover Kingdom. Armed with a sharp tongue and a hot temper, what makes Yami so lovable is the juxtaposition between his grumpy attitude and his fatherly guidance, which makes him completely rounded and extremely relatable.

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Whether he berates his mentees or knows just when to cheer them on with motivational monologues, Yami will always be one of the most charming characters in black clover.


The value of perseverance

“Even if you think you might lose, you’ll be fine as long as you don’t give up. Go beyond your limits. Path A will open up for you.”

Yami holds a sword in the rain in Black Clover

When Yami isn’t telling his younger cohorts to shut up and leave him alone, he often gives them motivating words of encouragement on the popular dark fantasy anime. One of his most common refrains is to push Asta and the others to do their best by surpassing their ceiling of potential.

In one of his most inspirational quotes, Yami instills confidence in the Black Bull team by teaching them the value of perseverance and perseverance. It’s lines like this that prove that, beneath his gruff facade, Yami is a loving father figure who wants the best for his teammates.

An echoing refrain

“Exceed your limits. Here. Now.”

Yami holds a sword at sunset in Black Clover

The notion of pushing your limits is a refrain that Yami often tries his best to instill in Asta and the other Black Bulls. In the previous quote, Yami talked about the prospect of overcoming his doubts in the future. Here he asks his teammates to forget the potential and self-actuate immediately. It’s all part of the evolution to make the Black Bulls more confident and brave.

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By demanding such a daunting task, Yami also hints that he believes Asta and the others are finally ready to tap into their potential and truly achieve heroic greatness. Short, sweet and direct, this is one of Yami’s most memorable lines.

One service is worth another

“Protect everything that is precious to you. One day it will lead you to protect something else.”

Yami sweats in the sun on Black Clover

Another invaluable piece of advice given by Yami to his teammates, the Black Bull captain lets his gruff guard down and teaches the team to always preserve and safeguard what matters most. This is important because while the team shares a common goal of defeating the Dark Triad, each person does so for different reasons based on their personal history.

The quote also proves that Yami, for all his flaws and seemingly unbiased attitude, is far more insightful than he lets on. The implication in the quote suggests that investing in the present will pay invaluable dividends in the future.

A call to arms

“It was the first time I’ve seen royalty called a failure… If you feel like fighting against it all, come with me.”

Yami smokes while wearing black in Black Clover

In the beloved demon anime, the battle between nobles and commoners plays a key role. Most Black Bull members from a royal background have no right to view commoners as inferior, a rule firmly instilled by Yami.

During Noelle’s night training, she recalls how her family shunned her for killing her mother during childbirth. This prompts the quote from Yami, who emotionally supports Noelle by berating her family’s disgrace and vowing to fight perceived injustice.

What matters most

“Ultimately, the most important thing about a magic knight is… magic power.”

Yami smokes while holding a sword in Black Clover

During their time together, the Black Bulls forge deep allies, kinships, and even romances with each other. While much of their power comes from the collective unity as a whole, Yami is quick to remind young mages of what really matters. Their inherent mana.

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The line resonates because each character’s form of magic is intrinsically tied to their story, which means that what lies at the heart of the Black Bulls’ magical resources reveals deep truths about who they are and what the future holds for them. reserve.

Hilarious threats

“If you die, I’ll kill you. That’s all!”

Yami fires red lightning bolts in Black Clover

What’s a list of memorable Yami quotes without his hilarious, grumpy side? In one of the funniest lines of all time, the powerful time-traveling anime character has ever spouted, he perfectly articulates a normally nonsensical threat that gets added into the realm of Black clover. That is, characters can die and be resurrected by magic.

On the one hand, Yami is such a loving father figure that he can’t help but pass on uplifting words of encouragement. On the other hand, he is very demanding and extremely angry when things don’t go his way. By demanding Asta and the others to exceed their limits, he makes a ridiculous threat that perfectly encapsulates his character’s dichotomy.

proudly boastful

“Mister Fate, huh? I hate that bastard’s guts. Who would even care about him? I’d tear him to pieces and do whatever I want.”

Yami smokes with glowing red eyes in Black Clover

The full range of Yami’s pretentious obscenity can be found in a single line that couldn’t be more memorable. He curses, he implies envy, he insults, and best of all, he boasts of being the biggest badass in the galaxy.

Facing Mr. Destiny after the Red Threat of Destiny is activated, Yami rudely rejects warrior status and has no problem imagining himself victorious in a fight. The brash self-aggrandizement is part of what makes Yami so adorable.

Shading Noelle

“I like strong women, you know. But there’s nothing wrong with relying on others sometimes, is there?”

Yami holds a sword over his shoulder in Black Clover

One of the funniest dynamics in the series is the love-hate relationship between Yami and Noelle. Fans of the show know Yami’s penchant for beautiful, strong women, but here he tries to calm Noelle’s budding courage by advocating teamwork.

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While Yami isn’t wrong about the immense value of working together and having the humility to accept help from others, he also hedges his bets a bit by making sure to stay in control.

Hostile recon

“Yeah, yeah, glad to know how much you missed me. Now shut up, Will Ya!”

Yami draws a sword for battle in Black Clover

In a quote that brilliantly captures his polarizing take on the stunning supernatural anime Slice of Life, Yami expresses hostile gratitude to his young mages after returning from a long absence, during which Asta and the others thought he was dead. . He takes immense pleasure in knowing how much the Black Bulls cared about his safety and whereabouts, but quickly breaks the sentiment with a petty request.

The line’s terse delivery is made all the funnier by Yami’s trademark cigarette hanging from his lip as he utters it, showing how cool and laid back he is and expresses love and hate in the same phrasing.

Yami the procrastinator

“Hey, that’s Future Yami’s problem.”

Yami unsheathes his sword in Black Clover

One of Yami’s most endearing and endearing qualities is his laziness and tendency to procrastinate. He will often put off until tomorrow what he could for today, which constantly creates problems for himself and the Black Bulls.

In a line that echoes how Yami feels about pressing issues, he transitions into third person in a way that also hints at his sense of self-worth. Indeed, Yami would much rather drink, smoke, and collect wild beasts than take on pressing responsibilities. The funniest quotes often contain a modicum of truth, and Yami proves it.

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