Billions: Wendy Rhoades’ 10 Best Quotes

Wendy Rhoades from the Showtime series Billions is like the Yoda of Ax Capital. She listens attentively, provides sound advice and little nuggets of wisdom that give hope, confidence and reflection to team members.

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Although Wendy isn’t all good, often using her therapeutic superpowers to further her own personal goals, like when she seduced Mafee or ruthlessly hurt others, like Taylor, there’s no denying that she still knows exactly what to say. . The team would crumble without her, and even off the show, Wendy’s pearls of wisdom are food for thought.


A normal person

“A normal person wouldn’t engage in this behavior. A sociopath wouldn’t give like ***. You’re somewhere in between.”

Chuck agrees to work with Ax in Billions

Wendy is the person who knows Ax best, even better than he knows himself. She tied him perfectly to that line, acknowledging that he often acts narcissistic, self-centered, and selfish without any consideration for the consequences of his actions. However, on the other hand, it is obvious that situations and people can hurt him.

Ax is the type of person who engages in ridiculous behavior just to prove a point or “win”, which suggests he cares too much. This is in direct contrast to almost everything else about his personality, making it seem like he doesn’t care about anyone and anything but himself. Wendy sums it up perfectly with this statement.


“Only a fool doesn’t look downside. But only a coward allows it to deter him from what he knows he must do.”

Ax brags that Chuck didn't stop him in Billions

As the series progressed, Wendy went through a lot of personal growth herself, but also grew tougher from many things that happened to her. She began to act insensitive. She sometimes said things that put her on the same footing as Ax and Wags, much to the surprise of fans who thought she was a better person than them.

With this line, Wendy motivates by saying that while a tough road may be ahead, it’s still important to move forward with a plan.

The birds fly south

“The rich head to town when their marriages fall apart for the same reason birds fly south instead of freezing their asses.”

Ax is sitting on his sofa in Billions

It’s the type of analogy that makes so much sense but isn’t often heard and fits Wendy’s style. She’s also the only person who can say something like that to Ax without facing repercussions. And as one of the richest characters in Billions, she knows a thing or two about what it’s like to be rich.

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The quote is indicative of Wendy’s wit, her forward-thinking nature, and her ability to perfectly paint a picture that helps someone struggling with a feeling or a decision understand what’s really going on. A line like this makes it clear to her patients that she truly understands them too.

magical thinking

“It’s hard not to engage in a little wishful thinking when everyone is looking at you like you’re a combination of Warren Buffet and God Above.”

Ax stares ahead with Wendy watching him, arms crossed, on Billions.

Again, talking to Axe, Wendy finds just the right words to justify him acting like he’s untouchable and can do no wrong. Not only that, but it helps him realize that it’s not completely unfounded overconfidence or even narcissism, but rather understandable that he feels that way given that so many people put him on a pedestal. .

Ax’s personal wealth could certainly rival Buffet’s, and his god complex is also fueled by the way people treat him. The way Wendy appeals to both Ax’s fears and her ego is precisely what makes her one of the smartest characters in Billions.

Crazy or strong?

“Madness is right next to strength.”

It’s only seven words, but there’s so much power behind that statement from Wendy. To prove your strength, it is important to be strong. But going too far can lead to foolish behaviors and decisions. And, as Wendy notes, it’s only a stone’s throw away to quickly switch from one to the other.

Wendy only needs a few words to open a patient’s eyes and make them realize the error of their ways. Even if sometimes they don’t listen, wise words like this are likely to stay with them.

Listen to the good voice

“You’re just listening to the wrong voice.”

Wendy Rhoades sitting in her office with a client on Billions.

It’s common to hear someone say that they “hear that voice in their head” telling them that they can’t do something, or that they’re not good at something, or that nobody respect. This quote, addressed to an Ax Capital employee during a session of the first episode, perfectly allows fans to understand who Wendy is.

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While trying to help her regain her confidence to do her job well, she continued, “You listen to the [voice] yelling at you over the loudspeaker that you’re stupid, and you ignore the silent one inside, telling you where the alpha is. Now it’s the voice that brought you here.”

always a person

“There is no amount of money that frees you from being a person.”

Damian Lewis in Season 3 of Billions

Sometimes it’s easy for the types of patients Wendy deals with to believe that they are invincible, above the law and unaffected by immoral decisions. But, as Wendy knows all too well, given that she’s one of the most powerful characters in Billions, guilt can settle in a person and manifest itself in different ways, even if he does not realize it.

With this statement, she clarifies that money, even in billions, does not prevent someone from behaving like a real person. It is always important to follow the same principles, to understand that the same rules apply and that feelings are part of the process.

I do not need help

“The thought that someone might know you need help is worse than not getting the help you need.”

Wendy Rhoades of Billions sitting in Ax Capital, smiling.

Wendy acknowledges the bravado of many of her patients who would never admit they need help. Indeed, most of them only speak to him because they are mandated to do so at work and their professional performance depends on it.

Even with Axe, he admits he needs Wendy. She’s the only person he admits he needs help from. When it comes to asking others for help? Ax is too proud to let that happen, and Wendy wants him to see it.

Your son

“Your son is the man you made him. Whatever greatness and whatever darkness in him, he is from you.”

Charles Rhoades Sr tells Chuck not to take it easy with Connerty in Billions

Wendy really knows how to get under someone’s skin while making them feel guilty and, deep down, realizing she’s right. She never tells untruths, but sometimes she shocks people into recognizing something they tried to ignore. After being annoyed by Charles Rhoades Sr. constantly belittling or criticizing his son, Wendy reminds him that anything Charles dislikes or disagrees with Chuck is a direct reflection of him and his parenting style.

It’s both a statement of fact and a wake-up call that whatever Charles chooses to criticize can be attributed to him. It’s advice like this that makes Wendy one of the best characters in Billions.

inner me

“In each of us there is another self that we do not know.”

Wendy Rhoades from Billions with bangs and a black top.

Arguably one of Wendy’s most philosophical quotes, here she talks about the inner self and how what we are on the inside might not always be what we project to be on the outside. . Everyone, of course, has insecurities, some of which are aware and some of which are not.

With this quote, she refers to the fact that everyone has the potential to be or do something they don’t expect. There is another self that we repress and do not allow to simmer to the top.

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