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In You better call Saul, Howard Hamlin – the senior partner of Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill (HHM) – not only gets caught up in the feud between the two McGill brothers, but also falls out with them at different stages. And as one of Albuquerque’s elite citizens, he behaves like a strict professional, always placing his business interests above anyone else.

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Howard’s success has also made him proud, arrogant and self-centered, and it is these traits that primarily inspire his remarks. Occasionally, he makes statements motivated by kindness and a desire to please others, but which are always temporary. Nonetheless, whether he fires someone or advises them, Howard’s quotes are always compelling.


When Kim hands in her resignation letter

“It cannot be a coincidence.”

The same week Jimmy leaves Davis & Main, Kim also states that she is leaving HHM. Howard thinks she and Jimmy must be up to something.

There are many ways Jimmy and Kim can prove they are perfect for each other in You better call Saul and choosing to open their own law firm is one of them. Tired of being pushed around by selfish bosses like Howard, they think it’s best to do their own thing. Kim doesn’t tell Howard why she’s quitting, but he’s smart enough to figure it out since he’s been in the industry long enough to know how people act.

When Chuck asks why and how Kim is launching herself

“The ‘why’ is the why. The ‘how’ is she pooling her resources with Jimmy.”

Chuck is surprised to learn that Kim has decided to go into private practice. Howard assures her that he doesn’t know why she is doing it but he does know how.

Kim’s decision surprises her bosses since she was a valued employee. The “why” that Howard and Chuck try so hard to figure out is simple. She does it because she is deeply in love with Jimmy. As the shady lawyer that he is, Jimmy obviously has a bad influence on Kim, but he’s also ambitious and she likes it about him.

When he sues Jimmy for trademark infringement

“Hamlindigo Blue is our brand identifier.”

Patrick Fabian as Howard in Better Call Saul

After branching out, Jimmy erects a billboard that mimics the HHM logo. Frustrated, Howard sues him, claiming that the blue color Hamlindigo belongs to his business because it actually bears his name.

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Howard’s self-esteem is a bit bloated, but that’s not surprising since he’s one of the most accomplished members of the Albuquerque legal community. Naming a color after itself and making it a trademark is a little weird, but it’s traits like this that made it successful in the first place. Ultimately, Jimmy has no choice but to stop using the blue color Hamlindigo.

Advises Chuck to cut ties with Jimmy

“Where would we be if, say, Clarence Darrow had spent the best years of his life supervising parents who never do well?” “

Howard informs Chuck that HHM lost Mersa Verde account in Better Call Saul

As Howard bonds with Chuck because of the Scotch Macallan, he advises him to stop helping his brother. He refers to the infamous lawyer Clarence Darrow and how he would have been nothing if he had spent his time focusing on those closest to him.

The reference to Clarence Darrow’s pop culture is interesting because the avocado was not very popular. That’s because he represented Nathan Leopold Jr. and Richard Loeb, two teenagers from a wealthy family who murdered a 14-year-old boy for fun. Still, it’s no shock that Howard sees him as one of his heroes since he’s more of a capitalist than a moralist. That he agrees with Howard’s point of view is one of the reasons Chuck is the evil brother of You better call Saul.

When Chuck decides to sue HHM

“In what world is this other than the deepest betrayal of our friendship?”

Chuck threatens to sue HHM in Better Call Saul

Tired of Chuck’s reckless decisions, Howard suggests he retires. He offers to pay him on his contract, but Chuck decides to continue. This disappoints Howard.

It’s baffling that Howard feels betrayed by Chuck’s decision to sue, yet he just kicked him out of a business he helped start. After all, Chuck was only trying to challenge the insurance company after raising their rates due to his condition. In reality, it was Howard who betrayed Chuck, given how long they had been partners in the firm.

When he offers Jimmy a job at HHM after Chuck’s death

“Big job at Illustrious HHM. A chance to play at the palace.”

Howard meets Jimmy outside the courtroom after Chuck’s death and offers him a job. However, Jimmy has no intention of accepting.

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Howard’s words show how much he holds his own business. Ever since Jimmy was offered opportunities by his late brother Chuck, Howard thinks Jimmy is the type of person who will always need help. However, he is wrong because Jimmy himself has big ambitions, which are realized quite quickly, thanks to his dynamism.

When he randomly checks Jimmy

“That’s not what ‘good’ looks like.”

Howard kisses Jimmy in Better Call Saul

Around the same time that Chuck plans to sue HHM, Howard checks on Jimmy to find out how he’s doing. Jimmy insists he’s okay, but Howard doesn’t believe him.

As much as he likes to torment him, Howard has always loved Jimmy because he is a go-getter. He even gives him the nickname “Charlie Hustle”, which sums up his opinion of the man. Jimmy has a lot of frustrations but he’s not interested in opening his heart to Jimmy because, given their history, he doesn’t think the HHM has his best interests at heart.

When he talks to Kim about damage control

“I do damage control. And I have been eating 3 meals a day for 2 weeks with each of our clients! “

Howard is not happy when Jimmy tries to destroy HHM’s reputation. When he meets Kim in front of a restaurant, he laments that he has to spend most of his days eating with different customers in order to reassure them that everything is fine.

Howard chooses to express his frustrations to Kim rather than Jimmy directly because he knows she is one way she can reach him. She also tends to be nicer and a good listener compared to Jimmy. Unfortunately for him, Kim doesn’t want to listen because she’s always on Jimmy’s side before everyone else, no matter how wrong he is.

When Kim comes to complain about Jimmy’s being snubbed

“Duly noted. You want to know what I believe? I believe you are far from your depth in this matter.”

Kim calls Howard for refusing to hire Jimmy in Better Call Saul

Kim walks into Howard’s office to confront him when he refuses to hire Jimmy. She insists he’s a good, hard-working lawyer, but Howard won’t hear any of this.

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Kim has every right to be angry because Howard’s reason for not hiring Jimmy is lame. He claims it would be nepotism since Jimmy’s brother was once a big part of the business. It doesn’t make sense because Howard’s dad was also a big part of the business a few years ago. This is something that Km makes him understand, underlining his hypocrisy.

Refuse to give Jimmy a job

“We want the deal, we don’t want, uh … The case is all we want.”

Jimmy thinks he’s earned a job opportunity when he hands the Sandpiper case over to HHM. Unfortunately, Howard rejects him.

It’s classic Howard to suck on a briefcase and spit out the person who brought it. The ability to take such actions with ease is what makes him one of the most powerful characters in You better call Saul. His decision is made much easier since the person in question is Jimmy. Fortunately, Jimmy gained more financial power over time, making him less attached to people like Howard.

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