Best quotes from Bristol 24/7 interviewees in 2021


2021 has been quite a year and the people of Bristol have been more inspiring than ever. Here are some of our favorite quotes from people surveyed by Bristol24 / 7 over the past 12 months:

Amélie, dancer at Urban Tiger

“Regardless of what people think about sex work, we want to remind people that this is first and foremost a question of workers’ rights. As sex workers and dancers we are workers and as workers we deserve to be safe at work.

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Nicola Bartlett, owner of Eclectic Gift Shop

“It has been a difficult few years for independent cafes, pubs, restaurants and retailers. Vote with your money this Christmas. Spend your money on these colorful and vibrant businesses that help make the world a better place.

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Clayton Planter, CEO of Street2Boardroom

Clayton Planter

“As an ethnic group, we fight to be ourselves. It is assumed that if we step into boardrooms, we will have to let go of our culture and embrace a white mindset. “

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Jim Smith, Filwood Tree Champion

“Trees are important in Knowle West because we live in a fairly disadvantaged neighborhood and there aren’t many, so the merrier the more. They are easy on the eyes, clean the air, and provide habitat for many wildlife.

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Tara Miran, co-founder of the community garden of St Paul

“Inequality in access to opportunities, progression, participation and training are huge obstacles for women, especially women of color, so if women focus on and are involved, we can move forward together. as a more fruitful and just society. “

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Abdul Malik, President of the Easton Jamia Mosque

Abdul Malik, President of the Easton Jamia Mosque with Junior Sheikh, Director of the MTM Awards – photo courtesy of the MTM Awards

“The mosque believes it is their responsibility to spread the true message of Islam, which teaches sustainability, productivity and unity to tackle the issues facing our future generations.

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Annali Grimes, founder and director of LitterARTI

“The culture of DIY skate builders underscores the importance of claiming a space for the community. “

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Ani Stafford-Townsend, Green Party Councilor

“I have been a feminist all of my life, my feminism grows, learns and evolves with time and a widened understanding. My feminism is intersectional and at its heart is the mantra “nothing about us, without us”.

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Travis Alabanza, writer and performer

“Bristol is known for its arts community, it is known for its culture, but what we see is the gentrification that is quickly taking it all away. And so when we see spaces that do things that add to community, we have to fight to keep them. “

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James Chandler, Glad Colston’s Gone Collective

Glad Colston’s Gone protesters outside Merchants’ Hall – photo: Rob Browne

“For centuries the Society of Merchant Venturers has promoted Colston as a philanthropist, hiding the brutal origins of his money. On Monday four people will be on trial for alleged criminal damage to the Colston statue and the SMV has nothing to say – so we come to the door of this non-responsible private members’ club. “

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Main photo: Nicky Ebbage

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