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About Bharti Airtel | Kunj Bansal, CIO, Karvy Capital: The company gave reasonably decent quarterly numbers and the stock is expected to be doing well for almost six quarters. Unfortunately, it is quite surprising and difficult to understand why the stock is not performing in such a bull market, but yes, it is positive for Bharti Airtel.
About SBI | Krishnan ASV of HDFC Securities: (Higher raw postcode 🙂 No reason to worry as each bank reported 30-40 bps. Given the environment we find ourselves in, April and May have been difficult months, there is no reason to believe that SBI was immune to this. (Slips and write-offs were lower than estimated 🙂 The write-off is close to around Rs 3,500 crore, the restructured portfolio is around Rs 5,500 crore. Usually it is well contained, you cannot be completely safe in this environment. So given the circumstances, I think SBI handled the portfolio much better than we might have expected. We have a purchase (on stock).
sbi, sbi results, sbi share price About SBI | Prakash Diwan, Market Expert: (Lending growth 5.8% 🙂 I think the bank’s goal would have been to reduce and contain further slippages and the SMA-2 numbers tell you that. Growing net interest income for most players has been difficult, especially if you watch your backs in terms of quality. Would you like to stick with the SBI among the PSUs? There is nothing convincing about the other stocks in terms of scale, so SBI is the best in the PSU lot, otherwise we have to look to very small banks, which have reversal triggers.
about Titan | Rakshit Ranjan of Marcellus Investment Managers: Titan was added about four or five months ago. The reason we added it was the increased conviction as part of our research team to assess Titan’s ability to capitalize on the bridal jewelry market opportunity. The omnichannel offering they are developing through Caratlane – it’s the massive long-term addition or longevity addition to Titan’s free cash flow from our perspective.
on Exxaro Tiles IPO | Himanshu Shah, CFO, Exxaro Tiles: We are aiming for a total of Rs 160 crore. Our primary goal from the proceeds of this IPO is to pay off our existing long term debt of approximately Rs 50 crore and the remainder is for working capital requirements for future growth and the general purpose of the business. company. In our current business model, we are more in the domestic market, say about 86% in our domestic market and the remaining 14% of our turnover is for export. So in the future as well, as we aim to grow our revenue from the current level of 4-5 times for the next four to five years. So, we are targeting 20 percent of the exports of the upcoming turnover and the rest will be our domestic market because we are stronger in the domestic market.
About Devyani International | Deven Choksey of KRChoksey Securities: Out of all of them, Devyani International with a strong franchise and the plans they have is catching my attention. It probably remains all the favorites. QSR format is a good category of business that consistently grows at a higher growth rate. We are likely to see higher growth continue in the QSR format. If you look at the type of appetite for these particular stocks in the portfolio, whether it’s Jubilant Foodworks, whether it’s Westlife Development, whether it’s Burger King, I think this company would probably score a good claim when it comes to the entry into some of the funds are affected. Could stay positive about this business. Although they are taking losses, they have a good chance in the coming period.
about Windlas Biotech | Deven Choksey of KRChoksey Securities: The company looks promising. Among the top 10 pharmaceutical players in the country, this company is full of promise. maybe it will need to dig deeper into the subject of injectables and probably understand a little more from management at some point on how this is going to bring the business for the business but looks extremely promising from the prospect investment.

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