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What about dance music fans! We hope you relax as we go through the weekend. We would really like to introduce you to our Artist of the Week this week. We are happy to welcome you, Asi Vidal!

Asaf Vidal Vanunu, aka DJ Asix, better known as Asi Vidal, an international DJ, producer and remixer of dance music. Asaf discovered a passion for electronic music and DJing at a young age while living in Israel. He started out collecting dance and techno music when it all started in the early 90s. Inspired by the sound of “The Prodigy” and “KLF”, he recorded music from the radio to cassettes and played the DJ at friends’ birthday parties. Asaf fell in love with Dj’ing and making people dance. Working and developing his skills over the years, he started DJing in the beautiful city of Eilat Israel, at beach parties and clubs.

“I’m so excited to release my 4’ed album. My production game is better now, so it improves the sound and the final songs that I release. I felt like I needed to get out of the electro club style that I had been producing for a long time. When I started this project, I had in mind the dark psytrance atmosphere with the warm and progressive sound of house ”. The project is inspired by artists like “The Prodigy”, “Tommy Trumpet” and “Infected Mushroom”, all tracks from the album mixed together with a big space in mind.

Asi traveled to the United States and settled in Sunshine State – Los Angeles, California, with unique sound and vision. In 2010, Asi Vidal founded Rhino Star Records, with the mission to help other DJs and producers with sample packs and production tools. The keywords that describe Asi Vidal’s productions and DJ sets are drive and flow.

Asi Vidal creates moments. And that’s why when you look at its crowd, you see smiles and hands in the shape of heart signs. Asi has released 3 albums and countless singles on her Rhino Star label. “This year (2021) my goal is to release 52 titles, 1 weak each,” he says. “I want to continue to develop my sound and release different styles under different names. like “Psytro Killer” for Psy Dance music and “HayZar” for darker Electro music, “I try to give people an unforgettable night and party with them,” he says. “I try to share the excitement and the vibes of the party.”

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When I make music in the studio, I look for the feeling in my stomach, the rhythm, the groove ”. Asi Vidal has DJed at top venues all over the United States. His sets are so dynamic that it’s sometimes hard to see how he can keep the energy going, but he does it well with creativity and diversity. You can see it also through his production work, his original work and his remixes have received support from all the big names in the industry.

With this support, Asi Vidal continues to have an ever-growing passion for dance music and produces new tracks and remixes every month. In addition, he hosts a radio show called “Electro club”, His radio show has reached great heights. Today, more than tens of thousands of listeners listen to its hour-long selection of electronic dance music every month. For 8 consecutive years and more than 200 episodes already, the Electro Club show has been and still is a highlight for many dance music lovers. Despite her accomplishments, Asi Vidal does not consider her job to be done. “Creating music, helping producers and making people dance, that’s my life”

Asi Vidal has made remixes for John Legend, Cindy Lauper, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Katy Perry, Dua Lipa, The Weeknd, Imagine Dragons, Hardwell, Zedd, Tiesto, Infected Mushroom, Galantis, The Scorpions, and more.


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