Anti-drug day slogans quotes 2022 poster theme messages

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Anti Drug Day Slogan Quotes – All over the world, young people are affected by drug use. Socially, physically, culturally, emotionally and economically, it is destroying our society. Since the start of the pandemic, there has been a notable increase in the use of substances such as opiates, methamphetamine and cocaine. The International day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking is observed by the United Nations on 26e June each year. The day was commemorated in 1989 after the United Nations General Assembly passed the resolution in 1987. This year, the UN is inviting people to join its #CareinCrisis campaign. With so many global and economic issues going on, people are falling prey to drugs. Thus, to prevent and support the people around them, the UN asks them to take care of those around them in these difficult times.

The day is observed to raise awareness of drug-related issues, share data, and explore solutions to this problem.

Anti Drug Day Slogan Quotes

Share these anti-drug day slogans to raise awareness and help those around you!

anti-drug day slogans

Your life can be ruined by drugs. The value of your life is far too high to let addiction ruin it. Stop the drugs on this Anti-drug day!

Drugs are a death trap! Pledge to stay away from them on this Anti-drug day!

Be strong and fight your reality instead of living in a non-existential world!

To mark anti-drug day in your calendar and throw away all the substances!

Save your life by quitting drugs! You weren’t born for this!

You have the power within to overcome anything! You don’t need drugs for that!

So anti-drug daylet’s unite to help our friends and change their lives!

You can’t find light in a dark tunnel! Drop your fears and be your light! Quit drugs! #anti-drug

Using drugs is equivalent to running away from reality! Quit drugs!

See the world clearly, not blurry! Pledge to quit drugs on Anti-drug day!

Happiness cannot be found by losing reality! Create happiness, don’t destroy your life!

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