Americans are the most loyal to these insurance companies



Seeking auto insurance quotes is important for drivers, as many insurers charge more money to people who they think are unlikely to shop around. New insurance options may also have become available, or a driver’s circumstances may have changed over time so that another insurer may be less expensive.

While it’s usually a good idea to compare insurance quotes regularly and consider switching if there’s an opportunity to save, customers tend to be loyal to certain insurance companies. In fact, according to a recent JD Power study, these are the insurers that customers tend to stick with.

Americans are the most loyal to these insurance companies

JD Power reports that US auto insurance companies tend to be the most loyal, including:

  • United States
  • Amica
  • The Hartford
  • Kemper
  • Nationwide / State Farm (it was a tie)

In contrast, Americans were the least loyal to:

  • National General
  • ACG
  • Progressive
  • SafeCo
  • Car owners

What inspires loyalty to insurers?

A number of factors could make drivers more loyal to a specific insurance company. Price is definitely one of them, as JD Power says auto insurance premiums are the primary factor influencing customers’ insurance choices. But other things, such as claims handling, customer service, and bundled coverage options, can also affect an insured’s experience with an insurance company.

USAA, in particular, generally receives high marks for cost and customer experience, although eligibility is very limited as policies are only open to members of the military, veterans, and their families.

Other insurers who inspire loyalty also tend to be highly rated in terms of the features consumers look for when looking for insurance.

Should drivers be loyal to insurance companies?

Drivers have the right to change insurance companies, and it is relatively easy to get multiple insurance quotes over the Internet quickly. Plus, most insurers make it easy to purchase coverage online without having to work with an agent in person.

This does not mean that drivers have to change insurer, especially if they are happy with their current insurer. The key, however, is that motorists need to make sure that their insurance company continues to make a living. And that means not assuming their current insurer is still the right one.

It’s a good idea for motorists to get quotes and shop at least once a year shortly before their current policy expires. By comparing prices and ratings from insurance companies, drivers can see if they are still paying the best price for the comprehensive coverage they need.

Drivers who have been with their insurer for a long time may not know there are better options, and simply accepting the status quo could mean paying hundreds of dollars more for coverage over time. So even if drivers find that it makes more sense for them to stay with their current insurer, it is worth taking the time to research the best auto insurance companies to ensure that their choice continues to earn loyalty every time. year.


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