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Captain America has been one of the most successful trilogies in the MCU core lineup, and for good reason. It’s a timeless story of courage and bravery in the face of evil and oppression, and it’s something everyone can relate to. The characters in the series each stand out with certain key dialogue snippets, which best summarize their characters.

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Whether good or bad, strong or weak, male or female, these characters live up to their personality by evoking their thoughts and intentions through words. These are all powerful, symbolic, and memorable quotes that MCU fans have enjoyed from the start of the film, and many of them will last forever.

ten “Even if the whole world is telling you to move, it is your job to stand like a tree, look them in the eye and say, ‘No, YOU move!’” – Sharon Carter

A photo of Peggy Carter with the SHIELD helicarrier in the background in Captain America

Sharon Carter admired her Aunt Peggy, one of the founders of SHIELD and Steve Rogers’ main love interest. When he was revived in modern times, he learned a lot about her from Peggy’s niece, a woman he also had feelings for.

She was inspired by Peggy Carter’s resilience in the face of adversity no matter what the challenge, and she gave Rogers one of the best life lessons imaginable, just when he needed it most. Sharon understood the need to do what was right, even though the whole world said it was wrong. It became one of Sharon Carter’s best MCU quotes.

9 “Agent Carter, if we’re not in too much of a hurry, I thought we might stop in Lucerne for a late night fondue.” – Howard Stark

Howard Stark analyzing a HYDRA vehicle in Captain America

Tony Stark didn’t get his rebellious nature, wit, and bratty charm on his own. It was also a byproduct of his father, who was just as mischievous and reckless as his son would grow up. It’s ironic, given that Howard’s relationship with Tony was marked by tension throughout his young life.

Nonetheless, Howard summed up his personality better with this quote, which shows just how willing the man was to take the time to enjoy the fun things in life, even in the context of WWII.

8 “If you’ve got something on your mind, now’s a great time to keep it to yourself.” – Colonel Chester Phillips

A photo of Colonel Phillips in Captain America's war room

Colonel Phillips barely uttered a phrase unless it meant something big, and it wasn’t long before he established himself as the alpha dog in the chain of command. He also knew the talent when he saw it, although he didn’t want to openly admit it.

Sadly, he was also stubborn, almost mistakenly, and that was part of his grizzled military background. Phillips didn’t like being questioned, and if anyone dared to try, he had better have the right on his side and the corresponding results.

7 “The strong man who has known power all his life may lose respect for that power, but a weak man knows the value of strength and knows compassion.” – Abraham Erskine

Abraham Erskine Tells Steve Rogers About The Nature Of Power In Captain America

Erskine knew a good man when he saw one, even when the others in his company didn’t. Colonel Phillips was less than impressed with the idea of ​​choosing Steve Rogers for the Super Soldier program. For him, winning the war meant putting a bad boy on the program, instead of a frail weakling.

For Abraham Erskine, this was a mistake. This quote best sums up her personality in a beautiful and poetic way, and it rings true for anyone who has ever been bullied or died because of their size or physical weakness. Understanding the gift of strength is knowing when to exercise it for compassion.

6 “I can put the lives of seven billion people in order by sacrificing twenty million.” – Alexandre Pierce

A photo of Alexander Pierce, head of HYDRA in Captain America

Alexander Pierce had all the characteristics of a good guy, but deep down he was a bad guy who believed he was doing well. As the leader of HYDRA in the modern era, Pierce has managed to weave his terrorist regime into the fabric of SHIELD, compromising it from within.

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The damage was so severe that both entities had to be taken down by Captain America. This quote sums up the need for this action, as Pierce believed that the murder of 20 million people who could pose a threat to HYDRA was justified, in the name of a new world order.

5 “Cut off a head, two more will take its place!” – Dr Arnim Zola

A digital portrayal of Dr. Zola from Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Dr Zola started out as an antagonist in the service of the Red Skull, before making a deal with Colonel Phillips to switch sides. At first it seemed like an opportunity for a desperate man to escape the wrath of the skull, but Zola had far more ambitious plans.

He’s teamed up with HYDRA director Alexander Pierce to corrupt SHIELD from within and gain access to its vast storehouse of information. He even went so far as to upload his consciousness to a supercomputer, where he could further influence events. Its quote is common among HYDRA devotees, but only Zola was able to embody its terrifying meaning.

4 “I can’t trust my own mind.” – Bucky Barnes

Bucky Barnes as the Winter Soldier in Captain America

Bucky Barnes was extremely protective of Steve Rogers before he was transformed into Captain America. At that point, Rogers started saving Bucky countless times, and they became best friends as a result. Yet when Barnes was presumed dead and reformatted as a Winter Soldier, that friendship hung on the edge of a knife.

Years of brainwashing and brutal systematic programming drove Barnes to the brink of insanity. At any moment, his conditioning could take over and he would become a living weapon capable of killing many. It would take years for Barnes to be rehabilitated, making these quotes one of the most poignant in all of his character.

3 “Faster, ladies! Come on! My grandmother has more life in her, may God grant rest to her soul!” – Peggy Carter

A portrait of Peggy Carter, co-creator of SHIELD in Captain America

Women were very actively involved in WWII, and not just in production facilities, but Peggy Carter faced a slightly more difficult challenge. It had to adapt to the rigors and traditions of a very masculine army that favored raw combat effectiveness over everything else.

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Knowing that she had to face an uphill battle to gain respect in this environment, she used a bit of reverse psychology with this quote, while getting the soldiers into shape. It was a nifty way to gain respect, using the same drill sergeant techniques as a male commander.

2 “You claim to be a simple soldier, but in reality you are just afraid to admit that we have left humanity behind. Unlike you, I embrace him proudly, fearlessly!” – Red Skull

A portrait of the Red Skull, head of HYDRA in Captain America

The Red Skull didn’t just believe in racial superiority. He went further, especially when he transformed into a full-fledged super-soldier. When he came face to face with Steve Rogers, he was forced to look at his opposite polar mirror image, which made him feel disgusted.

For Rogers, his superpowers were an opportunity to save lives, help people, and usher in an era of peace. For the Skull, it was an ascendant towards the Divinity; a way to go beyond what it meant to be human, in favor of pure power. This quote is one of the best from Red Skull, summing up a man of pure ambition, greed and a thirst for domination.

1 “I don’t want to kill anyone. I don’t like bullies, I don’t care where they come from.” -Steve Rogers

A photo of Steve Rogers in his Captain America costume

When asked if he wanted to kill Nazis in WWII, Steve Rogers was quick to respond, and it was the right one. In a perfect world, killing would not be necessary, and Rogers would have preferred to live in such a world, as opposed to one suffering under the horrors of WWII.

He viewed the Third Reich, and HYDRA in particular, as tyrants seeking to dominate Earth and destroy all who stood in their way. For a guy who has spent his entire life being bullied, this was unacceptable. Yet despite all his torments, Rogers never became vindictive, vindictive, or hateful. He remained a moral man until the end and continued to prove himself to be the smartest guy in the room, with wisdom beyond his years.

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