A list of full quotes from Sixers regarding Ben Simmons on media day



On the disappointing Simmons situation: “It’s disappointing. I signed again here as [the] the expectation of a championship team. Last season was also a disappointment, losing in the second round, but I think he plays an important role in our squad, right? Our leader. I was saying this to someone the other day like you look around the NBA and like any team, championship team or bottom team your starting point guard comes out of the roster, that team is a bit in a strange place. I think the PG position is one of the most important positions in the NBA and so it won’t be there, it’s disappointing, but like I told the guys on the team, all of us, he is still part of our team. Ben is still part of our team. He has 15 guys in a locker room, seven or eight of them who played with him last year, he’s still our brother, always our brother too. We therefore hope that the situation can be resolved. If not, we move on, we throw this thing. Because in the end, the 29 other teams playing against us don’t care. They are coming to kick our ass and we have to be ready for this to really be reality. “

Reaching out to Simmons, “I reached out to Ben. I spoke to him, we spoke. To be honest, I haven’t been in that situation, where it’s in… Yeah, I’ve been in trade rumors and so on, but it’s not necessarily that situation, is it ? But I did what you say in quotes about what you would tell me to reach out and communicate. The situation is what it is at this point. “


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