“A growing OTT market is a boon for consumers” – 20 digital transformation quotes of the week

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the streaming marketNow is the time for technologies and innovations that improve the way content owners, video platforms and advertisers engage with customers and build customer loyalty. -Dave Zilberman, Norwest Venture Partners

Webtoon platforms have become an explosive phenomenon across Asia with top webtoon apps accumulating more than 70 million monthly users and more than 100 billion views per year. – Sharad Devarajan, Toonsutra

The media industry has been swept away by a content storm, with consumers demanding high-quality content, personalized content at faster-than-ever execution speeds. -Nishant Rao, Avataar Ventures

A content creator must put themselves in the shoes of their audience and create relevant content. – Shruti Arjun Anand

A content creator should grow gradually and to be coherent into new concepts to gain audiences and stay relevant as well. – Payal Dare

Everyone at home will tell you that you’re good, but when you put on your contents there, you will know if you are going in the right direction. – Khushal Pawaar

The biggest constraint of Higher Education is not on the demand side, but on the supply side. – Ashwin Damera, Scholar Group

Even though we are surrounded by loved ones all the time, we may still not find the right person to talk to and resonate with, or let’s share our worries without any hesitation. – Rahul Mohanty, Failtell

What would prevent you from making a group within your condominium and asking the cooks start selling their food in the group? – Anujj Mehta, Hey Homie

A growing OTT market is a boon for consumers looking for content and an opportunity for advertisers to reach the right audience. -Akshay Modi, Modi Naturals

Brands need to have a unified view of their consumers across all digital channels and touchpoints. Ultimately, the companies that will last a long time are the ones that can give that unified view to brands. – Nishant Jain, Netcore Cloud

Traditional customer experience management tools are like a hammer seeking a nail! – Sumit Saxena, Merren

Democratizing data with tools and solutions is what we need for robust data analytics, – Aparna Gupta, Microsoft

The challenges organizations now face have evolved, technology and data availability have evolved, the maturity of an organization that can manage data and information has evolved. – Anuj Krishna, TheMathCompany

It’s important for hyper-growth businesses to ensure they have unified, real-time visibility into IT performance. – Abhilash Purushothaman, AppDynamics

A platform that provides technology services must incorporate building business models, feasible for rapid changes and agile enough to maneuver/outsmart maneuvers. So, technology vendors and partners who embrace resiliency, contingency, and security are great partners to consider. -Kunal Mathuria, Microsoft

Large companies want to benefit from the valuation of these new digital companies. They also realize that users are ready to rock to access new services. -Kushe Bahl, McKinsey & Company

With rapid advancements in information technology and IoT-based artificial intelligence systems being widely deployed for business and government operations, technology can enable optimization climate action. – Manish Dabkara, EKI Energy Services

Companies often focus on IT infrastructure and place less importance on employee emotions and how it affects their daily life and decision-making process. – Priyanka Botny, Playonomy

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