9 Quotes That Prove Jon And Tormund Had The Best Friendship

Jon Snow and Tormund Giantsbane forged one of the most unexpected and satisfying friendships in game of thrones. Although Tormund is one of the Free Folk and Jon is a member of their nemesis, the Night’s Watch, Jon and Tormund have found common cause and friendship in their fight against the Army of the Dead.

Although it is a true two-way relationship, most of the quotes that prove the strength of their friendship are spoken by Tormund as he is generally much more talkative, expressive, and lively than Jon.


“You’ve spent too long with us, Jon Snow. You can never kneel again.”

– Tormund Giantsbane (season 4, episode 10).

Despite being a captive of the Night’s Watch after the Battle of Castle Black, Tormund still couldn’t help but show his admiration and respect for Jon. When he asked Jon if Stannis was his king now and Jon replied that he had no king, he knowingly smiled at Jon.

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Jon may have remained loyal to Night’s Watch, but he’s proven to be one of the Free Folk at heart and someone who doesn’t want to kneel to others, especially those he doesn’t respect. not fully authority. The shared values ​​between Jon and Tormund meant that even with Jon’s betrayal and Tormund’s captivity, the two could still be true friends one day.

“You are not my enemy, and I am not yours.”

– Jon Snow (season 5, episode 5).

Jon is the one who reopened the door of friendship between him and Tormund in season 5. Although it was controversial, one of the Jon Snow’s best decisions in game of thrones was to ally with Tormund and bring the remaining free people to the other side of the wall. To do this, he knew he needed Tormund’s help.

It was a pragmatic decision in the fight against the Army of the Dead, but it was a decision Jon only felt confident making because he trusted, respected, and believed in Tormund. Jon proved that he and Tormund were no enemies and that they and their people would be better off working together instead of continuing to distrust each other.

“We are crazy together now.”

– Tormund Giantsbane (Season 5, Episode 8).

“Hardhome” is the best episode of game of thrones season 5 and marks the moment when Jon and Tormund really put all their mistrust and complicated history aside. When they arrived at Hardhome, they were acting on Jon’s plan, but Jon let Tormund lead the way to convince the Free Folk. When Tormund asked Jon if he trusted him, Jon asked if that made him a fool, with Tormund responding that they were fools together now.

This marked the point for Jon and Tormund to be on the same page and work together for what they knew was right, even though it would be controversial among both Night’s Watch and Free Folk. They agreed to be “crazy” together and move on, they were still in sync as friends and allies.

“He’s better looking than my two daughters, but he knows how to fight. He’s young, but he knows how to lead.”

Tormund Giantsbane (Season 5, Episode 8)

Karsi and the other remaining leaders of the Free People were understandably wary of the proposed alliance with the Night’s Watch. When Karsi asked Tormund if he vouched for Jon, Tormund replied, “”He’s better looking than my two daughters, but he can fight. He’s young, but he knows how to lead.” In this, he demonstrated the foundation of a solid friendship with Jon.

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Like a true friend, Tormund’s words poke fun at Jon, but they also show how much he respects and admires Jon, making it clear that his friend is someone free people can trust and stand by. to go forward.

“I saw your P—–. What kind of God would have such a small P—–?”

– Tormund Giantsbane (season 6, episode 3).

When Jon returns from the dead, Tormund is one of the first to greet and hug him. Not only is he there for Jon, but he wastes no time making fun of him like only a true friend can.

Bringing someone back from death is not something either of them fully understands. While others are initially scared and cautious around Jon, Tormund doesn’t treat Jon any differently, proving he’s just grateful that Jon is alive and that their friendship is picking up where it left off.

“He died for us. If we don’t want to do the same for him, we’re cowards. And if that’s what we are, we deserve to be the last of the Free People.”

Tormund Giantsbane (Season 6, Episode 7)

The Free Folk are hesitant to join the fight against the Boltons in Season 6. This is not their fight and the deal they made with Jon was that they would only join the fight against the Army of the Dead. Tormund is the one who convinces his people to fight alongside his best friend. Jon literally died because of the sacrifices he made for Tormund and the Free People, and it’s Tormund who reminds them of what his friend has done, and that it’s right that they reciprocate.

Tormund is not a manipulative individual – he even tells Jon that he and his people aren’t smart like southerners, and they do what they say they will. Tormund is honest as he sincerely believes his people should fight alongside his friend who went above and beyond for them.

“How many of his people died for his pride?”

Tormund Giantsbane (Season 7, Episode 6)

One of the most important qualities of a friendship is being honest with each other, even when the truth is hard to hear. This important kind of honesty is shown when Tormund asked Jon what happened when he met the “Dragon Queen” (Daenerys). Jon explained that she would only fight alongside them if Jon bent her knee. Tormund and Jon had already talked about the fact that neither of them liked kneeling in front of others.

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Instead of remaining obsessed with this point, Tormund brings up how Mance Rayder was a brave and proud man who refused to bend the knee, but wonders how many had to die for Mance’s pride. Tormund makes sure Jon doesn’t let his pride get in the way of his better judgment and even considers bending the knee if it means having a better chance against the Army of the Dead. Not only is Tormund able to be brutally honest with his friend, but Jon is receptive to his friend’s honesty in return.

“I would like to come with you.

Jon Snow (season 8, episode 4)

Jon Snow is a character who almost put duty first. He’s comfortable enough with Tormund that when Tormund tells Jon he’d be happier returning to the “true North” with the Free Folk than going south to fight Daenerys’ war, Jon can say he would like to go with Tormund.

This moment also shows how much Tormund understands Jon because he knows what Jon needs and what will make him happy, and he knows that none of this awaits Jon down south. Both Jon and Tormund know that Jon will never give up his duties and the promises he has made, but they also know what the other needs most in life, which could be part of their stories in the Jon Snow’s upcoming sequel series.

“You have the North within you. True North.”

Tormund Giantsbane (Season 8, Episode 4)

These are the last words Jon and Tormund share on the show. It’s a reminder to Jon of who he really is and what he deserves. It’s also praise from Tormund given his reverence for the “true North” and that he considers Jon to have that in him. Above all, it offers hopeful promise that Jon’s time there and his relationship with Tormund aren’t quite over.

That promise is fulfilled in the final moments of the series finale as Jon arrives at Castle Black and travels to the “true North” with Ghost, Tormund and the other Free Folk, just as Jon wanted, and where he belongs with. his best friend.

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