9 Quotes From LOTR Fellowship Members That Perfectly Summarize Their Personalities

The premiere of the Prime Video series power rings is getting closer and closer, and audiences are excited to know some of the Fellowship of the Ring’s ancestors from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. With the series set several thousand years before the birth of Frodo, Gimli, Aragorn and the rest of the band, Harfoots (an ancestor race of hobbits), the dwarves of Moria and the Númenoreans are all guaranteed to appear. This will allow fans to experience the stories of their favorite characters in a whole new light.

Until the highly anticipated release of the series, fans of Tolkien’s Middle-earth will have to content themselves with watching and re-watching Peter Jackson’s cinematic trilogy and possibly reading and re-reading the original novels on which they are based. Quotes from Community members between the pages or onscreen can tell audiences all they need to know about these dynamic individuals, some perfectly encapsulating who they are to their fictional friends and real-world fans alike.



“I know you don’t have any more. You smoke too much, Pippin.”

Meriadoc Merry Brandybuck

Merry and Pippin were often the comic relief of the the Lord of the Rings movies, so sometimes it can be weird to see them in a really heartfelt moment. However, Merry was shown to be capable of feeling and showed that he cared deeply for those around him.

When he and Pippin had to part ways, Merry presented him with what was left of their house’s smoking tobacco. Although he would probably miss the rest of his stores on his trip, he knew Pippin was out. Merry’s action and quote perfectly demonstrated her selfless and genuine concern for her best friend.

Pippin apple

“What about the second breakfast?”

Pippin exclaiming his dismay that his journey would not contain the number of meals he was accustomed to is not only emblematic of the the Lord of the Rings series but also perfectly encapsulates who Pippin is for the audience.

Pippin represented the Shire where everyone has a peaceful heart, a happy smile and a full belly. He’s more innocent and carefree than the rest of the community, even when things get so dark no one can stand him. Pippin represented what the band stood for, and his comedic question proved it.


“But in the end, it’s only a passing thing, this shadow. Even darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sun shines, it will shine brighter.”

Sam planting flowers in The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring

Sam was Frodo’s ideal companion. The Ring dragged the hobbit’s soul to the point that he could barely continue his quest, and if anyone but this pure-hearted gardener had tried to support him, the quest would probably have failed.

While Sam was often nervous and insecure, he had an enduring goodness that always inspired those around him. As bad as things were, and as often as Frodo felt like never getting up again, Sam was always there to remind him that better days were ahead.


“If by my life or my death I can protect you, I will. You have my sword.”

Aragorn joins the Community

As heir to the crown of Gondor, Aragorn might have been expected to have the pride of his ancestors. Generations of mistakes had begun to define the race of men, but from the shadowy guise of a ranger was born a man who truly deserved the crown.

Aragorn was always selfless in his actions. He never wished for glory but only sought to protect his people. This is perfectly demonstrated by his vow to protect Frodo. While he knew the mission was likely doomed, he was willing to give his life anyway, much like the historical kings that JRR Tolkien used as inspiration for his character.


“Letting this fear drive us, destroy our hope, is madness!”

Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring Boromir Holding Ring

Boromir was the most complicated member of the Fellowship. While the others were sure of their goodness, Boromir had to constantly work to determine the difference between what was right and what would lead his people out of darkness.

Unfortunately, Boromir depicted how the strength of men often failed in LOTR. He was right when he told Frodo that fear shouldn’t lead them to make the wrong decision, but he didn’t realize that his fear had led him to believe that the Ring could be used to good. Ultimately, Boromir’s wish to do good while constantly making the wrong decision defined his character.


“You would die before your stroke goes away!”

Legolas responds angrily when Éomer threatens Gimli

Above all, Legolas was loyal. When he joined the Fellowship, he considered it his duty to protect the other members. This even extended to Gimli, whom he initially identified as someone he could never call a friend. All the same, he defended the dwarf when necessary.

This ultimately showed Gimli that the elf was trustworthy, and the two joined Frodo and Sam as one of the show’s most iconic duos. Legolas may have often teased Gimli, but his quote proves he would do anything to help his mate.


“Oh, come on, we can take them!”

Gimli fighting the forces of Mordor in Lord of the Rings

the Lord of the Rings fans know that dwarves are stubborn, enthusiastic, and extremely strong. This perfectly describes the Fellowship dwarf, Gimli. Where Aragorn and Legolas were often calm and collected, Gimli provided a more impulsive and forceful angle to their situations.

This created an effective balance. When Gimli and Aragorn saw a bridge covered in enemies, Gimli announced that they could face them, stifling any reservations Aragorn might have had.


“It is not for us to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is within us for the relief of these years in which we are fixed, rooting out evil in the realms we know so that those who live after may have A land suitable for ploughing.”

LOTR Gaming Celebrated With Hilarious Low-Cost Gandalf Cosplay

While Gandalf is generally seen as an old wizard, he is actually a member of a divine race called Maiar. Around the start of the Third Age, Gandalf came to Middle-earth in a form that would be perceived as harmless and trustworthy with the intention of aiding men, dwarves, elves and hobbits in the coming war. .

Gandalf’s quote from LOTR books that weren’t in the movies represent Gandalf’s mission perfectly. He is not there to create a better age for himself or even to find any satisfaction in the general destruction of evil. His task is to create a better world for those who will live there in the future, and this is a philosophy he taught Frodo.


“I will take the ring, though I don’t know the way.”

Frodo with the ring in The Lord Of The Rings The Two Towers

Frodo was the least likely choice for someone to bring the One Ring to Mordor and ensure Sauron’s destruction. He was not a warrior like Gimli or Legolas or a king like Aragorn. He was just a hobbit with no extraordinary talent other than his enduring mind.

This was precisely why the task had to be his, and he knew it. Frodo saw how the Ring affected people who held its respect, and he knew that if he did not volunteer, the destruction of the world was guaranteed. What made Frodo the hobbit worthy of saving Middle-earth was the fact that he volunteered, even though he didn’t know how he would succeed.

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