9 Dolores Umbridge Quotes That Prove She Wasn’t That Bad

As the audience watches the fantastic beasts series, including the recent Dumbledore’s secrets, they got to know a villain other than Voldemort in the wizarding world. In many ways, Gellert Grindelwald is even worse than the Dark Lord in terms of brutality, and knowing that Dumbledore will succeed in bringing him down, in the end, does nothing to minimize his threat.

Despite Grindelwald’s villainy, he’s still far from being considered the world’s worst villain. Harry Potter franchise. That honor is reserved for Dolores Umbridge, who is widely regarded as one of the most despised characters in fiction. However, looking objectively at the things Umbridge has said throughout the books and movies, it’s easy to imagine audiences might be a bit harsh in their hatred. Dolores Umbridge would probably say she was never obviously evil like Voldemort or Grindelwald. She never plotted murder. In fact, all the majority of Umbridge’s quotes prove is that she craved order and organization, and what’s wrong with that?


Umbridge is always polite

“I’m sure I must have misunderstood you, Professor Dumbledore, so stupid of me.”

Dolores Umbridge laughs in Harry Potter

Even in the wizarding world, women can quickly develop a reputation for being authoritative while men are seen as authoritative. Given that Dolores Umbridge works in a predominantly male-run government, it’s no surprise that she’s had to develop a way to make her voice heard.

When she needed to interrupt him, Umbridge was always polite. She used her famous “hem-hem” to let everyone know she had something to say, and she apologized if she ever misunderstood a point. Passive aggressive? Maybe, but it’s far from Dolores Umbridge’s most diabolical quote in Harry Potter.

Umbridge is everyone’s friend

“I’m sure we’re all going to be very good friends”

Smug looking shading in Harry Potter

The first day in a new job can often be tricky. Teachers and students alike were wary of the Ministry official who had taken her place at the head table, but Umbridge would probably say that she had got through her first night at Hogwarts with grace.

She put the students at ease by telling them that she wanted to be their friend. This was a far cry from most rotating DADA teachers, especially “Mad-Eye Moody” from the previous year.

Umbridge only cares about education

“Things at Hogwarts are much worse than I feared.”

Dolores Umbridge sitting at her desk in Harry Potter

Umbridge knew that the way Dumbledore ran the school did not match his ideals. The headmaster was known for his eccentric ways, and the undersecretary to the Minister of Magic can’t be blamed for believing that the school isn’t the place for eccentrics.

This quote proves that Umbridge cared about the integrity of the beloved old school. She probably spent many sleepless nights thinking about how she could improve the education of young wizards and witches, and if it came down to tougher punishments, wasn’t that a prize to be had? pay ?

Ombrage cares about student safety

“You will learn defensive spells safely and without risk.”

Dolores Umbridge with Harry and Hermione in Harry Potter

No one can deny that Hogwarts is a dangerous place to live. Every year Harry and his friends returned to school, they found themselves in horrific danger. Murderous teachers, possessed diaries, basilisks, escaped convicts, werewolves, dragons – the list goes on.

Starting in her position, Umbridge was determined to put an end to this and make her classroom a safe haven for her students. His methods may have seemed extreme (or perhaps selfish), but if it meant the safety of the children, the end justifies all the means.

Shading stands for good hard work

“Study hard, and you will be rewarded.”

Umbridge sitting in Dumbledore's chair in Harry Potter

Students may not always like to hear it, but if they don’t work hard, they won’t get good grades. Umbridge knew this might be hard for some to accept, as, according to her, children are often very short-minded and lazy.

However, she always did her best to let her students know that the hours of study she expected them to memorize spells (without ever using them, of course) would be rewarded with multiple “Exceptional” ratings on their OWLs. be a great motivator, as good grades and a lucrative ministry career are all a child can hope for.

Umbridge encourages her students

“Excellent, Draco, Excellent, Oh, Very good – Fifty points for Slytherin.”

Professor Umbridge invigilating OWL exams

Despite her best efforts, not all students will do as well as the others. Umbridge knows it’s not always their fault, because according to her, coming from the wrong strain of wizards causes them to fail (perhaps they should never have been sent to Hogwarts, to begin with, so may they not be disappointed).

However, when real talent comes along, Professor Umbridge knew he was to be praised. Draco Malfoy was a Slytherin always destined for greatness. But without encouragement or reward, he probably would have forgotten how special he was.

Shading provides an excellent support system

“I am here to help you. I am your friend. And now you will continue reading kindly.”

Dolores Umbridge talks to students as McGonagall comforts Trelawney

With the lies rampant around Hogwarts, there were bound to be some students who didn’t feel safe. The vicious idea that a dark wizard was on the loose had caused panic, and Umbridge was determined to put everyone’s minds and hearts at ease.

Sure, she ended up being wrong about Voldemort, but that doesn’t mean she was wrong to provide support for her students. Other villains in Harry Potter had never shown so much attention to the children of Hogwarts. As often as she reminded everyone that she was their friend, it had to be true.

Shading is realistic

“I’m afraid I don’t understand how you can give Mr. Potter false hope.”

Umbridge smiling while her class works in Harry Potter

Although Umbridge knows that good pureblood wizards have a lot of potential, she is also realistic in her expectations. Students like Harry, who do not conform to the class standards she expects, will ultimately never be able to work at the Ministry.


After all, a good student or a good employee is the one to toe the line. Umbridge herself can boast of strictly following the rules (at least as far as anyone can prove it), and that’s what makes her such a good employee. Although Harry may have a future in less lucrative fields, she won’t do him any favors by telling him that an Auror is a realistic choice.

Ombrage is passionate about family history

“Oh yes – An old family heirloom. The S stands for Selwyn. I am related to the Selwyns.”

Harry Potter and Umbridge in a scene from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

After the Second Wizarding War and the downfall of Voldemort, Dolores Umbridge had to stand trial for her crimes against Muggle-born wizards (via a online chat with JK Rowling). His views against Muggle-borns had led to many of them being imprisoned, where some even died.

However, at trial, Umbridge would likely have argued that she simply enjoyed family history. After all, she herself comes from a long line of pureblood wizards (as long as everyone forgets her muggle mother), and by silencing the suitors, she was clearly upholding the sanctity of the magical world. That certainly doesn’t make her bad.

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