5 Supreme Court quotes on sedition law



The sedition law poses a serious threat to the functioning of institutions, said Chief Justice NV Ramana. (Deposit)

New Delhi:
The Supreme Court today questioned the Sedition Act, calling it “colonial” because it observed that British-era law wielded “enormous power” in cases of abuse. The judiciary also asked if this was “still necessary after 75 years of independence”.

Here are 5 quotes from the courts on the law of sedition:

  1. Chief Justice NV Ramana said: “Is the dispute related to colonial law, the same law was used by the British to silence (Mahatma) Gandhi. Is the law still needed in our country after 75 years of independence? “

  2. “Our concern is the abuse of the law and the lack of executive accountability. If you go to see the prosecution history of this issue, there is a minimum conviction and the conviction rate is low.” , Chief Justice told Attorney General KK Venugopal.

  3. “We do not blame any state or government, but look at how section 66A of the Information Technology Act continues to be used, how many unfortunate people have suffered and there is no responsibility for it…”, said the chief justice.

  4. “It’s like a policeman wants to fix someone in a village for something, he can use section 124A… People are scared,” the bench said.

  5. Comparing the law to a carpenter, the chief justice said: “There is a huge abuse. To use sedition is like giving a saw to the carpenter to cut a piece of wood and he uses it to cut the whole forest himself ”.


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