5 of Ahsoka Tano’s best quotes from the Clone Wars (and her 5 best from Rebels)



Over the past thirteen years since its debut in Star wars, Ahsoka Tano has become one of the richest and most beloved characters in the franchise, an incredible aspect of both The clone wars and Star Wars: Rebels. In addition to having powerful and iconic scenes in these two shows, the Togrutan has given fans a huge catalog of great quotes.

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From heartwarming statements and moments of wisdom to emotional statements and spooky moments of dialogue, Ahsoka Tano has given her fans many quotes that will stay with them forever.

“It is the duty of every citizen to challenge their leaders, to keep them honest and to hold them accountable if they are not.”

Ahsoka teaches Mandalorian cadets including Korkie, Amos and Lagos about corruption and how citizens should hold leaders accountable in The Clone Wars

  • This quote is from Season 3 Episode 6 of The clone wars – “The Academy.”

Ahsoka Tano’s wisdom cannot be underestimated. Even early in her Jedi life, she displayed a great intelligence aimed at doing good to the people of the Galaxy, as can be clearly seen when teaching cadets on Mandalore.

Ahsoka’s point on a citizen’s duty to hold leadership accountable is relevant in Star wars and real life. She inspired the cadets and, with her lessons, ended up temporarily ending a huge chunk of corruption on Mandalore. This quote is so resonant and brilliant from the Young Jedi and is often forgotten.

“In my experience, when you think you understand force, you realize how little you know.”

Ahsoka finds Ezra at Chopper Base so they can leave for Malachor in Star Wars Rebels

  • This quote is from Season 2 Episode 20 of Star Wars: Rebels – “The mystery of the Chopper base.”

When discussing the parameters of a true Jedi, the names most often brought up with this idea are Kanan Jarrus, Qui-Gon Jinn, and Ahsoka Tano, with the latter’s mission in life to help people, and all. their respect because the Force is incredible.

Ahsoka says this quote to Ezra, who responds in a rather funny way that he never thought he understood the Force to begin with. This quote rings true for fans and characters. Whenever it seems like there is a better understanding of mystical energy, everyone realizes that the surface has barely been scratched.

“When I was there, on my own, all I had was your training and the lessons you taught me. And thanks to you I survived. And not only that, I was able to drive. the others to survive too. “

  • This quote is from Season 3 Episode 22 of The clone wars – “Wookie hunt.”

One of the first and most important tests of Ahsoka’s abilities came when she was captured by a group of Trandoshans whose escape seemed impossible. Upon her eventual return to safety, she and Anakin share an emotional reunion.

It’s a wonderful scene in between. Anakin’s worry about Ahsoka and her guilt over her capture, Ahsoka’s gratitude for everything Anakin had taught her so far, was heartwarming. The two are truly one of the greatest duos of The clone wars and Star wars globally.

“You should have seen him in person. Anakin Skywalker, he was my master.”

This quote is from Season 2 Episode 18 of Star Wars: Rebels – “Shroud of darkness.”

Ahsoka never lost her love, admiration and gratitude to Anakin, as the scene from Rebels where she watches a holographic recording of his teachings and talks about him to Ezra.

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Ahsoka goes on to say about his former master, “He was powerful, rarely lost a battle. What would have surprised people was how nice he was. He cared deeply for his friends and took care of them. ‘them until the end. ” It’s such an emotional moment for fans of their relationship knowing how much she admires him. This scene makes the revelation later in the same episode about Anakin’s true fate all the more painful.

“You’re a good Rex soldier. Just like every one of those men out there. They might be ready to die, but I won’t be the one to kill them.”

  • This quote is from Season 7 Episode 12 of The clone wars – “Victory and death.”

Anakin and Ahsoka are always the relationship fans will think of in the first place, but that should never hurt Rex and Ahsoka’s friendship, which just might be the best of them all. Star wars TV.

Ahsoka says this quote to Rex in the Siege of Mandalore arc, an arc with so many phenomenal quotes for both of them. As Rex cries over what’s going on, Ahsoka tells him that they won’t kill Jesse and the other men of the 332nd Company. Ahsoka’s strength here is admirable, refusing to kill good, innocent soldiers knowing that they seek to kill her and that Rex is not their choice. It’s a moment that inspires such respect for Ahsoka.

“So I definitely surpass you.”

Ahsoka and Rex have one last hologram conversation before Ahsoka arrives on Malachor in Star Wars Rebels

  • This quote is from Season 2 Episode 21 of Star Wars: Rebels – “Twilight Of The Apprentice: Part 1.”

In “Twilight of the Apprentice”, Ahsoka and Rex have their last known conversation as Ahsoka leaves for Malachor. It mirrors their very first conversation as Rex repeats his iconic quote: “In my book, experience trumps everything.”

This line is Ahsoka’s response to that, and the whole scene is a little, beautiful moment that turns out to be a temporary goodbye between them. After all, they were by this point, they deserved a goodbye and, combined with Rex’s reaction to Ahsoka’s alleged disappearance at the end of the episode, this moment is powerful.

“My older brother taught me.”

Ahsoka tells Trace she learned to fight with her older brother in Star Wars the Clone Wars

  • This quote is from Season 7 Episode 5 of The clone wars – “Gone with a trace.”

Despite all the criticism of the Martez sisters arc in Season 7, it was crucial to Ahsoka’s journey and gave audiences some wonderful Ahsoka moments, including this one.

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Wondering where Ahsoka learned to fight, Ahsoka said this line to Trace. So instinctively calling Anakin his brother is both sweet and heartbreaking to watch. She obviously missed him at this point, but knew she had to do what she was doing. It hits the fans straight into the feel.

“You cannot save your master, and I cannot save mine.”

Star Wars Rebels World Between Worlds Ezra Ahsoka

  • This quote comes from Season 4 Episode 13 of Star Wars: Rebels – “A world between worlds.”

“A World Between Worlds” answered the long-held question of whether or not Ahsoka was alive, and due to savage cosmic circumstances, she thankfully did. In the episode, she and Ezra must have realized that they had lost their masters.

Ezra desperately clings to the idea that he could save Kanan, but Ahsoka belittles him, knowing that it wouldn’t work, that everyone would die, and that Kanan’s moving sacrifice should be honored. Ezra had to let go, just like Ahsoka, which both characters did after leaving the world between worlds.

“Maybe, but I have to deal with this on my own, without the advice and without you.”

Ahsoka leaves Anakin Skywalker

  • This quote is from Season 5 Episode 20 of The Clone Wars – “The bad Jedi.”

One of the most heartbreaking Star wars moments never happen in season 5 of The clone wars when Ahsoka Tano walks away from the Jedi Order, rightly believing that they had let her down and that she needs to solve problems, on her own.

Everything about that quote and the exchange with Anakin hurts fans. Anakin’s confession to knowing what it’s like to want to leave, Ahsoka basically says she knows he’s in pain, then goodbye, it’s all so brilliantly, painfully designed, and it’s a moment that fans will never forget.

“I am not a Jedi.”

Ahsoka Tano Darth Vader Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Finale

  • This quote is from Season 2 Episode 22 of Star Wars: Rebels – “Twilight Of The Apprentice: Part 2.”

Ahsoka’s most iconic quote is undoubtedly “I am not a Jedi”. But more than that, the line represents just about every line spoken between Ahsoka and Vader during their duel over Malachor.

“Anakin! I won’t leave you, not this time. “Then I will avenge his death.” ” It would not be the first time. “Anakin.” All the dialogues are perfect for the duel and the fighters. Ahsoka’s fierce admission that she’s not a Jedi fits the character wonderfully and adds even more to an already emotionally charged battle.

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