5 Inspirational Quotes For Injured Athletes

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Athletes who have been injured are motivating.
They have the right to be frustrated and upset. They should be praised for their development and effort, not belittled or belittled, especially if their growth is slow or they experience setbacks. The fact that they are willing to overcome pain and frustration in order to heal their bodies and get back to doing what they love demonstrates their true character and commitment.

To injured athletes, here’s to you.
It’s for the days when you don’t want to finish your rehabilitation exercises. This one’s for when you’d rather do something other than ride a stationary bike. This one is for those days when you keep comparing yourself to your best self.

“If you push me towards a weakness, I will turn that weakness into a strength,” she says.

Michael Jordan, basketball player “When you feel like quitting, think about why you started” – Anonymous

“Those who say ‘You can’t’ and ‘You won’t’ are probably the ones who are afraid you will” – Anonymous

“When gripped by a temporary setback, one of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting.” – Not identified

“Everyone benefits from perseverance. Please don’t give up. Don’t surrender. There is always a solution to any problem. –Zamperini, Louis

“It’s not what you can do that gives you strength. It’s what you can’t do that gives you strength. I am the result of overcoming obstacles that you previously thought you could not overcome.

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