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Yeardley Smith is an American actress, writer, comedian and painter. She is best known for her longtime voice role as the character of “Lisa Simpson” in the very famous animated television series “The Simpsons”.

She successfully won the prestigious ‘Primetime Emmy Award’.

Smith started acting right after graduating from drama school. She landed a role in the play ‘The Real Thing’ which was performed in one of the biggest theaters in the world, ‘Broadway’.

However, it wasn’t until she landed her current position on The Simpsons series that she gave way to her breakthrough and gained her public recognition.

Here is our collection of the best quotes from Yeardley Smith:

40 wonderful quotes from Yeardley Smith

1. “Anytime Lisa laments that Bart is a pain in the ass, it’s always hilarious for me, and I think Nancy [Cartwright, who voices Bart] appreciate it too. – Anne-Sophie Smith

2. “You have the best audio quality and the best microphones. You can hear yourself through the headphones. It was such an incredible dream come true. I probably worked on it for three or four days, the singing part itself, and it feels like, Oh, man, I can really sing. It’s fantastic.” – Anne-Sophie Smith

3. “So to sing as Lisa I kind of have to tighten my throat a bit, which is the complete opposite of what you should do to sing.” – Anne-Sophie Smith

4. “I think the people’s perception of Lisa’s voice is that it’s very high, but I’m really more of a viola or a second soprano at least.” – Anne-Sophie Smith

5. “People often ask me this, if I get bored playing Lisa Simpson. Two things: First, like I said earlier, I really love her and every time I play her it’s like spending time with someone who is a part of you, who you grew up with, who you never want to be in a world without. And two, each week the words are different. – Anne-Sophie Smith

6. “So I just think we could get some real gold through a friendship between Lisa and Dwayne Johnson.” – Anne-Sophie Smith

7. “Tim Long wrote this episode, and oh, he was all about it. He had studied so many Morrissey performances and interviews, and he was determined to nail it as tightly as possible. I just thought that it was such a strong, brilliant and wonderful episode and one of the great perks of being animated. “- Anne-Sophie Smith

8. “The romance is dead – it was acquired in a hostile takeover bid by Hallmark and Disney, homogenized and sold piece by piece.” – Anne-Sophie Smith

9. “I probably have more fun with the original songs.” – Anne-Sophie Smith

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10. “But if we have a guest who isn’t singing, I really want The Rock to come over and befriend Lisa Simpson.” I just think it would be one of those really special episodes, kind of like when Lisa Simpson befriended Sideshow Bob for this episode. – Yeardley Smith

11. “But the ‘Union Strike Folk Song’ was just fine. I like that she is there all alone. I love that it’s kind of the old-fashioned way of putting your protest into play. And I was so surprised – I’m still surprised – that it’s a fan favorite. I’ve had a lot of correspondence on Twitter and stuff on this song and people fondly remember it. – Anne-Sophie Smith

12. “Kelsey Grammer came over and recorded with me another day of recording. He says he usually does this stuff separately, and that was great. It was one of my favorite recording days. – Anne-Sophie Smith

13. “Everyone kind of wondered why we were getting married on New Years Day, and sure enough sports enthusiasts wouldn’t come because they had to watch the Rose Bowl or whatever that day- the.” – Anne-Sophie Smith

14. “I remember the conviction in the lyrics and in Lisa, so even though the notes aren’t perfect, I think that goes a long way in selling a song. In this case, the song was actually roughly in my range. – Anne-Sophie Smith

15. “And so a lot of times the high end of the song is like, ‘I can’t go up there, because I can’t do it. It’s just impossible. Could you drop that a third, or can we do some kind of modulation? But still, they blackmail Lisa a lot. They derive immense joy from it. I have a lot of anxiety. “- Anne-Sophie Smith

16. “Two people so disparate, that you would never think would find common ground, got together and found common ground, and it was magical.” – Anne-Sophie Smith

17. “I couldn’t sing with Benedict [Cumberbatch], because he was in London. – Anne-Sophie Smith

18. “Science has already proven the dangers of tobacco, alcohol and Chinese food, but I can still spoil soft drinks for everyone!” “- Anne-Sophie Smith

19. “I remember taking a flight from New York just before the pandemic, and I watched two of those Pitch Perfect movies and loved them.” – Anne-Sophie Smith

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20. “I had a really good pitch, but I couldn’t compete in that arena, so I stopped auditioning for Broadway musicals because I clearly couldn’t do it. So I don’t know where anybody got the idea that I could really sing. – Yeardley Smith

21. “It’s worth mentioning that while it’s slightly out of my reach, they very graciously allow me to step away from Lisa Simpson a bit so I can hit the notes. Like in “God Bless The Child,” on The Simpsons Sing The Blues, there’s no way I could have made it to the top of this song as Lisa Simpson. I had to give up part of Yeardley in order to say it because it physically couldn’t happen. – Anne-Sophie Smith

22. “When I knew I wanted to be an actress, I took singing lessons. But once I moved to New York I was going to these musical auditions and I was so beside myself with people who had these extraordinarily powerful voices. – Anne-Sophie Smith

23. “I was a big fan of Flight Of the Conchords. He was so gracious and so kind. – Anne-Sophie Smith

24. “When I tell you that I have listened to this song 100 times, it is no exaggeration. I said to myself, “I’m going to be able to do this”, because it’s part of my job. “- Anne-Sophie Smith

25. “There was so much joy singing this Josh Groban song. I loved how much they loved him. Loved that we named him. We didn’t do a parody, it was actually Josh Groban. It was such a lovely episode. – Anne-Sophie Smith

26. “I have a good ear, but I don’t really read music.” – Anne-Sophie Smith

27. “We always let our guests know on the rare occasion they come in and check in with us. – Yeardley Smith

28. “I love Kristin Chenoweth, but I don’t want to duet with her, I would like her to come and sing on our show.” – Anne-Sophie Smith

29. “I love it when Lisa Simpson goes out of her way and she’s 8 years old. Again, back to “Moaning Lisa” and “Second Grade Blues”, where she spoke her truth at the age of 8. And I felt they had really succeeded, from a little girl’s point of view. Why don’t you go all over the neighborhood singing songs like that? Of course you would. I thought it was great. Yeah, it was so much fun. – Anne-Sophie Smith

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30. “You can’t create a monster, then whine when it stomps some buildings.” – Yeardley Smith

31. “Today, thanks to technology, you can really pick up people all over the world, and it’s pretty easy. But she (Lady Gaga) came in and we said, “This is the process, so don’t panic. All good. “And I got to stand next to her, and it was exciting. – Anne-Sophie Smith

32. “I didn’t know Benedict could sing. He recorded his track before me, so I had the great pleasure of listening to it, so maybe I couldn’t concentrate too, because I was like, “This is so awesome. ” I was in a cloud, in a fog. But he was fantastic. When he was doing Quilloughby, he wanted the character to come from Manchester, and he watched his accent himself. He truly is one of the most talented actors of our generation. – Anne-Sophie Smith

33. “As far as you know, they automatically set you up while they’re playing it, but that’s okay. I agree with that. I’m trying to pass myself off as something other than an 8 year old yellow kid with four fingers. – Anne-Sophie Smith

34. “Again, they always associate me with these people who really know how to sing. Emily Blunt is of Broadway caliber. And Lady Gaga! – Anne-Sophie Smith

35. “I remember going to this studio and working with the producer.” – Anne-Sophie Smith

36. “I don’t know why I kept singing harmony because, again, I’m not naturally musical that way. “- Anne-Sophie Smith

37. “I don’t think Lady Gaga came to the table reading, but she recorded with us and she was fantastic. She is so beautiful, so humble and so playful. – Anne-Sophie Smith

38. “It’s not our fault that our generation has short attention spans, Dad. We watch an appalling amount of television. – Anne-Sophie Smith

39. “So they start playing the song, and Lady Gaga starts singing. I’m like, ‘What the hell? Really? Really?’ I felt like I was chewing on metal parts and she is just this amazing singer. – Anne-Sophie Smith

40. “I started playing the piano when I was a kid and quit after three or four years. “- Anne-Sophie Smith


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