40 Secret Santa Gifts – National Today

Motivational water bottle with time marker

A practical and creative gift that facilitates the daily intake of water. It contains many timely reminders to help your Secret Santa never forget to take enough water to stay fit and healthy.

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The Hygge Talking Game

The word Hygge is Danish for “a feeling of well-being and togetherness”. The game works to create an atmosphere of enjoyable storytelling and conversation. This game comes with lots of questions to stimulate your brain. They’re great for conversation starters and getting the ball rolling at any get-together.

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100 Scratch Movies Poster

Your friends are guaranteed to have at least one favorite movie. Hopefully, that movie is on that poster. Until then, all you have to do is tackle the 100 iconic movies in this scratch off poster. Grab a bag of popcorn and dive into movie magic with this movie menu for serious movie buffs.

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The Good Hurt Fuego: Hot Sauce Gift Set Emergency Kit

If your friends like to pack hot sauce, they’re sure to get excited about this hot sauce set. The bottle may be tiny, but these globally-inspired sauces pack quite a punch. They’re guaranteed to kick any meal up a notch, from burgers and chicken tenders to a handful of potato chips.

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WTF nifty notes

When you spend a lot of time with a particular group of people, there are bound to be plenty of moments that make you all scratch your head. This funny secret Santa gift is a great addition to your group of friends that will help you solve the problem.

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