30 best police shows to air tonight 2021-2022


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A good criminal TV

For as long as humans tell stories, we’ve been obsessed with the twisted stories of the evil we do and the punishments the bad guys receive. (Or the revenge people seek when justice isn’t served.) So it’s no surprise that the collective fascination with the macabre has spread to all new media of entertainment, from old stories painted on the walls of caves to the Bible, Greek and modern mythology. comics, movies, video games and podcasts. Liars, murderers, adulterers and thieves, along with cops, lawyers and others who try to catch them, have had a particularly good run on television, where crime shows consistently top the ratings. , receive rave reviews, win awards, stimulate spin-offs and spark debate on social media.

Using the criteria above, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of the best murder mysteries, criminal capers, crime dramas, thrillers, proceedings, and even a few comedies that every wheelchair sleuth must watch at least once. Because for being a devotee of atrocity and unfamiliar with gender changers like Thread, Broadchurch, Twin peaks, and The blues of the hill street is, well, criminal.

If after eating all of this you still feel a little bit bloodthirsty, continue your investigation of all that is brutal and bizarre with the best real crime documentaries, real crime podcasts, and real books on crime. crime. Or if you need a break from the body count but not the entertainment, check out our picks for the best TV shows of all time and the beloved classic TV shows.

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Thread (2002-2008)

Not only is this gritty HBO series rated as one of the best crime shows of all time, it’s also widely rated as one of the best shows on TV, period. This is why it is practically criminal that in five seasons he has never been nominated for an Emmy for Best Drama and why the cast of the Powerhouse, including the late Michael Kenneth Williams, Idris Elba and Dominic West, have been. almost ignored by the awards committees. It started as a stellar drama about the Baltimore War on Drugs and a unit’s creative and ambitious wiretap strategy to take out the top of the pyramid, but it has expanded its reach each season to cover more. systemic ills that contribute to overall urban degradation. (It doesn’t cover classism and racism in hospitals, but many of the best doctor’s shows do.) Thread has always had authenticity on its side, thanks to designer David Simon’s years as a trade journalist in Baltimore. Come for the King – Williams’ Omar Little might just be the most interesting and complex street thug to grace the small screen – and stick with the nuanced social criticism, layered BIPOC characters, and well-written dialogue.

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