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The holiday season can be a tricky time to stay in shape. It’s a time to celebrate with family and friends, and it often involves consuming too much delicious food and skipping an exercise session or two. After all, it’s vacation!

Missing out on a few regular workout routines is by no means a big deal. The problem is when a few lazy days lead to losing your fitness rate altogether. Sometimes all we need is just a little motivation to stay the course.

24/7 Tempo has scoured the internet to compile a list of 25 motivational quotes to help you stay in shape this holiday season.

Some of the quotes come from world famous athletes who are known to be the best at their sport. Others are entrepreneurs and even ancient philosophers. But everyone will inspire (most people) in their fitness activities. For those who need technical help to stay in shape – Here are the top rated fitness and weight loss apps.

There are some people who are all about calories when it comes to staying in shape. Knowing how many calories a person is consuming is essential in preventing weight gain – this is how long you need to exercise to burn calories from your favorite foods.

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