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ABC series Once upon a time presents to the public a very different version of Captain Hook. He’s not the Disney hook Peter Pan, which sports a mustache and perm. Instead, Hook is a young, dashing pirate who is as charming as he is good looking.

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Throughout the show, Hook develops as a character. He becomes a hero and falls in love with Emma. However, his charisma does not diminish over time. Hook’s lines, which range from heartfelt to flirtatious, make fans fall for the pirate.

ten “A man who doesn’t want to fight for what he wants deserves what he gets.”

Hook and Rumple in Le Crocodile.

Hook debuts in Once upon a time after the first season, in the episode “The Crocodile”. Rumple goes to his ship and asks Hook to let his wife, Milah, go. Instead, Hook challenges him to a sword fight in exchange for Milah.

When Rumple refuses, Hook calls him a coward. His sentence about a man who doesn’t want to fight for what he wants deserves the consequences is harsh. However, his strong convictions are admirable. He became a fan favorite with many members of the audience from that single quote.

9 “I prefer the dashing Rapscallion. Scoundrel? “

Hook and Emma in the New York City Serenade episode of OUAT.

Hook finds Emma in New York in “New York City Serenade”, wanting to reunite her with her parents. But, because she left Storybrooke, she lost her memories. So Hook tries to convince Emma of the truth at a dinner party with her boyfriend, Walsh.

Emma calls him a fool and a liar. Hook corrects her by saying that he’d rather be called a “dashing thug” or a “scoundrel”. The combination of her low voice and raised eyebrows make the audience a bit weak in the knees.

8 “You don’t know Emma, ​​it’s you.”

Hook and Emma in Poor Unfortunate Souls.

Because Hook was once a villain, he’s afraid he’ll never have a happy ending. His fear grows when he remembers his problematic past with Ursula in “Poor Unfortunate Souls”. He feels guilty for being responsible for Ursula’s loss of voice.

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Hook confesses that he is afraid of losing his happy ending with Emma. When Emma asks what her happy ending is, he replies that it’s her. The emotion behind the confession and the kiss touches the heartstrings of viewers.

7 “I would be desperate if you did.”

Hook and Emma on the Beanstalk at OUAT.

In the episode “Tallahassee” centered on Captain Swan, Hook tells Emma and Mary Margaret that a magic compass can bring them home. However, if he helps them, he wants to join them in Storybrooke. After they agree, Hook leads them to a beanstalk where a giant and the compass reside.

Emma claims she will be accompanying Hook up the Beanstalk. But, Emma warns him: “Don’t think that I take my eyes off you for a second”, handing him her hook. Hook lovingly says he would be unhappy if she did.

6 “It’s called a waltz, and there’s only one rule, choose a partner who knows what they’re doing.”

Emma and Hook in Once Upon A Time season 3 finale

Emma and Hook fall through a portal in “Snow Drifts”, which transports them to the Enchanted Forest. But, they land in the past, the day Snow and Charming first met. When they mess up the timeline, the two have to go to the ball and make sure Emma’s parents fall in love.

At the ball, Emma says she can’t waltz. Hook says it’s simple, all you need is a partner who knows what he’s doing. After seeing Hook’s dancing skills, some viewers wish they were in Emma’s shoes.

5 “I actually prefer it with the lights on.”

Hook, Greg and Tamara in Once Upon A Time.

After stabbing Gold, Hook thinks he’s finally gotten his revenge. However, Greg and Tamara show her that Gold is still alive in “The Evil Queen”. To confront him, they capture Hook and tie him up.

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They take him to the clock tower and put a bag over his head. Hook says sarcastically to Greg and Tamara, “Actually, I prefer it with the lights on.” The fact that Hook makes an innuendo while being held captive is both hilarious and unsurprising.

4 “Maybe you are the one who couldn’t take it.”

Captain Hook and Emma Swan in Neverland in Once Upon A Time

David is poisoned with Dreamshade in Neverland during an altercation with the Lost Boys. In “Good Form”, Hook saves his life by leading him to magical water with healing properties. Emma later thanks Hook for his actions, and he hints that she might show her gratitude with a kiss.

Emma tells him he couldn’t stand the kiss, and Hook says, “Maybe you’re the one who couldn’t stand it,” with a smoldering gaze. This pickup line works as Emma surprises him with a kiss.

3 “There isn’t a day that will go by that I don’t think about you.”

Hook and Emma say goodbye to each other.

Another curse is posted on Storybrooke in the episode “Going Home”. The curse will return all of the townspeople to the Enchanted Forest, with no way to return. Emma must escape with Henry and say goodbye to her family, including Hook.

A great quote from Hook and Emma happens before she leaves. He tells Emma that he will always think of her. His words are both romantic and sincere. In response, Emma smiles and says, “Good”.

2 “When I prick you with my sword, you will feel it.”

Hook and Emma fight with the sword in OUAT.

Besides his hook, Hook’s weapon of choice is a sword. One of his most famous sword fights in the series is with Emma in “Queen of Hearts”. Emma and Mary Margaret must fight Hook and Cora to get back to Storybrooke.

As he fights with Emma, ​​Hook puts her on her back. Hook then whispers this line to him, which sounds like both a threat and an innuendo. This is by far one of Hook’s most iconic and flirtatious lines in the series.

1 “When I win your heart, and I win it, it won’t be because of a deception. It will be because you want me.”

Hook and Emma in Never Land

After Emma and Hook shared one of the best kisses ever Once upon a time, she later finds Neal living in Neverland. Emma is stuck in a love triangle but is too focused on finding Henry to make any decisions. As the two travel through the jungle in “Dark Hollow,” Hook pulls her aside to talk about their relationship.

During their conversation, Hook tells him that she will succeed in saving Henry. In addition, he mentions that when their mission is completed, he will win her heart without any tricks. He will win it because she wants it. As a result, fans and Emma are won over by this quote.

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