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The Wizarding World is full of many magical friendships, but one of the strongest is Fantastic beasts‘Triton and Jacob. Their relationship forms the backbone of the Fantastic beasts films, because an accidental meeting outside Steen National Bank throws them into each other’s lives.

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At first glance, their friendship may seem somewhat unlikely, given Jacob’s status as an individual No-Maj. However, bonds can sometimes be formed in the most unexpected places. Despite Jacob’s lack of magical ability, he and Newt share many of the same qualities and have become best of friends.

A new perspective

Jacob and Newt in Fantastic Beasts

Born into a wizarding family, Newt has known the wizarding world from a young age. The fantastic elements are a daily reality for the magizoologist, which means that many of the most wonderful aspects of this universe have lost their magical spark for the accomplished author.

His chance encounter with Jacob, however, allows him to develop a renewed appreciation for the wizarding community. Jacob gives Newt a new set of eyes, offering him the chance to see the haunting surroundings from a No-Maj individual’s perspective. Jacob’s disbelieving reactions to this fantastic realm reminded Newt of the first time he witnessed this incredible world, which adds a greater degree of relativity.

Team work

A key aspect of any great friendship is the notion of teamwork, the idea that two like-minded people will help each other when needed. Newt and Jacob demonstrate this skill several times during the Fantastic beasts films, and as a result the couple achieve their main goals.

Jacob in particular displays a willingness to help Newt hunt down his fantastic beings. The hapless baker may not have any magical abilities, but he always puts himself in danger to help bring some of this universe’s most dangerous beasts back to Newt’s suitcase. In return, Newt repairs Jacob’s apartment, after it has been destroyed by one of his fabulous creatures, showing that their teamwork goes both ways.

Newt’s kindness

Of all the wizards in the magical community, one of the nicest is arguably Newt Scamander. The author has a heart of gold, which helps to endear Jacob to this otherwise eccentric man. Newt is a man who cares deeply for those around him and shows intense loyalty to those he considers his friends.

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One of the greatest examples of Newt’s benevolent nature comes in the dying moments of the first Fantastic beasts movie. To help Jacob achieve his dream of opening his own bakery, the wizard leaves him a suitcase full of Occamy’s eggshells, which are considered extremely rare. Selling these eggshells gives Jacob the money to fulfill his ambitions and run the world’s best bakery business No-Maj.

Jacob’s bravery

One of the most heroic Muggle characters in Harry potter the universe is undoubtedly Jacob Kowalski. The adorable baker has shown courage throughout the Fantastic beasts frankness, showing a willingness to fight those who seek to spread oppression in the wizarding community.

Although Jacob is unable to use magic, he still does his best to help Newt and his allies in the battle against Grindelwald. First Fantastic beasts film, he chooses to help his new friends end the nefarious means of Percival Graves. Later in The Crimes of Grindelwald, Jacob once again demonstrates his noble intentions, as he stands with Newt against wizarding dictator Gellert Grindelwald.

Newt’s concerns about Jacob’s well-being

A good friend is someone who cares deeply for their boyfriend, and Newt demonstrates a caring nature towards Jacob throughout the franchise. The magizoologist always puts his friend’s best interest first and always makes sure to listen to Jacob when he needs someone by his side.

This is most clearly shown in The crimes of Grindelwald, who sees Jacob and his then-fiancée Queenie – whom some fans consider to be Fantastic beasts’ best couple – living in a flat in London. Queenie places Jacob under a loving spell in order to force him to marry her in the British capital, essentially stripping him of his free will. Newt expresses his concern for Jacob’s emotional well-being after Queenie’s cruel manipulation and demands that she remove the love spell, proving that the wizard is a man who still watches over his friend.

A shared love of fantastic beasts

Harry Potter Hufflepuff

Common interests are one of the most common reasons for forming a friendship, and Newt and Jacob are no exception. When Jacob meets the magical creatures Newt acquired on his travels, he develops a similar love for the author’s beasts. The No-Maj becomes equally determined to help his friend deal with these beings, and put them back in his suitcase when they escape.

The impact these fantastic beasts leave on Jacob can be seen in the first Fantastic beasts final scene of the film. After his memories are seemingly erased by the venom of Swooping Evil, Jacob opens his own bakery, which contains pastries that eerily resemble Newt’s beasts. The crimes of Grindelwald offers a closure on this plot point, confirming how he has managed to retain his knowledge as he views his encounters with magical animals as good memories, and Swooping Evil’s venom only erases bad memories.

Newt’s Defense Against Jacob’s No-Maj Status

The wizarding world in the Fantastic beasts the movies seem surprisingly divided, compared to how the universe is portrayed in the Harry potter movie theater. With No-Majs fearing the whispers of magical individuals living among them and some wizards a little scared of coexisting with more ordinary people, the society in these films seems somewhat fractured.

However, Newt has a very different attitude. Not only does he invite Jacob into his magical life, but he’s also very defensive in the face of Jacob’s no-majesty. Newt delivers one of his most inspiring quotes when he criticizes the detrimental behavior between No-Majs and magical people, showing a strong stand against those who discriminate against Jacob due to his lack of magical skills.

Jacob’s sacrificed love life

Queenie Goldstein (Alison Sudol) and Jacob Kowalski (Dan Fogler) in Fantastic Beasts

One of Jacob’s strongest character traits is his undying sense of loyalty. The baker is often seen throughout the Fantastic beasts franchise placing the lives of others before his own happiness, to benefit Newt’s cause to bring down Grindelwald. In turn, that means Newt can trust him, as he knows Jacob’s strong sense of morality means baker No-Maj won’t betray him.

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The greatest example of Jacob’s faith in Newt’s abilities comes The crimes of Grindelwald. When Jacob’s fiancée, Queenie, joins Grindelwald, instead of following Queenie’s lead, he chooses to stay with his magizoologist pal. Jacob effectively sacrifices his love life in order to support Newt through the battle ahead, proving that his unwavering faith in his friend will always triumph in the end.

Improve their confidence

Newt Scamander and Jacob Kowalski sitting together

Newt and Jacob are alike in many ways, but one of their most striking similarities is their lack of self-confidence. Both men tend to doubt their own abilities, even after achieving truly remarkable feats. Newt is particularly insecure of his social skills, while Jacob frequently underestimates his own importance, due to his lack of magical skills.

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Throughout their adventures, Newt and Jacob bring out the best in each other. Jacob’s friendly relationship with Newt increases the wizard’s confidence in his conversational technique. Meanwhile, Newt’s trust in Jacob causes the baker to develop a more optimistic view of his own abilities, which helps bring out Jacob’s fighting spirit.

Jacob’s romantic advice

Newt Scamander, Tina Goldstein and Jacob Kowalski in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Newt may be an expert on the subject of magical creatures, but there is one aspect of the universe he lives in that he is less familiar with. The sorcerer is visibly desperate to communicate with women, demonstrating a certain inability to attract their interests. Newt needs the help of a more conscious man to guide him through this unknown world.

During the Fantastic beasts films, Jacob becomes the male individual Newt needs. When Newt suggests describing Tina’s eyes as those of a salamander, Jacob strongly advises her against using those words and offers his friend some wise advice on how to flirt with women. Individual No-Maj turns out to be the perfect confidant in romantic affairs for Newt, and his aide helps his friend secure Tina’s affections.

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