10 Quotes That Prove Stefan And Lexi Have The Best Vampire Diaries Friendship

Although The Vampire Diaries is an entertaining show meant to create sea wars, it’s hard for fans to argue that most of the show’s relationships and friendships weren’t at least a little toxic. With many characters turning off their humanity and hurting those around them, it’s hard to find characters who truly love and respect each other.

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The exception to this trend is one of the show’s best relationships, which unfortunately got very little screen time: Stefan and Lexi’s friendship. Lexi is introduced early in the first season to be killed off in the same episode, but recurring appearances in flashbacks and as a ghost show that whenever Stefan needed someone, Lexi was there to help him be. the best of himself.

ten It was never romantic

“Lexi isn’t exactly a girl. She’s 350. And she’s my oldest friend. Nothing romantic. Never.”

Stefan and Lexi on Vampire Diares

One of the things that makes Stefan and Lexi’s friendship so pure is that it never had a romantic component. There were no will-they-won’t-they questions about it. Lexi had a lover before she met Stefan, and she stood by Stefan as a friend, confidant, and even wingman as he tried to find his own.

It was the best of Stefan The Vampire Diaries friendship because they never had to worry about anything else. There was never the heartache and complexities that relationships on this show often bring.

9 She protected him fiercely

“You didn’t even know Katherine.” “Because if I did, I’d kick him a**”

Lexi in Vampire Diaries

One of the more convoluted dynamics was that of Stefan and Katherine RST relationship, which always involved at least one of them using the other. Katherine was a survivor, and Stefan veered violently between being morally righteous and out of control. With all of that put together, these characters just weren’t right for each other.

It was something Lexi quickly understood, knowing the pain Stefan was feeling because of Katherine. When Stefan argued that Lexi couldn’t know how destructive Katherine’s presence in his life was because she had never met her, Lexi informed him that she would have hurt Katherine if she had met her. , and her age means she could probably do it too. .


8 She advised him on his love life

“Contrary to popular belief, there are actually many ones. Especially for a vampire. The only way to find another is to let go and move on.”

Lexi and Stefan in the car in Vampire Diaries

While Lexi was willing to help Stefan try to get and keep Elena alive, she also pulls him away from her as Stelena starts to get complicated, even suggesting he turn to Caroline instead ( foreshadowing Stefan and Caroline’s relationship of several seasons. ).

One of the best things she does for him, however, is not to deny his feelings by guiding him to move past them. She acknowledged that Elena was the only one and always will be, but that there are also other “ones” who would be better for him at other times.

7 She was the only one he could play with

“So you came back, what, five minutes, and you’re already laughing at me?” “No, I’ve been laughing at you for a while. You just couldn’t see me.

Stefan and Lexi joke about the Vampire Diares

Something that fans and characters immediately noticed when Lexi joined the show was her ability to make Stefan open up and be carefree in a way that he couldn’t be with anyone else. He smiled, laughed and joked with her, and she gave everything she received.

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When she came back from the dead, their dynamic returned with ease. They wasted no time in mourning or bitterness, contenting themselves with having fun whenever they had the chance. All of Stefan’s other relationships feel rigid and siloed by comparison.

6 She stopped Damon from hurting Stefan More

“That’s why you can’t go. It might be good for you, Damon, but it will destroy Stefan. For once, you have to put someone else ahead of you.”

Lexi and Damon in The Vampire Diaries

One of the things that make relationships on The Vampire Diaries so complicated is the fact that being with Stefan requires dealing with Damon and vice versa. Lexi did this skillfully, as she had seen both characters at their worst, and tried to help them through it. She knew some of the worst things the Salvatore brothers did to each other, and rather than judge them for it, she wanted to bring them together.

Despite this, Lexi knew when Stefan was too fragile to be with Damon and knew how to convince Damon to keep his distance. Her skill at manipulating Damon made her an even better friend to Stefan, and her dislike for him kept her from following Elena’s path.

5 She stayed in the afterlife for him

“How are we supposed to [Let Go] When the Knuckleheads we care about can’t seem to keep their lives in order?”

Alaric in The Vampire Diaries

Alaric actually said that quote, but he said those words to Lexi and it represents his relationship with Stefan perfectly. Although she died in the first season, Lexi showed up several times over the course of the series, demonstrating that she couldn’t find peace until she took proper care of Stefan and had helped him out of the damage he had caused.

It wasn’t until she saved him from a dangerous threat and gained his blessing that she freed herself to move on. Even then, she would see him again, and that makes their relationship so powerful: it truly transcends life and death.

4 She saved him from himself

“Because once you can hurt, you can love.”

Lexi and Stefan in the past on The Vampire Diaries

This is one of Lexi Branson’s best quotes, and it’s not hard to see why. Audiences learned early on that Lexi saw Stefan at his worst, but watching her guide him back to himself is something else entirely. Lexi thought being a vampire was one of the best things in life, but she also recognized the terrible things that came with it.

Vampires feel things more powerfully than humans, which makes being a vampire so interesting. As Lexi says, it hurts like crazy, but if the pain is magnified that much, how much better will the magnified love be?

3 She made sure someone else could help her after she left

“Ripper Detox 101. Crash course.”

Lexi and Elena in Vampire Diaries

Lexi was there for most of Stefan’s long life so she could pick him up after he fell, but her death prevents her from helping him in the future. One of the first things she did upon her return was to find Elena so she could teach her how to bring Stefan back.

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She knew she only had a limited amount of time, but she wanted to make sure Stefan was taken care of long after he was gone. This shows that she didn’t just have a savior complex; she really wants to see Stefan be his best self, with or without her.

2 She knew him best

“That’s the benefit of knowing someone for over a hundred years. You can just be yourself.”

Lexi and Stefan hug for her birthday in Vampire Diaries

When Elena first saw how carefree Stefan was around Lexi, she was jealous that Elena could make him feel so safe when Elena herself couldn’t. Lexi explained it to him, telling him that in many ways it’s only a matter of time.

Lexi had seen Stefan at his best and she had seen him at his worst. He wasn’t afraid to hurt her like he had with Elena, and it freed him to be himself, all around her in a way no one else could. .

1 They were each other’s peace

“I felt epic.”

Lexi and Stefan hug in the afterlife in The Vampire Diaries

Those words, originally spoken by Lexi before being echoed by Stefan, are actually the name of the finale, so it’s a good sign for fans of their significance. After sacrificing himself, Stefan says these words to Lexi, whom he sees on the other side.

Since fans saw Lexi find peace earlier in the series, that means Stefan is also at peace, and his version of peace is with his platonic soulmate.

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