10 quotes that prove Mickey and Ian were the shamelessly best couple

Ian Gallagher and Mickey Milkovich go through the wringer during their relationship in Shameless. The two young men formed an instant connection during the show’s first season, and they survived everything from abusive parents, prison sentences and even a sabotaged marriage as the series unfolded. .

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Despite their many hardships, Ian and Mickey (affectionately known as “Gallavich”) have always found each other when separated by circumstance, proving through their actions and dialogue that they are the best couple on Shameless.


Spousal privilege

“I love you…and I trust you.”

Mickey Milkovich and Ian Gallagher holding hands

When news of their parole officer’s murder broke, both Ian and Mickey suspected the other of taking her. The marriage conversation was sparked by Ian’s fear that they would have to testify against each other. Although Mickey was initially unhappy with this reasoning, Ian reassured Mickey that they would marry because they love and trust each other.

Trust plays an important role in Ian and Mickey’s relationship, as both men grew up without the security of responsible parents. They had to learn early on to rely only on themselves, making their declaration of confidence all the more meaningful.

Confront Terry

“You are so much better than that.”

Ian and Mickey in uniform

When Terry Milkovich moved next door to the Gallagher house, he took to constantly harassing Mickey, a pursuit that didn’t lessen even after he was crippled by a stray bullet. Pushed to the limit, Mickey almost shot Terry to end the ordeal for good but hesitated when he heard Ian’s voice.

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Assuring Mickey that he had become a much better man than his father could ever be, Ian convinced him that he didn’t need to stoop to his level. With Ian’s help and his own self-confidence, Mickey found he no longer needed to impress his father or seek his approval.

A proposal to remember

“Unfortunately for you, I’m not the kind of guy who lets people talk about the man he loves.”

Ian Gallagher defeats Byron

In one of the most truly brazen proposals, Ian and Mickey brought their own dates to a bar in an attempt to make the other jealous. Ian overheard Mickey date Byron insulting Mickey to his friends and stepped in to calmly denounce his behavior before, of course, punching Byron and starting a fight in the bar. Once the fight was interrupted, Ian remained on his knees and took the opportunity to properly propose to Mickey.

Ian and Mickey always saw the best in each other and stood up for themselves without hesitation. If their declarations of love are far from conventional, the love story of Ian and Mickey is the most memorable of all the couples of Shameless.

Mickey coming out party

“Ian, what you and I have sets me free.”

Ian Gallagher and Mickey Milkovich at the Alibi

There are plenty of Mickey quotes that sum up his personality as a character, but this one particularly stands out as the perfect descriptor of his love for Ian. While trying to keep up appearances with Svetlana and Yevgeny for his father’s sake, Mickey was also confronted by a drunken Ian who refused to be ignored.

Having lived his entire life in the closet, Mickey’s relationship with Ian became his first true source of happiness. Although Ian put unfair pressure on Mickey to go public with their relationship before he was ready, Mickey’s exit marked the first step towards a life free from his father’s reign of terror.

Mickey’s Pledge

“I can take care of him, okay? Let me take care of him until he’s better.”

Mickey and Mandy Milkovich in Shameless

Mickey and Ian’s newfound happiness was short-lived as the couple were instantly thrown back into torment with the discovery of Ian’s diagnosis. Frightened by Ian’s sudden depression, Mickey turned to the Gallaghers for help. As Fiona wanted to take Ian to a clinic, having suffered the effects of bipolar disorder through Monica, Mickey fought back and insisted that Ian stay with him until he recovered.

For the first time, Fiona saw how passionate Mickey was for Ian, and mutual respect began to build between them. Although Ian later doubted his commitment to their relationship, Mickey never second guessed staying with Ian throughout his treatment.


“I love you. It means we take care of each other. … It means fat and thin, good times, bad, sick, healthy, all that S—.”

Mickey Milkovich and Ian Gallagher have broken up

While Gallavich’s breakup was painful for viewers, it also contained one of the most inspirational quotes from Ian and Mickey’s relationship. Ian’s struggle to adjust to treatment after his diagnosis spoke to many viewers who have had similar mental health experiences. Ian broke up with Mickey, believing he intended to “fix” Ian rather than support him.

Despite being heartbroken, Mickey never gave up on Ian and even waited for him throughout his prison term, hoping that Ian would realize that Mickey never wanted to change anything about him. One of the strongest aspects of Ian and Mickey as a couple is their undying devotion to each other through the worst of times.

Move to the Westside

“You are my husband. If you are not happy there, then we don’t need to be there.”

The marriage presented new challenges for the couple as Ian and Mickey struggled to choose where to live after Lip decided to sell the Gallagher house. While Ian was excited about the new transition in their life as a married couple, Mickey struggled to adjust to the stark differences of life on the Westside.

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After Ian discovered that Mickey had snuck out to sleep over at the Gallaghers’ rather than their brand new apartment, he assured Mickey that they would go where he felt most comfortable. In the past, Ian and Mickey avoided their problems and chose to vent their frustrations. Their calm discussion of Mickey’s insecurities is proof that they’ve grown much more emotionally mature.

romantic gestures

“Facetime your brother. See the baby.”

Ian Gallagher with phone in jail

While his gruff exterior would indicate otherwise, Mickey has proven to be one of the most romantic partners in Shameless. While Ian and Mickey were serving their prison sentences, Lip and Tami’s baby was born, which made Ian even more nostalgic. Feeling that Ian missed his older brother and wished he could meet his nephew, Mickey used what little money he had to get a contraband phone so Ian could Facetime Lip and baby Fred.

This sweet gesture made Ian feel a bit at home while reminding him of exactly why he fell in love with Mickey Milkovich in the first place. Mickey’s actions with Ian were never performative, only done for the purpose of seeing Ian completely happy.

Ian’s parole

“I want to be where you are, Mickey.”

Ian Gallagher and Mickey Milkovich in jail in Shameless

When Mickey and Ian’s prison reunion was threatened by Ian’s impending parole, the couple struggled with the idea of ​​being apart again. Although Mickey initially implied that Ian was revoking his parole so they could finish their sentences together, he soon realized it would be selfish of him to ask Ian to stay and urged Ian to accept his chance to return home.

Despite all the bickering and arguments that arose while they shared a cell, Ian and Mickey were still reluctant to leave each other. Having finally figured out that they belonged together, neither was willing to spend any more time being apart.

Become parents

“You are going to be a great dad.”

Ian Gallagher and Mickey Milkovich kiss in Shameless

Since the children of Shameless never had great parents or guardians to look up to, it’s understandable that they’re hesitant about parenthood themselves. Mickey’s own traumatic experiences surrounding Yevgeny’s conception, though not discussed in later seasons, undoubtedly affected how he viewed himself as a father.

Secure in their new life and marriage together, Mickey and Ian set out to break the cycle of their own childhoods and begin to imagine their future as parents. Ian’s assurance that Mickey would be a great father shows how far the couple have come since meeting in season one.

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