10 quotes that prove Jon and Robb were the best siblings

If it turned out that they were really cousins ​​and they didn’t manage to spend too much screen time with each other in game of thrones, Jon Snow and Robb Stark have proven to be great siblings to each other. They didn’t always agree, but there was a respect there that couldn’t be doubted.

With Dragon Housecontinuing to add to the mythology of Westeros, it’s fascinating to look back at one of the most vital sibling relationships in franchise history. These quotes provide a deeper insight into what it was like growing up in the Stark family alongside each other.


10/10 “Next time I see you, you’ll be all in black.”

Robb Stark – Season 1, Episode 2

Robb Stark was one of the few Stark family members who was truly supportive of Jon. Although Arya always had a personal connection with him, Robb respected Jon’s movements and made a pact that he would see him again someday, in his new line of work.

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Robb was one of the first to feel excited about his brother joining the Night’s Watch and clearly felt he would make the long journey to the Wall to continue sharing that pride. However, sadly, that moment never happened as Robb was killed before they could see each other again. Interestingly, it also acts as a Eternalsreference.

9/10 “It was always my color.”

Jon Snow – Season 1, Episode 2

Jon Snow was considered the black sheep of the family; the pariah. But it was Robb he felt most comfortable with, alongside Arya. He could even make jokes about being the odd one out, and Robb felt some sympathy for that. Around the Stark, Snow could claim who he was.

Jokes that black has always been his color anyway because of his position in the family, is also a reference to him taking black in Night’s Watch; the famous uniform they had to put on. There’s also something about fate in there, as if both brothers understand their duties and roles. The spinoff would do well to avoid some of those Night’s Watch tropes from Game of thrones.

8/10 “I should be here. I should be with him.”

Jon Snow – Season 1, Episode 9

Robb Stark has been named King in the North and has decided to lead his armies into war. It was a tense time within the Stark family and it was finally the time when they would claim the Iron Throne, or at the very least reside in their territory.

Jon Snow was very attached to his brother’s decision to take the family into battle. When Sam broke the news to him, he angrily said he should stand by her side. Snow was willing to die in battle alongside Robb against their worst enemies, to safeguard the rightful king in his mind.

7/10 “Father is watching.” “Relax your bow arm.”

Jon Snow and Robb Stark – Season 1, Episode 1

Jon Snow and Robb Stark care deeply about their family. They also see each other as a good enough fighter and a brother wise enough to help guide the future of their household. The duo teamed up to show Bran a few things as he tried to shoot an arrow.

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They traded advice with each other, with Jon noting that Ned Stark was watching for Bran to show the best behavior, while Robb offered practical advice. They knew they complimented each other well and hoped they would make Bran a good marksman if they worked together.

6/10 “I’ve been jealous of Robb all my life.”

Jon Snow – Season 4, Episode 1

Jon Snow took some time to remember Robb Stark after his death and the many inspiring things he said. But Jon also reflected on how he felt about his brother and what their relationship was really like. He noted that he was still jealous of Chief Stark.

He was better in every way and had the love and admiration of his family in a way that Jon never had. But he still loved and supported him, understanding that it wasn’t Robb’s fault that things turned out the way they did. They were always brothers through and through and never really rivals.

5/10 “I couldn’t love a child without a mother.”

Catelyn Stark – Season 3, Episode 2

Sometimes it’s the words of others that can give better context to how siblings relate to each other. Catelyn Stark poured out her heart and soul as she admitted she could never truly love Jon Snow and was partly responsible for his underdog position within the family.

Robb and Catelyn were incredibly close by comparison. It would have been easy for Robb to turn his back on his brother like Catelyn had done. Instead, he continued to welcome Jon Snow with open arms, showing just how much he cared about him.

4/10 “The runt from the litter. This one’s yours Snow.”

Theon Greyjoy – Season 1, Episode 1

The Starks discovered a dead Direwolf, who had been killed by a deer. While this may have been a symbolic moment, it also says a lot about Jon and Robb’s relationship. Each of the Stark children was given a Direwolf to train and care for.

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Jon discovered that there was one more, a white wolf that contrasted with the gray of the others. Theon Greyjoy joked that it was the runt of the litter and therefore belonged to Jon. However, it was Robb who didn’t react to this joke, instead looking approvingly at the fact that Snow would be brought a little further into the family. He understood the symbol better than anyone.

3/10 “What you did for her is the only reason I’m not killing you.”

Jon Snow – Season 7, Episode 4

Theon Greyjoy was like Robb and Jon’s third brother. Some unpopular opinions would suggest that Robb was sometimes closer to Theon than Jon. When Theon decided to light up House Stark, it was a huge blow for both brothers. Robb never got revenge.

Once Jon finally confronted Theon, he essentially channeled his inner Robb. He understood that family came first and that the way Theon had protected Sansa was something Robb would have respected. But just like Robb, he was also willing to kill to protect Winterfell. The parallel in how Jon made that choice versus what Robb would have done shows how close they were and how Jon continued to hold Robb’s wishes in his heart.

2/10 “You are a Stark.”

Jon Snow – Season 7, Episode 7

Jon Snow’s life was defined by the kindness of Robb Stark. Ned also had a huge role to play, but if Robb had rejected him as a child, he would never have achieved the ranks he eventually achieved. Robb Stark has always seen Jon as a Stark, and when the time comes, Snow might do the same for someone else.

The way Jon accepted Theon, naming him a Stark, is exactly what Robb had done for him before. The moment shows how difficult it can be to get someone in from the outside, but how important it is, too. It says a lot about the relationship between Robb and Jon, that the Stark was able to do this long before Snow could do the same. The parallels are once again clear, as Jon continues to find ways to honor Robb’s legacy.

1/10 “King of the North!”

The Northerners – Season 6, Episode 10

Only two people have held the King in the North title lately game of thrones the story. The first was Robb Stark, whom Jon Snow would have gladly supported. He sought to free the northerners and died trying. Either way, it was a historic moment that saw House Stark pull ranks.

Jon Snow was the second to be crowned in place of Robb. The chants of King in the North rained on Jon as they did on Robb before him. But it was also a symbolic moment; an indication that Jon would continue his brother’s legacy in a way that others in House Stark could not. For Jon, it was an honor because of what Robb had left behind, and he was sure he lived up to it.

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