10 Quotes From Ragnar That Prove He Was The Most Ambitious King

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There are many rulers everywhere vikings, but Ragnar Lothbrok proved to be the most ambitious king. He was interested in adventure and exploring the unknown, whether it was creating peace with strangers or fighting them for territory and riches. These quotes from Ragnar prove how ambitious he was as a ruler.


“Don’t waste your time looking back.”

What Could Have Been – Season 4, Episode 6

Ragnar has some of the best quotes from vikings and part of his personality was that he cared deeply for his children and wanted to raise them to be good and strong men. When he takes two of his sons to the conquest with him, he gives them this sage advice.

It seemed harsh at the time as it was the first time the young boys had left Kattegat and their mother. However, Ragnar was trying to be a great king, and one way to do that was to groom his children to be strong rulers as well.

“It’s about our children and their children.”

Warrior’s Fate – Season 3, Episode 3

When Ragnar agrees to fight for King Echbert for the Mercian throne, Floki is outraged at the prospect of working with the Christians, claiming that their religions have made them sure enemies. Ragnar tells Floki it’s not about him, it’s about the future of their children and their people.

In hindsight, even though Echbert loved Ragnar, he was not a good ally and was only interested in gaining power for himself. However, Ragnar had the right idea when trying to create alliances in England. By attempting to create a peaceful union with the Christians, Ragnar hoped to gain land and power for the next generations to come.

“Life did not come with instructions.”

Everything Changes – Season 1, Episode 9

In this episode, Ragnar travels with some of his men to Gotaland. However, the most notable part of this storyline is when he cheats on his wife Lagertha with Aslaug and abandons his people. When he tells Aslaug that he made mistakes because life didn’t come with instructions, he excuses his bad decisions.

Although this line was used as an excuse for his actions, this quote also highlights that Ragnar was not a perfect king. He made decisions that didn’t seem right at the time, but that helped his long-term mission. He felt it was his destiny to have many sons and that would be the legacy of his people, and his affair with Aslaug built that legacy.

“We fight. This is how we win and this is how we die.”

Warrior’s Fate – Season 3, Episode 3

There have been great battles in vikings. Although there is plenty of drama and suspense in the series, violence and glory in battle was the Viking way of life, and Ragnar always honored the ways of his people.

Ragnar also knew that the best course of action was not always violence. While he was ambitious in his attempts to gain land and power, he also tried to create alliances with other rulers that would lead to peace rather than war. However, he continued to raid and fight because he knew that was the way to win his desires or die trying.

“I’m constantly torn between killing myself or everyone around me.”

Yol – Season 4, Episode 4

It may seem shocking to see this quote in this list. While Ragnar was a great king in his story, his ambitions also weighed on him mentally and he was often portrayed as emotionally unstable.

However, it would have been more concerning if Ragnar was completely stable considering all the power he had control over. For Ragnar, he didn’t feel like power was something that made him untouchable or better than others. When he said things like that, it was clear that Ragnar felt he had a lot on his shoulders because he knew it was his responsibility to make the right decisions for his people.

“Power is only given to those willing to stoop to pick it up.”

Mercenary – Season 3, Episode 1

Ragnar is the best king in the series and that’s because he understands what it means to hold power. When talking to his eldest son, Bjorn, about being a leader, Bjorn seems to think power means having control.

At this point, Ragnar has a lot of respect from his people, earned over many years of success. However, there would be a time when Bjorn would likely take over as ruler of Kattegat. Although this quote seems to contradict itself, it emphasizes that great leaders know they must humble themselves in positions of great responsibility. He understood that ambition had to be balanced with a cool head.

“We are all destined to die some day, yes?”

Warrior’s Fate – Season 3, Episode 3

Many fans believe that Ragnar’s death ruined the series. However, it was inevitable that he would one day meet his end and no longer be king, as he expressed in this quote.

When Floki is distraught over the death of a friend, he blames Ragnar for the situation he put them in. Although Ragnar is upset by these accusations, he chooses to make a lesson of them. He knows that all their ambitions will not always turn out in their favor and points out that they are all destined to die one day. Ragnar also understands that not all of his ambitions will always lead to a happy ending and that sacrifices must be made.

“Who wants to be king?”

The Outsider – Season 4, Episode 11

This is one of Ragnar’s most famous quotes during his time on the show. After his defeat in France against Rollo, he disappears for many years, without his people or his sons knowing if he is alive or if he will ever return to Kattegat.

When he finally returns, he knows people will no longer trust him as a leader. To make a point, he confronts his sons and the people around him, asking who wants to step in and fight him for control. In doing so, he proves that he is still someone to be feared and therefore still fit to rule the Kattegat. When he returns as king, he is still ambitious, working for others to follow him one last time to England.

“My death comes without excuses.”

All His Angels – Season 4, Episode 15

At the time of Ragnar’s disappearance, many fans were hoping that he would once again find a way out of a sticky situation. It was heartbreaking to see that Ragnar Lothbrok had no other tricks up his sleeve and was about to meet his end.

However, his death scene once again reiterated what a good ruler he was. He did not apologize for the decisions he made because they were for the good of his people. Although his ambitious nature inevitably led to his death, he was determined to see his battles through to the end.

“Odin gave his eye to gain knowledge…but I would give so much more.”

Rites of Passage – Episode 1, Season 1

From the first episode, Ragnar made it clear that he was quite an ambitious man. Even though he was just a simple farmer when the show opened, he was looking for more. Not only did he want to be king, he wanted to travel where no other Viking had gone and become famous.

By saying that line to his young son, Bjorn, he was not proving that he was more ambitious than their God. Instead, he insisted that he strove to impress Odin and go where no other man dared. He was no jarl and had no position of power, but he had the ambition that made him an exceptional leader.

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