10 Quotes From Cortana And Chief That Prove They Have The Best Relationship

It’s been two big months for the Halo franchise. Following the release of Halo: Infinitethe long awaited Halo TV series created. At the heart of both is the relationship between Master Chief and Cortana. Cortana was Master Chief’s assigned AI before the first game and had been his trusted companion for many years.

The flirtatious nature of the relationship between them has created a unique dynamic for the characters in the game. The two share a bond of love that few can experience. There are so many quotes that explain why their relationship is so special.

Give a gift (Halo 2)

Cortana: “Thanks for the tank. It never gets me anything”

Cortana thanks Johnson for the Scorpion Tank in Halo 2

Cortana and Master Chief’s playful flirtatious banter is part of the reason the relationship between these two characters resonated with so many. When Sgt. Johnson brings Master Chief a Scorpion tank to battle the Covenant Beetle, Cortana takes the opportunity to tease Master Chief about their relationship.


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There are hundreds of lines in games like this that add levity to the situation. Cortana and Master Chief are very confident when together. They can do it all and beat all odds. But maybe Master Chief should have given him a gift once in a while.

Make promises (Halo 2)

Master Chief: “After I’m done with the earth…” Cortana: “Don’t make a promise to a girl if you know you can’t keep her”

Master Chief talking to Cortana in Halo 2

Towards the end of Halo 2, Master Chief had to leave Cortana behind so he could stop Truth from escaping to Earth. Cortana stays behind so she can detonate the In Amber Clad’s engines. When Chief arrives on Truth’s ship, she wishes him luck, to which he responds with “After I’m done with Earth…” but Cortana cuts him off, knowing they may never see each other again. to be never again.

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Cortana was ready to die at the time, but Chief still believed in their relationship and refused to let her go. He knew they would be light years away, but he was sure he could come back to her. Cortana believed in the leader but knew the odds of him ever coming back for her.

Awakening a Legend (Halo 4)

Cortana: “Wake up boss. I need you”

Cortana wakes up Master Chief in Halo 4

At the end of Halo 3Master Chief and Cortana are left adrift in the rear half of the Forward Unto Dawn, which is floating in space after the destruction of Installation 00. As it will take months, if not years, for the UNSC to find them , Chief enters a cryogenic chamber and tells Cortana to wake him up if she needs him.

Halo 4 opens with the ship being boarded by enemies and Cortana waking up Master Chief. Cortana has been left alone in this ship’s computer for so long, but she wakes him up because she needs him. She still needs him. Not because he has to fight the bad guys, but because they’re partners and she knows she’s dying.

Revealing His Motives (Halo 4)

Cortana: “I’m not doing this for humanity.”

Cortana saves Master Chief in Halo 4

As the Didact prepares to destroy the entire human race to create his Prometheans in Halo 4, Master Chief attempts to stop him but is overpowered. As Chief hangs over a ledge, several versions of Cortana emerge from the bridge of light and attack the Didact. The Didact doesn’t understand why Cortana is trying to save humans since she’s above them, but she’s not doing it for humanity.

Cortana has repeatedly proven that she would do anything for Master Chief. She loved him, and in her final moments she was able to save him as he had done so many times. As she begins to deteriorate, Cortana just wants to save the man she’s loved for all these years.

Cortana’s choices (Halo: Infinite)

Cortana: “I chose master chef well. I really did. Now it’s up to you”

Cortana says goodbye in Halo: Infinite

Reddit may have unpopular views on Halo: Infinite, but Cortana is not one of them. Just before it was too late, Cortana learned that what she was doing was wrong and she enacted a plan that would allow the Master Chief and the Weapon to stop the Banished from taking over Zeta. Halo. In her final moments, she left a message for the Master Chief saying goodbye, one last time.

Cortana chose Master Chief as her partner because of what she saw in him. Every Spartan had the skills, but Master Chief had the luck on his side. Cortana knew they would go well together and she was right. But she hesitated, and now it was time to put things right.

Cortana knows the leader can put his plan into action (Halo 2)

Cortana: “Unfortunately for both of us, I like crazy people”

Master Chief returns his bomb to the Covenant in Halo 2

The opening events of Halo 2one of the best Halo according to Metacritic, seeing Earth attacked by a Covenant fleet and a bomb planted on one of their military satellites. Luckily, Master Chief was able to deactivate the bomb just in time. Master Chief then takes the bomb into the airlock and launches it into space to destroy one of the Covenant battleships.

This quote comes after an exchange where Cortana calls Master Chief crazy for making this plan. It could get them killed, but Cortana trusted Master Chief to protect them both. The thrill of being with Master Chief outweighed any risks this plan might have.

A Potential Farewell (Halo 3)

Cortana: “If we don’t make it…it’s been an honor to serve with you John”

Master Chief and Cortana escaping from Facility 00 at the end of Halo 3

As Facility 00 begins to explode, Cortana, Master Chief, and the Arbiter rush to the Forward Unto Dawn to make a daring escape. This is one of the best levels in Halo franchise. Once inside, Cortana activates the engines and the ships begin to fly to safety, but Master Chief and Cortana are stuck in the back with an open cargo bay. The leader is nearly blown away but manages to save himself and just as it seems they can’t escape, Cortana tells him it was an honor.

They are more than partners at this stage of the games. Their relationship is central to the entire franchise. Halo 3 felt like the end of the franchise and Cortana wanted to make sure Master Chief knew how much their time together meant to her. The boss is a bit closed off, but Cortana always knows how much she means to him.

The Leader Reflects on What Could Have Been (Halo: Infinite)

Master Chief: “I should have stopped. I could have reasoned with her”

Master Chief telling the weapon it's his fault in Halo Infinite

Halo: Infinite a Master Chief and the Weapon, a copy of Cortana, piece together a message Cortana left for them, even though they didn’t know it at the time. After revealing that Cortana destroyed the Brutes’ homeworld, Master Chief has a rare moment where he shares his regret over what happened with Cortana.

In a few words, he conveys to the Weapon that he blames himself for everything Cortana has done. He feels that, thanks to their bond, he should have been able to bring her back, to save her. The blame he blames himself is great, but the loss he feels in losing her is greater. Just one of many quotes from Master Chief in the Halo franchise.

Finding Halsey (Halo 4)

Master Chief: “If we can just get back to Earth and find Halsey, she can solve this problem”

Master Chief and Cortana in Halo 4

Halo 4 is a very intense game for Master Chief. Not only must he try to save the entire human race from a rogue Forerunner, he must find a way to save the one thing he’s ever loved. Cortana’s excitement was starting to spiral out of control, and Cortana knew it was only a matter of time before they had to say goodbye.

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However, Master Chief wouldn’t take that down. Although it was unlikely, he believed Halsey, Cortana’s creator, could save her. He didn’t want to believe he could lose her. This quote, more than anything, perfectly sums up how he reacts to the loss of someone important to him.

The Burden of Responsibility (Halo 4)

Master Chief: “It was my job to take care of you”

Master Chief and Cortana say goodbye at the end of Halo 4

Master Chief isn’t crying, but he probably got closer by the end of Halo 4. Cortana and Master Chief always come out of the fight and go home, but not this time. Cortana sacrificed herself to save him and is now saying goodbye to him. In her eyes, he failed in his mission to take care of her.

Until now, he didn’t allow himself to believe that he would lose her. She was his constant in life, the only one he could trust. Losing her would leave a deep hole in his heart because he failed to protect the one thing he could always rely on.

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