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Scott and Allison were meant to be the main romance of Teen wolf, but fans were much more interested in Stiles’ love life. Stiles was first introduced as Scott’s staunch sidekick, and his comedic relief role kept the series light. However, it didn’t take long for the writers to realize Stiles’ emotional reach and deep capacity for love.

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Stiles became one of the richest characters on the show, and his romance with Lydia became the central love story. He admits to using sarcasm as a defense, but when he falls in love with someone, he can’t hide his true feelings. Malia was Stiles’ first girlfriend, and the two shared a lot of sweet moments. Still, Stiles and Lydia have been described as each other’s true loves, and several of her most romantic quotes are addressed to her.

ten “Maybe you can wake up and explain it to me?” “

Stiles talks to Lydia at Eichen House in Teen Wolf.

Stiles visiting Lydia at Eichen House is one of the couple’s best moments in Teen wolf. Even though she was catatonic, Stiles spoke as if she could hear him. He held Lydia’s hand and talked about his schoolwork, most of which was sticking out his head.

They might not have been a couple, but when Stiles asks Lydia if she can wake up and explain math homework, his voice betrays him. The vulnerability he displays to such a simple request makes it clear how much he misses her. Stiles even made his studies romantic, as he would be happy to do anything as long as Lydia was awake and by his side.

9 “I would never leave you behind.”

Teen Wolf Stiles And Malia

Malia had spent most of her life trapped in the body of a coyote, and learning to be human was a major aspect of her character arc. She still had a long way to go when she joined the main cast of Teen wolf sseason 4, but Stiles was proof she could do it.

Her animal instinct kept Malia from having any sense of loyalty, Stiles being the exception. She admits that she would never leave him behind, which makes Stiles’ quote so punchy. He echoed the sentiment, and in doing so, Stiles let Malia know that she would never be alone again.

8 “I’m also pretty sure I’m the only one who knows how smart you are. And that once you’re done pretending to be an idiot, you’ll end up going away and writing some crazy mathematical theorem that will earn you the Nobel Prize. “

Stiles and Lydia didn’t become true friends until they were older, and due to the major shift in their dynamics, it’s easy to forget that Lydia was Stiles’ childhood crush. Towards the start of high school, Lydia hid her intelligence to fit in with the popular crowd.

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Still, Stiles saw through her, and he said exactly what Lydia needed to hear. His speech was frank, but he was also open and honest. It’s unclear how long Lydia would have kept the façade if Stiles hadn’t called her out. She was so impressed by his nerve and touched by the compliment, that Lydia took Stiles’ hand and led him to the dance floor.

7 “There are things that you wouldn’t think were a good combination that turns out to be, like, a perfect combination. Like two people together, that no one ever thought would be together, ever.”

Stiles and Lydia sit at the rink in Teen Wolf.

While he still had a lot to do in the second season, Stiles was often wise beyond his years in Teen wolf. His crush on Lydia didn’t translate into adult love, but what he said about them ended up being true.

It was impossible to imagine Stiles and Lydia as a couple in the early seasons as they had almost nothing in common. Yet they have become two halves of the whole. Once Stiles and Lydia found out who they were as individuals, it was obvious that they matched perfectly.

6 “Lydia, please shut up and let me save your life.”

Stiles saves Lydia in Teen Wolf.

Lydia is so determined to save everyone that she puts herself in last place. Therefore, when Stiles broke into Eichen House to save her, she was only concerned for her safety. Stiles used this quote to reach Lydia and made it clear to her that he was saving her whether she wanted to or not.

The camera zoomed in on Lydia’s face as she looked at Stiles, and that was the moment she realized the depth of his devotion to her. No matter how dangerous the rescue mission had turned out, Stiles cared more about Lydia than himself.

5 “You don’t have to.”

Stiles and Lydia reunite in Teen Wolf.

As always, Stiles knew exactly what Lydia needed to hear. He was taken away by the Ghost Riders after confessing his love, but Lydia didn’t have a chance to answer him. Losing Stiles was hard on everyone, but she was the one who suffered the most.

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Things got even worse after Lydia got her memories back and realized that Stiles didn’t know how she felt about him. By telling Lydia that she didn’t have to say it, he put all her fears to rest. Stiles knows Lydia better than anyone, and she never had to say the words for Stiles to recognize that she loved him.

4 “Lydia, show me your eyes, okay?”

Stiles begs Lydia to wake up in Teen Wolf.

Sadly, that’s another heartfelt quote Lydia couldn’t hear. Stiles was so desperate for Lydia to wake up that he didn’t seem to care about having an audience. Scott and Deaton were heartbroken, as Stiles held his face and begged Lydia to open her eyes.

There’s a lot to be learned from this scene, but the phrase “show me your eyes” stood out especially. It was one of the sweetest things Stiles had ever said, and the side he displays with Lydia is an interesting juxtaposition of his usual sarcastic self.

3 “If you wanted to, I would go back to this school and look around all night just to prove it.”

Lydia sits on Stiles' bed in Teen Wolf.

Stiles believed in Lydia even when she didn’t. While there is no proof that Lydia’s banshee intuition is correct, Stiles tells her not to doubt herself. He didn’t seem to care about having a week of detention, and only focused on Lydia’s feelings.

Stiles was sure Lydia was right and he wanted Lydia to be sure as well. His offer to return to school was genuine, and if they hadn’t found the proof so quickly, Stiles would have kept looking until they did.

2 “Everything changed.”

Stiles and Scott smile at Lydia in Teen Wolf.

There are lots of great quotes from Stiles and Lydia in Teen wolf, but it is one of the most important. Being loved by Lydia has changed Stiles’ entire life, and from the way they look at each other in the hallway, it’s obvious they’ve never been happier.

The series finale jumps years into the future and proves he was right about everything that changed. Stiles and Lydia get out of his jeep, implying that they’ve been together since high school.

1 “Remember you were the first girl I danced with? Remember how I had a crush on you First year? Second year? First year? Remember how you saved my life? you just … Remember I love you. “

Stiles tells Lydia that he loves her in Teen Wolf.

Knowing he was about to be taken away by the Ghost Riders, Stiles finally said what viewers were waiting to hear. Lydia is the first and only girl Stiles ever said those three words, eight letters to, and he made sure it was a moment she would never forget.

Her speech is the most epic declaration of love on the show, and despite other romantic interests, Stiles establishes that it has always been her. Stiles uses his last words to confess his love for Lydia, and this is by far his most romantic quote.

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