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The Dark Souls trilogy has done a lot for the gaming landscape over the past decade, with FromSoftware’s first franchise inspiring gameplay, level, world, and combat design in ways few other properties of. game have.

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The series has a hardcore and dedicated audience, who, unsurprisingly, love to name all three games. Dark Souls is filled with interesting characters and stories that all come together to form an unforgettable experience.

Coarsely incandescent

Dark Souls Trilogy Quote 10 Solar Praises The Sun

It’s hard to find such a popular and important character in the Dark Souls trilogy as Solaire of Astora. Players met him in the original Dark Souls, and his presence has been a mainstay of the fandom ever since. He has a lot of quotes people love to recite, but few are as iconic as when he says “If only I could be so grossly glowing!”

This fascination with light that emboldens in the dark is what ultimately leads him to his own downfall.

You have proven yourself

Dark Souls Trilogy quotes 9 queen nashandra

Queen Nashandra takes on the role of a character in stories players are initially attached to, who eventually transforms and becomes their antagonist. it is often related to greed or power of some sort. When Nashandra reveals her true intentions to the Dark Souls 2 player, she exclaims “Brave Undead … You have proven yourself. Now … become one with Darkness.”

This is an interesting way to give a backwards compliment as it says the player deserves their attention, but must now be consumed with desperation.

Only in truth

Dark Souls Trilogy quotes 8 intro

The opening cutscenes in Dark Souls games often do a lot of storytelling work so that the casual player has a basic understanding of the story. FromSoftware prefers environmental storytelling that allows the world to speak for itself.

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It may be a few sentences, but the narration during Dark Souls 3’s intro provides all the context it needs when it says to the audience, “Only verily will the Lords forsake their thrones and the Unkindled will rise up. Cursed Undead Without name, unfit to be even ashes. And so the ashes seek embers … ”

There is no way

Dark Souls Trilogy Cites 7 Aldia Scholars

If you, as a player, decide to relinquish the throne at the end of Dark Souls 2, you encounter an ending where First Sin scholar Aldia shares her feelings regarding the abdication of the throne. It is an assessment of both human nature and the unknown.

Aldia shares “There is no way. Beyond the reach of light, beyond the reach of darkness … what could possibly await us? And yet we seek it. , insatiably … Such is our destiny, “explaining that man’s greatest enemy is often their need for more.

Absorbed in thought

Dark Souls Trilogy quotes 6 siegward from Catarina

Although Catarina’s Siegward was a tough and accomplished warrior, he was a man who moved at his own pace. Whenever the player encountered him in Dark Souls 3, he was either asleep or deep in thought. On the first meeting with him, he will wake up from a nap and say “Sorry, I was engrossed in my thoughts. I am Siegward of Catarina.”

This tells the player that he is both a thinker and a problem solver and has some connection to Siegmeyer from the original Dark Souls, who is also from Catarina.

Noble Ash Lords

Dark Souls Trilogy Cites 5 Ash Lords

The Fire Guardian is a bit of a conundrum in Dark Souls 3, but players can uncover the talented woman’s true motivations and decide what they would like to do with the Eternal Flame. After all the ash lords have put their ashes on the thrones, the fire keeper will kneel in front of the bonfire and sing “Noble Ash Lords … The fire is extinguished and the Lords go without thrones. .

Give up your fires, to the only true heir. May they grant death to the ancient gods of Lordran, liberators of the First Flame. ”

In a strange land

Dark Souls Trilogy quotes 4 solar outfits

Everything about the original Dark Souls is off-putting, in an intentional way. Players are meant to feel like they are stepping into unfamiliar territory, but at the same time, they are reminded that this feeling is not unique to their experience.

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Solaire lets the player know that he also feels out of place and poetically states “We are in the midst of strange beings, in a strange land.” This achievement brings a sense of comfort to the player and adds to the general feeling of immersion.

Look for strength

Dark Souls Trilogy quotes 3 King Vendrick

Dark Souls 2 is a bit of an odd entity when you look at the Dark Souls trilogy as a whole. He’s often seen as the worst of the three, but in that same breath it’s understood he’s taken the most risks and tried new things. King Vendrick played a central role in the game’s narrative, but at the same time voiced a line that describes the series as a whole.

Vendrick says “Seek Strength. The rest will follow,” which is great advice for new players. As long as their goal is to improve and strengthen their character, crossing obstacles and finding hidden objects will happen naturally.

Yhorm, old friend

Dark Souls Trilogy quotes 2 yhorm vs siegward

Dark Souls 3 is the culmination of many aspects of the trilogy that players have become accustomed to. One of those aspects was the optional side quests involving NPCs, with Siegward of Catarina being a callback to the Siegmeyer of Catarina featured in the original Dark Souls. Siegward’s quest leads him to follow through on a promise made to an old friend, to kill him if he ever becomes corrupted.

When players reach the end of the Siegward questline and stand at the precipice of the Yhorm boss fight, Siegward will shout “Yhorm, old friend. I, Siegward of the Knights of Catarina, have come to fulfill my promise. the sun is shining on this Lord of Ashes! ”

The way i see it

Dark Souls Trilogy quotes 1 solar meets fate

Fate is a key concept in Dark Souls mythology and lore. This is an idea that FromSoftware constantly plays with and the gamer wonders if they are actively changing the future, or if they are simply taking a defined path that is already set in stone. Solaire, after meeting the player, believes that maybe it was fate that caused them to meet and strike up a conversation.

He’s never afraid of his feelings and tells the player “The way I see it, our fates seem to be linked”, and although this feeling is never confirmed or denied, he still feels like Solaire was right. in its assessment.

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