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Although it may be an original version of its predecessor, how i met your father proves that nothing can beat the original. how I Met Your Mother makes viewers feel everything on the emotional spectrum, but its spinoff is unable to reach the same level of depth. Despite being a fun watch, the series will likely be forgotten for years to come and receive a reputation similar to that of Joey and The Golden Palace.

Much of what makes how I Met Your Mother so great is its top-notch dialogue, both in terms of jokes and heartfelt expressions. Ted may not be the most popular protagonist, but he certainly has a lot of interesting things to say about love and romance. Whether it’s future Ted talking about his struggles or current Barney making witty comments, users have turned to Ranker to vote on what they think are the most memorable quotes from the series.


Ted lets go of the past

“You can’t hold on to the past. Because no matter how hard you hold on, it’s already gone.”


It’s human to be afraid of change. Ted, Barney, Marshall, Lily, and Robin have all encountered this problem several times throughout the series. However, it is not because the past is comfortable that life is good.

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By clinging to something that’s already finished, it’s easy to miss new opportunities. The gang eventually realizes that they can still reminisce about the good old days as they move on and see what else life has to offer.

Ted opens up

“We spend so much effort trying to hide parts of our lives, even from our closest friends, that in the rare moments we open up, it’s amazing how minor those secrets end up being.”

Marshall Barney Ted GNB HIMYM

Fans might not find Ted to be the friendliest character in how I Met Your Mother, but he is among the wisest. In fact, he should follow his own advice more often. In order to find the kind of love he seeks, Ted has no choice but to be unashamedly himself.

This lesson is learned on “Game Night” when Marshall questions Victoria about her past. While everyone has something they want to hide about themselves, it’s usually not as bad as you might think. The right person will accept their partner as they are.

Lily says goodbye

“Say goodbye to all the times you felt lost, to all the times it was a ‘no’ instead of a ‘yes’. To all the scrapes and bruises, to all the heartaches.”

Lily Aldrin Her children

Saying goodbye isn’t easy, but a motivational speech from Lily can bring out the bright side in any situation. When Ted writes a list of things to say goodbye to before leaving New York, he prepares to say goodbye to what has brought him true happiness.

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Ted seems to think the only way to start over is to drop everything he knows and loves. Lily reminds her best friend that he can always carry her happiness with him. There’s no point in saying goodbye to the happy times when Ted can just choose to leave the bad in the past.

Barney defends the lie

“A lie is just a great story that someone has ruined with the truth.”

Barney Stinson smiling in How I Met Your Mother.

According to Barney, very little is to be taken literally, but that doesn’t mean his stunt doubles aren’t the funniest part of the show. Because he doesn’t have very strong morals, Barney is usually blunt and direct.

He is well aware of the type of person he is and his friends accept him anyway. However, Marshall isn’t used to lying and he finds himself in a puzzle related to monkeys. Barney does his best to help, but with advice like this, he often does more harm than good.

Ted emphasizes the importance of travel

“Because sometimes even though you know how something is going to end, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the ride.”

Ted and Tracy kiss in How I Met Your Mother.

There are many moments that foreshadow the end of how I Met Your Mother and a few that directly tell viewers what to expect. Through its own narrative, the show proves that the journey is more important than the destination.

The series finale catches many fans off guard, but there are also storylines that end exactly as intended. The purpose of the sitcom isn’t to show Ted and Tracy’s wedding; the real entertainment comes from everything Ted goes through to get to that altar.

Robin believes that love is acceptance

“If I ask you to change too much about yourself, you won’t be the man I fell in love with.”

When Robin wants Barney to sell his apartment, it causes tension between the newly engaged couple. Considering all the sleazy things Barney has set up in his house, it’s no surprise that Robin wants them to live somewhere else.

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However, she eventually realizes that she fell in love with Barney for exactly who he is. She’s well aware of her flaws, and they don’t chase her away. Robin’s acceptance of her is proof that their love is rooted in something real, rather than an idealistic fantasy.

Ted takes a chance

“If you’re not afraid, you don’t try anything. And if you don’t try anything, then what the hell are you doing? »

Ted makes fun of a student's name in How I Met Your Mother.

There are many times Ted should have been fired how I Met Your Mother and using class time to discuss his personal life tops the list. But even though the topic may not have architecture, Ted gives his students plenty to take away from the conversation.

Fear is almost always what keeps a person from doing what they want, but Ted thinks fear is necessary for growth. If it’s scary, there’s something to lose. But with something to lose, there is also something to gain.

Ted remembers the best year of his life

“It was the year I was left at the altar. The year I was beaten by a crazy bartender. The year I was fired. The year I was beaten by a goat, one more goat. And damn it, If it wasn’t the best year of my life.”

Ted holding a cannonball in How I Met Your Mother.

Season 4 puts Ted to the test – emotionally and physically. Almost everything that held him together crumbles and Ted is forced to abandon his old dreams and find new ones. Yet it is a blessing in disguise.

As future Ted admits, it was the best year of his life. He has more experience that year than most people in a lifetime. Ted continues to learn from his mistakes and his failures help him grow as a person. If these seemingly bad things hadn’t happened to him, Ted would never have met the mother.

Ted is in the right place at the right time

“All of these little parts of the machine are constantly working, making sure you end up exactly where you’re supposed to be, exactly when you’re supposed to be there. The right place at the right time.”

This line signifies the moment when Ted’s life comes together. He is a firm believer in the universe and believes that everything happens for a reason. Her sanity ends up standing in the rain with a yellow umbrella on the night of Barney and Robin’s wedding.

All the painful and heartbreaking separations from how I Met Your Mother suddenly feels vital. Everything that happens in the show nine seasons, leads Ted to finally be in the right place at the right time.

Ted is holding on for the right person

“Shouldn’t we be waiting for the person who not only tolerates our little quirks, but actually loves them?”

Ted Mosby at the bar in How I Met Your Mother.

There are so many inspirational quotes in how I Met Your Mother that it is surprising that such a simple line deserved the first place. Still, that’s part of what makes it so special. Ultimately, love can be summed up in fairly simplistic terms.

From their morals to their driving gloves, Tracy is the perfect fit for Ted. As the gang teases him about his quirks, the mother pleases him and shares his joy.

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